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DOS Communications & Networking Comm. Software Comm Programs, General

CyberCom 1.60 by Megalomania Software. Reg.Fee: $45
is a communication program with its own file manager for performing standard file navigation tasks. Features include support for multiple device configurations, background file transfers, industry standard protocols and support for up to 15 external protocols, support for all popular terminal modes, file tagging, scroll back buffer, and more. NEW: text may be highlighted and sent directly to the modem, support for Telemate phone books.
Get program's ZIP file (COMM\DOS\COM_PGMS\CYBER160.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

Lync 3.2a by Jason R. Alward. Reg.Fee: $26
is a communications program small enough to operate from a shell or from a floppy drive without sacrificing essential features. It includes support for seven popular transfer protocols, automatic downloading, integrated support for ANSI display control, macro support, 45 entry dialing directory, host mode for remote usage, and more.
Get program's ZIP file (COMM\DOS\COM_PGMS\LYNC32A.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

Commo 7.0 by New Standard Software. Reg.Fee: $40-$60
is a general purpose com program. It is small and fast, yet contains all the features most people need. Commo's Macro Processor allows you to run any program or batch file from Commo at the touch of a key. Other features include a Doorway Mode; auto-switching keyboard support for VT102 users; internal scrollback; translate tables; serial port display control; and more. COMMO9 for the HP 95LX is also included. Internal ZModem, macro compiling, greater speed and more.
Get program's ZIP file (COMM\DOS\COM_PGMS\COMMO70.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

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