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New Programs For The Month

Monsters & Mayhem 1.30 by Locatha Industries, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $19.95
is a 32-bit action/arcade game that pits you against a mind-boggling dungeon of Goblins, Mancers, Dark Heros, Evil Goblin Chiefs, and the Evil Goblin Gods. You must navigate their twisted dungeons venturing ever deeper picking up magic items, treasure, and keys. This gauntlet style game will keep you guessing for an endless look at the desolate underworld.
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3D Crackanoid Ultra 1.3 by RVL. Reg.Fee: $16.95
is a classic arcade game where the object is to destroy all the bricks while keeping the ball on the playing field. Some bricks will give you special powerups such as missiles, gun, long or double pad, and many more. Also, you will get additional points by hitting monsters. Requires DirectX 6.0 and Win95/98/NT.
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Rory's Reversi 1.3 by Rory Johnston. Reg.Fee: $5
is a Windows version of the classic strategy/board game. You can play another human opponent, or against any of three computer opponents.
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Chess-it! 3.0 by Yoto Yotov. Reg.Fee: $?
is a fun chess game for Windows with a built-in tutor to help suggest moves. You can play against, or play via email with a remote opponent. Other features include WAV sound effects, the ability to save and recall games, and more.
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Ave Maria Poker 1.21 by Shareware Games from Marie!. Reg.Fee: $24.85
is a poker game with eight levels, normal and joker-challenged games. It has international language support and will keep full statistics and logs of your games. You can choose your speed from fast/normal/slow and opt to show the probabilities of winning. The program also allows you to save and open your games. Requires Win95/98/NT.
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Two Handed Net Spades 2.0 by Wind Swept Software. Reg.Fee: $19.95
is played between you and the computer or you and another person over a modem. There is no partner play, but the interactive dealing makes it possible to play with two people while ensuring that each player only has 13 cards.
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PBTerm 1.72 by David R. Michael. Reg.Fee: $?
allows you to play an online game of Paintball. You may also chat with other online players in real-time.
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Simple Pairs 2.04 by Jeff Rabinek. Reg.Fee: $3
is a beginning solitaire game for children, where you match pairs of cards for points to beat the high scores. It automatically keeps track of the top ten scores.
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123 Free Solitaire 3.8 by Treesoft. Reg.Fee: $0
is a collection of five different Solitaire card games which feature winning layous, fast game play, rich sounds, extensive options, and quality help. This includes Easthaven, Four Seasons, FreeCell, Klondike, and Pyramid.Each solitaire has more than nine trillions possible games to play, so the game remains fresh no matter how many times you play.
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Five in a row 1.4.0 by Lars Peter Jeppeson. Reg.Fee: $?
is a fun and challenging game where you try to get five squares in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You can play against the computer, or a human opponant locally or over the Internet. You can adjust the playing level of the computer from "stupid" to "hard".
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Legal Crime 1.2.3 by Byte Enchanters. Reg.Fee: $20
is a real-time Internet strategy game where you are the leader of an organized crime gang. The object of the game is to gain political and economic control over the city. This will require force, armed attacks and a clever defense, an astute mind and trickiness. You must build an empire of organized crime, crush other families via cleverly timed attacks and legal bills. You must bribe the police and the politicians, sell booze and extort from shopkeepers.
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Elimination 1.0 by Justin Hoffman. Reg.Fee: $0
is a fun strategy game where the object is to remove all of your opponent's marbles from the board. If you can jump your opponent pieces, and they will be removed from the board. Some spaces are "sink holes" which will swallow up your pieces. A musical soundtrack accompanies the game play.
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Mega Dices 1.0 by Deliro Software. Reg.Fee: $15
is a fun dice game similar to Yahtzee. Features include support for up to three players, the ability to save/load a game at any time, high score table, and sound effects. Requires Win95/98/NT.
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MissionRisk 2.0.1 by Universal Commerce, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $12
is based on the classic military strategy game of world domination. You can play MissionRisk with up to 6 players, either human or computer controlled. Wars can be fought across a network or by using the hot seat method on a single terminal. The aim of the game is to either dominate the world by wiping out all of your opponents, or to complete a secret mission issued at the start of the war. Requires Win95/98/NT.
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CryptaGram 1.5 by Robert P Jenkins. Reg.Fee: $10-$20
is a scrambled quote game for Windows95/98. Each letter of the alphabet is exchanged for another. Your job is to decode the quote in the shortest time possible.
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Updates To Programs On Past CD-ROMs

Billionaire 2.8 by Game ON Sweden. Reg.Fee: $20
is a business simulator, where the game evolves around The Billionaire City which is waiting for you to build your business in, gain market shares and make your opponents go bankrupt. Billionaire isn't about having luck; it's about detailed planning and strategy thinking in the world of business, whether the deal is large or small. Buy a lot and set up your own chain of companies and let your opponents pay enormous rents. You may want to loan money, or bet them at the car racing circuit. You can fast build up vast fortunes - but also loose them in the next second.
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Championship Spades (32-bit) 6.2 by DreamQuest Software. Reg.Fee: $19-$29
is partners Spades for Win95. You and your computer partner must bid for tricks against the computer team. Features include game analysis, point-and-click or drag-and-drop card play, animation speed control, and more.
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