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Grid Zone 32 by Dano Software. Reg.Fee: $5
is a challenging board game you play against three computer opponents. The object is to move your six pieces into a configuration that has one of your pieces in each row and column simultaneously.
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Hotel 3.2.4 by Bill Garrison. Reg.Fee: $10
is a real estate game for Windows where the object is to buy and develop as much urban property as possible. You start out with $1 million credit and play against a wiley computer opponent. This version allows 25 uses before you must register. Both 16- and 32-bit versions are included.
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GamesGrid Backgammon 1.7.1 by CyberArts. Reg.Fee: $?
lets you play Backgammon against other players of your particular skill over the Internet. The opening screen of each game service offers a "match board" that lists all players who are currently ready to play, their ratings and experience. You can send messages to any user, or broadcast messages to all players who are ready to play. Non-members are limited to 60 minutes of play.
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Classic Peg Solitaire 1.0 by Don Turner. Reg.Fee: $10
is a board game where you try to remove all the pegs by jumping over one with each move. Several different board layouts are provided.
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Solo Peg Game for Windows 1.1c by R. K. West Consulting. Reg.Fee: $10
provides six colorful variations of the classic pegboard game. High scores are saved in the Hall of Fame.
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VOG Chess 1.23 by VINCO+ Ltd.. Reg.Fee: $?
lets you play chess with players from around the world across the Internet. You can enter the games room, choose an opponent, take a seat, click the start button and begin to play with another player . A separate rating is recorded for you in each room.
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LaserChess 98 1.0 by Blue Carpet Software. Reg.Fee: $10
is an unusual chess game where you position mirrors, beam splitters, and chargers around the chessboard in an effort to fire your laser and blow up your opponent's king. Features include 3D rendered pieces, stereo sound effects, original background music, legal move hints, drag-and-drop support, the ability to load/save games, and more. Requires Win95/NT.
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K-Chess Elite 1.10 by Ark Angles. Reg.Fee: $45
is a powerful and versatile chess program designed to help you play better. It is ideal for casual players, children learning to play chess, and anyone wanting to improve their game. Features include lots of help and hints, the ability to set time limits and playing strength, printing options, the ability to undo/redo moves, and much more. Both 16- and 32-bit versions are included.
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E-Chess 2.5 by Dark Horse Software. Reg.Fee: $18
provides an easy user interface for playing e-mail chess. It will let you view and play your chess game in a graphical format and generate a text representation of the board for text based e-mail. This is based on the format of an e-mail message used by the IECG Internet chess club. Requires VBRUN300.bit VB4 runtime files.
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IceChess 1.02 by Icicle Creek Software. Reg.Fee: $20
is a powerful integrated email chess program for Win95/NT. It works with MAPI, VIM, and SMTP to automatically generate email messages with the complete move history included. It generates all move notation (including PGN) automatically, and embeds the information into the email message. You can make moves into the future as well as do extensive undo to completely explore the possibilities before you send your move. 
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Chess Captor 2.0 by Michiel Magnée. Reg.Fee: $15-$20
lets you create chess diagrams on the fly in Win95.
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WebChess Designer by Dale Lehman. Reg.Fee: $25-$50
is a graphical tool for designing chess diagrams and fully annotated game sheets and converting them to HTML or printed output. (NOTE: this does NOT play chess with you.)
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NewLines by Lena Pankratova. Reg.Fee: $?
challenges you to connect five or more colored tiles and remove them from the playing field. Three new colored tiles are added each turn, and you can only move a tile if there is a clear path of free cells between the tile and the target cell.
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