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All the new Utilities, Disk/File files since the Vol.6, Num.4 CD-ROM
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Windows Utilities, Disk/File File Del/Copy/Move

The MacroCopy 3.00 by Igor V. Polyakoff. Reg.Fee: $0
is file copying utility for Windows 95/98/NT. It can also split and merge files while copying. When it appears that a disk is full, it allows the user to change the floppy disk in the drive and to continue copying or select another target path for the estimated part to be copied.
Get program's ZIP file (utils\win\file_dlt\ from the CD-ROM.

PC Garbage Analyzer 2.0 by Softdd. Reg.Fee: $25
helps keep your entire system clean of the excess garbage which accumulates over time. This not only searches and finds various files left over by Win95, but also searches for many other space consuming files that may have been left behind from Internet downloads or program installations.
Get program's ZIP file (utils\win\file_dlt\ from the CD-ROM.

Shredder95 1.04 by Gale-Force Software. Reg.Fee: $30
is a powerful utility for permanently removing sensitive data, pictures, or files. It shreds, truncates, and renames file so that absolutely nothing remains.
Get program's ZIP file (utils\win\file_dlt\ from the CD-ROM.

BCWipe 1.07 by Jetico, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $0
helps make sure deleted files cannot be restored. It uses a special military grade procedure that also allows you to to wipe empty space on your disks. This is a shell extension for Win95/NT, which allows you to right-click on a file to bring up the secure wiping option.
Get program's ZIP file (utils\win\file_dlt\ from the CD-ROM.

Waste Whacker 3.00 by Doesn't Byte Software. Reg.Fee: $15
helps get rid of temporary installation files, broken shortcuts, and zero byte files. It removes files based on the specifications you choose, including path, file spec, file size, and file age. Files can be moved to the Recycle Bin or completely deleted with a confirmation option.
Get program's ZIP file (utils\win\file_dlt\ from the CD-ROM.

TidyDisk 2.0 by American Systems.. Reg.Fee: $20
is a handy utility for cleaning unwanted files off your hard disk. It can clean temporary files, Internet cache files, and any other files you want removed. It can be configured to remove exactly the files you want deleted. Files can be sent to the Recycle Bin, deleted, moved, put in a ZIP file, or permanently deleted.
Get program's ZIP file (utils\win\file_dlt\ from the CD-ROM.

Mutilate 2.32 by Craig Christensen. Reg.Fee: $20
destroys (or "wipes") sensitive files so they can never be recovered or undeleted. It overwrites all bits in selected file(s), including cluster slack space, with 1's, 0's, and/or random bit patterns. This offers three security levels and a customizable level. Requires Win95/NT.
Get program's ZIP file (utils\win\file_dlt\ from the CD-ROM.

Sure Delete 1.0.0 by PCWeb. Reg.Fee: $0
takes the file you specify and deletes the original content and then adds its own lines, and saves the file again so all the data is gone, and then deletes the file by passing the Recycle Bin.
Get program's ZIP file (utils\win\file_dlt\ from the CD-ROM.

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