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All the new Printer files since the V.5, Num.9 CD-ROM
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DOS Printer Printing Utilities, All

PrnSet and Friends 2.50 by Richard N. Wisan. Reg.Fee: $0
is a printer control program designed to work with any printer by reading the control codes out of a data file. Prn2Both divides a paged file for printing on both sides of the paper. It can make proper margins and reverse headers and footers if nesessary. Mangler inserts FF's, add/strip margin, strips terminal blanks, breaks files into parts, strips high-bits, removes headers, un-paginates, reverses order of pages, and more. CountPgs gets information about a file, including: number, length, and width of pages; and the presence of Left Margin, FF's, tabs, bare CR's, high-bit (usually graphics) characters, misplaced ^Z's, and oversize pages. Pagina breaks an unpaged file into pages, with or without headers, footers, and margins. You get a wide variety of choices about the headers and footers. A string for headers and footers can be entered at runtime. Page numbers can start with any number and multiple files can be printed at once with continuous page numbers.
Get program's ZIP file (words\dos\prau\ from the CD-ROM.

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