PsL Monthly Shareware CD-ROM

Volume 5, Number 3

Our Top-10 Favorite (Non-Shareware) Web Sites

Everyone has their own favorite sites to visit on the Web. Here are ours. If you cannot get onto the Web just by clicking on these sites, it is worth writing down their addresses to visit these places when you get the chance:

  1. Letterman's Top Ten List - updated each week day. Start the day off with a smile. You will also find links to archives of past Top-10 Lists plus Dave's best jokes of the week (& more).

  2. BigFoot - enter a name and addresses and get back the person's email address or enter an email address and get the person's name and address. Or use Switchboard to enter a name and get the address back. Great for finding long lost relatives or putting together school reunions.

  3. MapQuest - Once you find those long-lost relatives, then you can find them - on a map. With turn-by-turn directions from door to door in major cities. Warning: double-check the directions against a real map. Our test runs were amazingly accurate, except for one goofy direction in each.

  4. Java Gammon - pick up a game of backgammon on the Web, maybe against a fellow surfer, maybe from the other side of the world. Chat windows let you exchange messages as you play. Or go to Motif Backgammon and play against the computer. Why play online when there are many stand-alone backgammon games available for the PC? Well either Motif cheats, or it just plays a lot stronger game than any other stand-alone game we've seen.

  5. EARchives - has sound clips from tons of different popular movies. These make great Windows system sounds, or add them to games like CardShark Hearts which let you add your own WAV files to the program.

  6. Hot Hits Jukebox - has lots of mostly rock music files in MIDI format. Listen right in your browser after you download the right add-in and/or save the file to disk for later listening. If your taste leans more toward the classics, try The Classical MIDI Archives for the most extensive collection of classical music you're likely to ever see.

  7. Web Pages That Suck - uses back examples to show you what to avoid and what to strive for when creating Web pages. It has links to many related sites, such as Dr. HTML, which will evaluate your (or any other) Web page.

  8. The USGA Page - Having an argument about golf rules during your Saturday morning round? Hook your laptop up to your cell phone and link to the USGA's Rules pages. This complete set of linked pages also includes all the decisions/interpretations of the rules. Golfers will also like the Golf site.

  9. StockSmart - lets you look up stock quotes, charts, etc. for up to a dozen stocks at a time, or set up your portofolio and SS will email you your updated position daily, weekly, or monthly.

  10. Ziff-Davis's Anchor Desk - will email you daily summaries of the latest computer news. Clickon a link in the email to go to their site for more info if a story interests you.

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