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All the new Word Processing files since the V.5, Num.9 CD-ROM
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DOS Word Processing Word Proc. Utils

TXTable 7.07 by Wayne Software. Reg.Fee: $0
creates tables from an ASCII text input file. This allows inputs to be HTML-based as well as one-record per cell.
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Easy Book 3.1 by InterActive Educational Softwa. Reg.Fee: $45
allows you to create hypertext electronic books with up to 250 chapters. You can add graphics and digitized speech, and configure colors. Finished product can also include table of contents menu, chapter browsing, text search, print options, virus checking, and more.
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Poetry Generator 2.5b by R. K. West Consulting. Reg.Fee: $19
creates poems from a vocabulary of thousands of phrases and several different formats which are randomly chosen and combined by the program. For the most part, the words are organized into short phrases which are then combined into poems of four to twelve lines. The underlying structures of most of the poems are based on the author's original work. Personalized poems can be produced.
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