PsL Monthly Shareware CD-ROM V5, #03

Op.System Section
DOS Graphics

New Programs For The Month

Kinetic 1.0 by Eric Bazan. Reg.Fee: $15
is a stunning 3D fireworks display. You can allow the computer to launch a show for you, or you can interactively control the action via function keys. This version shuts down after three minutes of use.
Get program's ZIP file (DOS\GRAPHICS\KINETC10.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

ViewPcx by Daniel Miller. Reg.Fee: $0
is a simple DOS command line utility that displays 320X200X256 color PCX files.
Get program's ZIP file (DOS\GRAPHICS\VIEWPCX.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

Updates To Programs On Past CD-ROMs

Dazzle 5.2 by Worldwide MicroTronics, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $15
is an incredible screen blanking/kaleidoscope program. The beautiful use of colors is enhanced even further by the use of fading in and out. It uses split-screen and panning as part of the fade process. Screens can be frozen for shooting photographs or image capturing. EGA/VGA required.
Get program's ZIP file (DOS\GRAPHICS\DAZZL52.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

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