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DOS Games Graphical-Adventure

Ken's Labyrinth 2.0 by Epic MegaGames. Reg.Fee: $34
is a 3D, virtual reality, adventure game. Aliens from the planet Zogar have kidnapped your dog Sparky and placed you in a 10-level labyrinth. You must battle mechanical spiders, robotic soldiers and moving holes to rescue your dog. It features hi-res graphics, music, digital sound, and support for a joystick and mouse. Requires VGA, 512K and a 386 or faster.
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Cedric's Quest by SerpentHead Software. Reg.Fee: $15
is a Medieval Adventure game where Cedric, the main character, must travel alone to the Ancient Castle to recover the magically-hidden pieces of the Serpenthead staff and rebuild it. This is the only way to defeat the Dark Sorcerer, whose imminent return has been prophesied.
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Nexus by Nexon, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $9.95+
is a virtual world in which your assigned character is a player. Discover the hidden beauty of The Kingdom of the Winds. Begin by learning how to survive; you may end by becoming a deity. Do arcane mysteries entice you? Or poetic stories? What of donning stunning platemail and hefting up the sword nearly lost from beneath the waves of human consciousness? Or is it simply the riches and awesome artifacts you wish to behold? Allow the winds of your imagination the rise up!
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THANATOS 3D - Army of the Night 2.1 by RKDO Graphics. Reg.Fee: $19.95
is a 3-D shoot-em-up game where you must fight a mad magician's evil army and recover the five magic stones that will thwart his plan to conquer the world. There is lots action as you fight monsters, discover secret transporters, and collect treasures and power ups.
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