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Wars of Conquest by Ove Lautensack. Reg.Fee: $5
is a strategic game based on a classic board game RISK. The object is to conquer all 42 territories on the map, and be the last survivor.
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BattleStar for Windows (32-bit) 2.6 by Software by Design. Reg.Fee: $0
is a futuristic version of "Battleship" for Win95/NT. You must selectively bomb quadrants where your scanners have detected hidden enemy vessels. You are provided with a specific amount of fuel and missiles, so every shot counts.
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Billionaire 2.6 by Game ON Sweden. Reg.Fee: $20
is a business simulator, where the game evolves around The Billionaire City which is waiting for you to build your business in, gain market shares and make your opponents go bankrupt. Billionaire isn't about having luck; it's about detailed planning and strategy thinking in the world of business, whether the deal is large or small. Buy a lot and set up your own chain of companies and let your opponents pay enormous rents. You may want to loan money, or bet them at the car racing circuit. You can fast build up vast fortunes - but also loose them in the next second.
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David's Backgammon 2.5.2 by David Byrum. Reg.Fee: $22-$30
is an excellent backgammon game for Windows. This demo version allows you to complete about half of the games.
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3D 4 Cubed Chess 1.03b by Cubess. Reg.Fee: $25
is a chess game played in three dimensions. The board has the same number of squares, but is a cube rather then a square. There are the same number and types of pieces with approximately the same strengths and type of movement, extrapolated into three dimensions.
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Shogi Variants 1.55a by Steve Evans. Reg.Fee: $0
allows you to play "Shogi" the Japanese member of the chess family of games) or one of 16 other ancient and modern Shogi variants. These variants range from possibly the smallest playable chess variant, Micro-Shogi, with a 4x5 square board and 10 pieces, to the world's largest chess game, the gargantuan Tai (Grand) Shogi with a 25x25 square board and 354 pieces. Requires VBRUN300.
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DBS Chess (16-bit) 1.9c by D B Sugden. Reg.Fee: $20
records the moves an all your analysis of a correspondence chess game. It supports Algebraic and International notation. It is PGN compatible and reads *.PGN collection files.
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K-Chess Elite 1.1 by Ark Angles. Reg.Fee: $45
is a powerful and versatile chess program designed to help you play better. It is ideal for casual players, children learning to play chess, and anyone wanting to improve their game. Features include lots of help and hints, the ability to set time limits and playing strength, printing options, the ability to undo/redo moves, and much more. Both 16- and 32-bit versions are included.
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K-Chess for Windows 2.2 by Ark Angles. Reg.Fee: $25-$50
is an educational Chess program for Windows that shows its own calculations as it works. It features various types of hints and help, and can devise the best line of attack for several moves ahead. One or two players may participate, or you can observe the computer in auto-play mode. Keyboard and mouse input is accepted.
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WebChess Designer 2.01 by Dale Lehman. Reg.Fee: $25-$50
is a graphical tool for designing chess diagrams and fully annotated game sheets and converting them to HTML or printed output. (NOTE: this does NOT play chess with you.)
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ClubMate 2.54 by Ian Murray-Watson. Reg.Fee: $64
is a chess database for Windows. Features include the ability to track an unlimited number of games, the ability to display up to 10 games simultaneously, algebraic notation and analysis lines displayed with each game, powerful searching and sorting facilities, and much more.
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Checkes by TitanSoft. Reg.Fee: $10
observes the standard tournament rules of US/Britain. Its brilliant gameplay, silky smooth graphics and ease of use make it a compelling purchase for you or your family.
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Jamzu 1.0 by Heartburn Studios, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $20
There are six red and six blue runners on the board, and twelve black jammers. You play the red runners and the computer plays the blue. The object of Jamzu is to be the first player to remove all of your runners from the board. A runner is removed when it traverses the length of the board.
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PLUS600 6.02 by Sergei Startsev. Reg.Fee: $36
is a draughts games for Windows that uses the full rules of standard (or Russian) draughts. This is a self-training game, and the more you play the more strongly the computer opponent responds. Features include the ability to save/load position at any time, an "undo" function, different game levels, and more.
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Five Play 1.02 by Howard Young. Reg.Fee: $19.95
provides an 11x11 grid of squares, where the computer puts colored disks on each turn, and you move one disk to another square, trying to align disks of the same color. When you get 5 or more in a row, a "5-play", those disks are removed from the board and you get points scored for each disk removed.
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