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New Programs For The Month

Motivator Pro 4.0 by Success Software. Reg.Fee: $?
is a powerful goal-setting package for Win95. You will first define your values, principles, and beliefs, then set your objectives and identify the tasks that will lead to the accomplishment of your goals. This is ideal for Career, Education, Family, Financial, Happiness, Health, Knowledge, Material, Retirement, Spiritual, or anything else you feel importantly about.
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Kith and Kin Pro 1.00 by SpanSoft. Reg.Fee: $55
is an excellent program for documenting and storing family trees. Features include a nice graphic interface, relational database, user-defined fields, multiple notes, SQL queries, WEB pages export, international settings, and much more. Requires Win95/98.
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Updates To Programs On Past CD-ROMs

Money Math for Windows 3.1 by Robert W. Lovell. Reg.Fee: $26
provides financial analysis tools capable of calculating Annuities, Bank Discount, Bonds, CD's, Compound Interest, Discounted Cash Flow, Loan Amortization, and Simple Interest in ten different dialog boxes. Overall, more than forty-five different unknown variables can be calculated. Extensive Windows help is available for each calculation dialog box including 12 detailed examples.
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Stable-Technical Graphs 2.41 by Winterra Software Group. Reg.Fee: $50
is a powerful stock market technical analysis program. It can display and print quality indicator studies used to analyze any stock, bond, commodity, mutual fund, index or option. The program lets you easily compare important indicator events across all graphs in a chart. MetaStock 2.5 and ASCII formatted data files can be imported. Up to 64 charts can be displayed and printed.
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Realtime Idea Machine 2.2i by ProfessionalSoftwareSolutions. Reg.Fee: $various
processes each single trade of the entire NASDAQ/NYSE/AMEX market and analyzes more than 100 trades per second using 31 realtime studies in parallel to extract significant signals for you.
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CATraxx 98 3.10 by FNProgramvare. Reg.Fee: $60
allows you to easily organize your music collection in Win95. There are fields for track, artist, title, format, release date, label, catalog number, condition, playing time, price, value, tracks, songwriters, producers, studios, musicians and instruments. Other features include powerful search facilities, and a variety of printed reports.
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BarBack for Windows 5.0u by Interworld Software. Reg.Fee: $35
is a bartender's drink reference with thousands of drink recipes. You can search by name, ingredient, recipe, category and glassware. You can view the list by name, liquor, glassware, category, marked, and liquor cabinet views. Other features include the ability to determine what drinks can be made based on what ingredients you have, and the ability to calculates the drink price and cost. Requires Win95/NT.
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