PsL Monthly Shareware CD-ROM V7, #07

Op.System Section
Windows Graphics

New Programs For The Month

EyeBrowse 2.2 by Bitstream Software. Reg.Fee: $10
is a fast and easy to use graphic viewer for Windows 95/98/NT. It can be set up as your default viewer, and has many options available.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\GRAPHICS\ from the CD-ROM.

PictureMan Imagic 1.2 by STOIK Software Ltd.. Reg.Fee: $?
is a full-featured image editor with tools to edit and retouch digital photos. Editing functions allow you to improve image quality by cropping or resizing; rotation, perspective correction, adjust focus, brightness, contrast and color balance. You can retouch photos with cloning, painting, red-eye removal tools. Dozens and dozens of special effects give you unparalleled creativity.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\GRAPHICS\ from the CD-ROM.

AutoPurge 2000 1.0.40 by Cad-Vantage. Reg.Fee: $79.95
helps manage large drawing archives by writing scripts that will automatically purge all drawing files in the selected directory. It can also purge individual files, write batch plot scripts, and more.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\GRAPHICS\ from the CD-ROM.

Isotools 2000 4.0 by Hector Martinez. Reg.Fee: $40
is a set of useful routines to assist in the creation of isometric drawings. Its graphical interface and extensive help makes this program fast and easy to use, greatly reducing the time needed to complete isometric details. Requires AutoCAD 2000.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\GRAPHICS\ from the CD-ROM.

Multimedia Builder 4.0 by MediaChance. Reg.Fee: $45
multimedia authoring system with an easy to use "click-to-create" object oriented environment. It allows you to integrate text, graphics, sound and video objects.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\GRAPHICS\ from the CD-ROM.

Alcyone 1.53 by David C. Irizarry. Reg.Fee: $0
is a multimedia JPEG slideshow generator designed to compile a series of JPEG images with MIDI music files. Requires Win95/98/NT.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\GRAPHICS\ from the CD-ROM.

123 Slidemaster and Screensaver 1.0 by New Media Computer Services. Reg.Fee: $8.95
allows you to easily create a slideshow presentation or your own personalized screensaver with any image that is stored on your computer. Features include support for WAV and MP3 audio files, the ability to select an unlimited number of folders to display images from, over 100 different effects/transitions between images, and more. Requires Win95/98/NT.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\GRAPHICS\ from the CD-ROM.

Updates To Programs On Past CD-ROMs

PixShow 7.0 by Sunshine Software. Reg.Fee: $25
is a graphics browser that allows you to instantly view JPG, GIF, Animated GIF, BMP, ICO, WMF, and AVI animation files with a single click of the mouse. Its built-in graphics file manager allows you to move, copy, and delete files, add/delete folders, and set file attributes. A powerful built-in search engine allows you to quickly find and view any supported image file on your computer. Requires Win9x.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\GRAPHICS\ from the CD-ROM.

CompuPic 32 by Photodex Corporation. Reg.Fee: $40
is a multimedia management/viewing package for Win95. This works with over 21 common graphic, sound, and video file types. Features include slideshow capabilities, thumbnail views, the ability to convert between formats, and much more.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\GRAPHICS\ from the CD-ROM.

SmartDraw (32-bit) 4.0 by SmartDraw Software Inc.. Reg.Fee: $49
allows you to draw flowcharts, diagrams and other business graphics in Win95/98/NT. It provides drag and drop drawing, automatic connecting lines between shapes, built-in design styles, shape libraries, and much more. This will work with the Microsoft Office and other programs as an OLE Server.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\GRAPHICS\ from the CD-ROM.

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