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Windows Games Adventure

The Immortals' Way 1.0.2 by HERACLION Productions. Reg.Fee: $33
is a turn-based game where the goal is to become an Immortal with a light body for your created character. To become immortal, it is necessary to pass five "Initiations".
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Attack Retrieve Capture 1.0 by Swan Software. Reg.Fee: $0
is a fast-action multiplayer game played over the internet on TEN, the Total Entertainment Network. Players control heavily-armed saucers fighting for supremacy in a variety of different game worlds. In some, the object for each team is to capture the enemy flags and bring them back to their own base. In others, they may have to flip all the ‘force switches’ on the level to their own color.
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Drain Storm 1.02 by David Horner. Reg.Fee: $0
is a very polished, highly addictive, tactical challenge. Venture deep into the sewer, pursued by bizarre, deadly monsters. Gather weapons: Radio- controlled explosives, decoys, giant bubbles (which swallow monsters whole) and many more. Visit Poker Casino to wager weapons, and battle pit bosses! When you're powerful enough, attempt the awesome, final challenge- to destroy the monster which lurks beneath!
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Crop Circles: Escape from Planet 3 by Zero Entertainment, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $19.95
You are Slinus 181 and your mission is to locate all data energy left behind by earlier missions to planet 3. The data energy points are stored in fields around the world. You must locate these points and land on them to absorb their energy (leaving an artistic circular impression behind) before you run out of fuel. Once you've absorbed all the data from a particular field you get to go onto the next one until all fields are clear. If you are discovered, captured or photographed...your mission will be declared a failure.
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Pirates- the Quest for the Sea by Mike Smith. Reg.Fee: $
is the multiplayer game of piracy and plunder on the high seas. PIRATES can be played by up to six people over the Internet (through E-Mail) or on a single computer.Use the player profile creation wizard to create your own PIRATES personality.The game creation wizard makes it easy for you to create the type of game you want to play. Include the player profiles of your friends, a computer player or two, and set sail for a multi-pirate challenge through Email or at home. More!
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The BEER! War 2.31e by Marc-Andre Seekamp. Reg.Fee: $15
is a simulation about the beer-business. Build up the biggest company and lead your enemies into bankruptcy - before they do it to you. Including three scenarios that require different strategies.
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Cult 1.23 by Lee Blum. Reg.Fee: $20
is a maze/adventure game for Win95 where you assume the role of a police officer exploring the compound of a dangerous cult. You must collect keys and other useful items in your search for the hostages, while avoiding acid and chemical baths.
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