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All the new Communications files since the Vol.7, Num.1 CD-ROM
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Windows Communications Communications Software Pagers

NotePager Net 2.08 by NotePage, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $various
is a full-featured network paging software that allows all network users to share a common modem and common database. This runs on Win95/98/NT, and uses the standard TAP/IXO paging protocol. It allows messages to be sent to single or multiple alphanumeric pagers or paging devices (i.e. digital phones).
Get program's ZIP file (comm\win\pagers\ from the CD-ROM.

PageGate 2.0 by NotePage, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $?
is a sophisticated wireless paging application for Win95/98. It supports several front-end interfaces (gateways) that can be used alone or in conjunction with each other. This allows PageGate to receive messages from many sources, and deliver the messages to wireless messaging devices, including alphanumeric pagers, numeric pagers, mobile phones, PIMs, etc.
Get program's ZIP file (comm\win\pagers\ from the CD-ROM.


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