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All the new Utilities, Disk/File files since the Vol.6, Num.4 CD-ROM
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Windows Utilities, Disk/File Hard Disk Utilities

FAT32CP 2.7 by Dr. Gottfried Siehs. Reg.Fee: $40
allows you to backup and restore FAT32 partitions of Win95.
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BigDisk 1.50 by Syncronys Softcorp. Reg.Fee: $?
allows the PC to read all its hard drives as one big drive. This supports Jaz, Zip and Syquest.
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Anti Power Management 1.0A by Bryan Christ. Reg.Fee: $?
keeps your drive(s) from spinning down by periodically reading and writing from your storage devices.
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Remember Disk 1.0 by Robert W. Mech. Reg.Fee: $20
helps navigate your hard disk or network by remembering bookmarked locations. You can access these bookmarks through the system tray in Win95/NT.
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fileWATCH 3.0 by Kevin Gearhart. Reg.Fee: $10
monitors the hard drives on your system using saved image files and reports extra, missing, and changed files. This can be used to monitor program installations to see where files are scattered or even watch what files are tampered with over time.
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BlackBoard ZipBak 5.2 by BlackBoard Software. Reg.Fee: $29
is a powerful backup utility for use with Zip and Jazz drives. Features include the use of super high LZH5 compression, password support, a drag and drop interface, the ability to restore to different drives and/or directories, and much more. Requires Win95/NT.
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Emergency Recovery System (32-bit) 8.1 by Theodore Fattaleh. Reg.Fee: $30
is a reliable backup and restore package for Win95 system files and Registry.
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NTuS Realtime Backup 3.04 by NT MicroSystems. Reg.Fee: $29
is a hard disk backup utility for Win95/NT. Features include the ability to automatically back-up updated files in designated folders, very little load on the operating system, the ability to keep a copy of deleted/overwritten files, and more.
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BackupLatest 3.0 by Krzysztof Bochenek. Reg.Fee: $0
helps recover from a computer crash. You can backup recently modified files from a user selected directory on a floppy or other drive without the hassle of moving the hard drive to a working machine or using tape backups. The backup can be run minimized and can be run automatically when the machine starts. Requires the VB5 runtimes.
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Complete Program Deleter for Windows 3.0 by Leithauser Research. Reg.Fee: $25
deletes all the files installed by a program's installation process, including subdirectories created by the program, and restores the AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, WIN.INI, and SYSTEM.INI files to their previous condition. This can be useful for deleting programs from your hard drive while avoiding the associated nuisances that can sometimes be left behind.
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SafeInstall98 1.1b by iWin Software. Reg.Fee: $20
is a completely automatic system file protector for Win95/98. It monitors your system directory for any file deletes or overwrites of any 16 or 32-bit dll, ocx, or vbx files. It does not prevent the operation from occuring, but it will save the existing version and will compare the versions the next time you restart.
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Backer 4.02 by Leanware Development. Reg.Fee: $35
is a Win95 utility for comparing, synchronizing and updating files between any kind of data media via a network, disk, or cable. It uses file creation dates for comparison. Other features include interactive selection of included or excluded files, file types and directories, several options for sorting, path reduction, confirmation and filtering.
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