PsL Monthly Shareware CD-ROM V6, #05

Op.System Section
Windows Database

New Programs For The Month

FlexiDat 5.1 by Eric Jarrett. Reg.Fee: $?
is an easy to use, small database program ideal for various uses such as CD, software or other collections, addresses, etc. Six user-labeled data fields are provided with up to 50 characters each.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\DATABASE\ from the CD-ROM.

PBBrowser for PowerBuilder 6.0 by OOWidgets. Reg.Fee: $49
is a read-only supplemental browser for the PowerBuilder development environment in Windows. It looks like a Smalltalk browser, and significantly enhances the PowerBuilder development during Object Oriented development.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\DATABASE\ from the CD-ROM.

NINO Contacts by SYSOFT. Reg.Fee: $49
manages names and the actions you do with clients. Features include a task manager, an alarm manager, email support, a graphical presentation of your actions in time, and much more.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\DATABASE\ from the CD-ROM.

My Personal Data Binder 2.0 by Matt Barys. Reg.Fee: $15
is an address book with a tab interface for Personal, Business/College, and Internet information. It also has two search engines which let you search for a person by their full name or a partial search which lets you search using wildcards. A variety of reports may be printed.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\DATABASE\ from the CD-ROM.

Updates To Programs On Past CD-ROMs

InfoTree32 3.5.1 by iSBiSTER International, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $45
is a free-form information storage and retrieval package for Win95/NT. Features include a built-in text editor for the creation and maintenance of information, full Windows font support, a multi-level structured view of information, organization by subjects within folders, unlimited user-defined keywords for indexing purposes, network support, and much more.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\DATABASE\ from the CD-ROM.

CardBase (32-bit) 2.5 by Software by Design. Reg.Fee: $0
is a combination address book and phone dialer for Win95/NT. Along with the regular fields for names, addresses and phone numbers, it can also store email addresses, FAX numbers and web site URLs. Cards can be quickly sorted by name or custom card groups. Searching and sorting operations are fast and intuitive.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\DATABASE\ from the CD-ROM.

Communications Education

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