PsL Monthly Shareware CD-ROM V5, #12

Op.System Section
DOS Utilities, Disk/File

Updates To Programs On Past CD-ROMs

RAR 2.02 by Eugene Roshal. Reg.Fee: $35
is a compression program from Russia. Features include the ability to create self-extracting files, set a password, lock the archive preventing modifications and add file comments and more.
Get program's ZIP file (DOS\UT_DSKFI\RAR202.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

ZipScrub 1.2 by Dan Goodell. Reg.Fee: $0
deletes obsolete files from PKZIP archive files. It compares the filenames in a ZIP archive to the source directory. If files with the same names no longer exist in the source, they are purged from the archive.
Get program's ZIP file (DOS\UT_DSKFI\ZIPSCR.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

Update (SVS) 1.13 by Steen Varsted Software. Reg.Fee: $350
mirrors a workstation hard disk or part of it on a server and restores it at each startup. Each mirror/archive can contain multiple versions of the hard disk. Support is provided for Win95 long filenames even under DOS. Archives containing long filenames can reside on filesystem that does not support long filenames.
Get program's ZIP file (DOS\UT_DSKFI\UPDAT113.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

Backup Fugue 1.3 by Fugue Software. Reg.Fee: $47
is a hard disk backup program. It features compression, selective backups, master backup index, works across networks, tracks multiple file versions, and more.
Get program's ZIP file (DOS\UT_DSKFI\BU4D130.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

Printer Utilities, System

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