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A1 Collex
is an interesting puzzle game where the object is to navigate your box around obstructions to collect number and star boxes while avoiding constructed perils.
What makes this difficult is that all boxes move when your box moves. Four difficulty levels are available. This is a challenging and fun game.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\GA\A1COLLEX.ZIP]

BrainWave 2 - Return of the Nanobots
is a high-resolution shoot-em-up game where you blast through wave after wave of killer robots.
The enemies adapt and evolve new technologies like teleportation, shields, cloning, and cloaking devices. The game features extremely colorful graphics, digitized sound effects, and MIDI music.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\GA\BWVTWO10.ZIP]

Fractal Clouds
is a screen saver that generates beautiful random "clouds" on the screen in an endless variety of forms and colors.
Both 16- and 32-bit versions are provided.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\UT_SYSTM\CLOUD24A.ZIP]

The Family Files
helps you keep track of family information, including birthstones, burial plots, blood types, clothing sizes, insurance, credit cards, cars, magazine subscriptions, Social Security numbers, and much more.
A contact page quickly finds phone and address for work, school, second job, hangouts, etc. A unique Document Finder feature remembers where important papers are kept.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\HOME\FAMFIL11.ZIP]

Juxto for Windows
is a game of pure skill and logic where the objective is to correctly push the different colored objects into their respective wire frames at the bottom of the game board.
Careful planning is required because the objects will continue to slide in the direction pushed until they hit either the side of the game board or another object. Requires a 486+ and 4MB RAM.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\GA\JUXTO10.ZIP]

MightyFAX (32-bit)
allows you to fax directly from MS Word and any other Windows program.
This installs as a printer driver, so if you can print it, you can fax it. Other features include the ability to receive faxes, an unlimited phone number database, unlimited fax history file, and more.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\PRGMMING\MF25B32.ZIP]

allows you to easily add password protection to an EXE or COM file.
Requires VBRUN300.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\UT_DSKFI\PASS2RUN.ZIP]

PC Drummer for Win95
is a drum machine program for use with a Sound Blaster.
It combines presampled digitized percussion sounds into patterns of various musical styles. You can also create your own patterns and configure individual instrument volume and stereo positioning.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\SOUNDS\PCDRUM31.ZIP]

Presidents & First Ladies
is a complete collection of portraits and biographical sketchs of each President and First Lady of the United State of America, presented in a user friendly interface and easy to use functions.

Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\EDUCA\PFL.ZIP]

is a combination language-translator, text editor, dictionary and vocabulary-test for Windows.
It can translate Danish, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish to English. Translations will not be grammatically correct, but will make the text much more understandable.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\EDUCA\T97SETUP.ZIP]

BCM Diagnostics for Win95
helps you diagnose problems of your PC running Windows 95.
This includes a system information display, as well as individual tests for CPU, memory, audio, video, modem, graphics, hard disk, floppies, and CD-ROM. It also has a resource monitor.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\UT_SYSTM\WINDIAG.ZIP]

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