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Windows Programs

AZZ Cardfile
is a powerful replacement for Cardfile for Win95/NT.
Data files can be password-protected and encrypted. Other features include support for unlimited file and card size, phone dialing via a modem, RTF support, and more.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\UT_SYSTM\AZZCRD20.ZIP]

is a challenging miniature golf simulation for Win95/98.
If you cannot make the hole in 7 shots, your ball will explode. Features include excellent graphics, a musical soundtrack, and a high score listing. Requires VBRUN300.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\GAMES\BOMBGOLF.ZIP]

is a fun two-player arcade game where the object is to collect gems from a twisting maze while avoiding monsters.
Barrier walls are destroyed using bombs. Features include excellent graphics, a musical soundtrack, and more.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\GAMES\BOMBY71.ZIP]

Bubbles (DS)
is a fun multimedia puzzle game for Windows.
You must maneuver the rising bubbles so they float into matching bubble pods. Features include beautiful digital graphics, a classical music soundtrack, the ability to save games, and much more. Requires a 486 or faster, 8MB RAM, and High color SVGA.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\GAMES\BUBBLE12.ZIP]

is a fantastic 3-D and space shooter with multiple galaxies to choose from, seven available ship models, and many weapons, missiles, torpedoes, mines, shields and engines.
Every system on the ship is also configurable. Network play is supported. Requires an 800x600 display.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\GAMES\CRZOID10.ZIP]

Easy Desktop Publisher
allows you to quickly and easily create flyers, banners and other graphical materials.
To create a design, you simply drop various objects where you want them and then customize those objects. These objects can include text, pictures, lines and various shapes.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\WORDS\EASYDTP.ZIP]

helps protect your on-line privacy by clearing out the registry entries of IE, and resetting Netscape's javascript entrees.
It also protects you by giving you the option to erase Netscape and IE's cookies and cache.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\COMMUNIC\HISTKILL.ZIP]

is a simple and straightforward free-form database for Win95.
It is like a "junk drawer" for snippets of text information you would like to keep track of (phone numbers, important dates, etc.). A phone dialer is provided.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\DATABASE\IMAGIC11.ZIP]

destroys (or "wipes") sensitive files so they can never be recovered or undeleted.
It overwrites all bits in selected file(s), including cluster slack space, with 1's, 0's, and/or random bit patterns. This offers three security levels and a customizable level. Requires Win95/NT.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\UT_DSKFI\MUT232RT.ZIP]

Quick Budget
is simple budget generator to aid in the organization of your monthly finances.
You can enter income and three levels of projected expenses, and it will perform the math for you. This allows you to categorize your expenses by priority so that you can more easily decide what can be added or removed from your monthly budget.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\HOME\QB11FULL.ZIP]

Xara WebStyle
helps create top quality, custom designed, web optimized graphics, including 2D and 3D headings, buttons, bullets, dividers and backgrounds.
It uses vector graphics that can be scaled, zoomed, rotated and re-colored with no loss of quality. A wide range of graphic templates are provided.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\COMMUNIC\WEBSTYLE.ZIP]

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