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Windows Games Strategy Games

Hexx Wars II 2.03 by Mace Software, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $22.50
is a multi-player, strategic board game in which players try to dominate the board with their pieces. This is ICQ and Internet playable, or you can simply play against the computer. 12 unique boards offer varied challenges. Requires Win95/98.
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Space King 4.0 by Eternity Zone Gaming. Reg.Fee: $5
is an Intergalactic Economic Strategy game for Win95/NT where you travel from planet to planet buying a selling stock. Features include music/sound support, animation, and full color art/graphics. Requires SVGA, mouse, and sound card.
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Clickomania! 2.0 by Matthias Schüssler. Reg.Fee: $0
is a game where you can click on groups of stones with the same color but not on isolated stones. When you click on a group, the group vanishes and the stones on top of them fall down. The game’s goal is to get rid of all the stones.
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Quarry 2.1b by Soleau Software Inc.. Reg.Fee: $18
is an addictive strategy game for Windows. The challenge is to push columns of rocks up or down in order to get your rock workers to the other side of the quarry before your computer opponent can. Features include amusing animation, fun sound effects, and more. This is a high-quality, non-violent "thinking" game suitable for the whole family.
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Fyrad 32 1.7 by Andrew Anoshkin. Reg.Fee: $0
is a game where the object is to prevent your opponent (either a person or your computer) from being able to complete 4 discs in-a-row of the same color while you try to get your own colored discs 4 in-a-row. You are able to adjust the game to different levels of speed, skill, and more.
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TZ-Colony for Windows 1.01 by Juergen Schroeder. Reg.Fee: $25
is an interesting game where the aim is to become the richest creature on the planet. You accomplish this by reaching the highest value of goods, land and money as it is displayed before every round in the wealth overview. You can either cooperate with the other colonists to increase the overall value of the colony or you slow down its development by withholding desperately needed goods.
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All In One Yahtzee 2.4 by Stefan Pettersson. Reg.Fee: $5
is a Win95/NT version of the classic dice game. Features include support for up to 6 players, automatic hints, an undo function, and much more.
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Metal Knights 98 1.55 by KnightSoft Technologies, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $16-$32
is a turn-based empire-building strategy game for Win95/NT. Features include excellent graphics, Internet support, a musical soundtrack, and more.
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