PsL Monthly Shareware CD-ROM V5, #03

Op.System Section
Windows Word Proc. Utils

New Programs For The Month

EZ-Forms PRO 97A by EZX Corporation. Reg.Fee: $499
is a powerful form processor for Windows. This allows you to distribute a "fill" module which cannot modify form layouts, only data fields. The forms you create are coded and can only be read by the filler module that you distribute. This is compatible with both WIN31 and Win95.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\WORDS\EZFPRO7A.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

QuikDict Spelling Dictionary 1.1 by LeeSoft Shareware. Reg.Fee: $19
is a pop up dictionary accessible from the Win95 Tool Tray. Features include the ability to spell check all words as they are typed, alphabetic and "sounds like" word matching, over 91,000 English/American words in the dictionary, the ability to automatically paste the correct spelling back to the clipboard, and more.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\WORDS\QUIKDC11.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

NoteStripper by The Editorium. Reg.Fee: $20
is a macro for Word 6/7 that strips all notes to the end of a document as numbered text. It also replaces the note reference numbers in the text with superscript numbers. This is useful for people who need to turn Word's automatic, embedded notes into actual text.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\WORDS\STRIPDOT.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

Updates To Programs On Past CD-ROMs

Vault for Win95/NT 1.18 by Pocket-Sized Software. Reg.Fee: $15
stores any type of free-form information in an outline format. Features include powerful search/browse facilities, the ability to send e-mail over a network, versatile print options, and more. Requires Windows 95 or NT running on a '386, '486, or Pentium computer.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\WORDS\VLT32.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

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