PsL Monthly Shareware CD-ROM V6, #05

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All the new Graphics files since the V.5, Num.9 CD-ROM
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DOS Graphics Animation & Graphics

24 Stars by Albert Lehr. Reg.Fee: $4
is a random graphics display of four-pointed stars. This is a DOS VGA program using the sixteen color 640 x 480 graphics mode.
Get program's ZIP file (words\dos\graphics\ from the CD-ROM.

Star Generator 0.9 by Richard Wolton. Reg.Fee: $40
allows you to generate real-time star fields. You can design a wide range of star field effects, and star fields are based on models that consist of up to 6000 points. Models can be imported, or generated on-the-fly.
Get program's ZIP file (words\dos\graphics\ from the CD-ROM.

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