PsL Monthly Shareware CD-ROM V6, #08

Op.System Section
DOS Utilities, Disk/File

New Programs For The Month

DE 3.0 by James R. Webster. Reg.Fee: $0
is a full function disk editor. Features include support for graphics or non-graphics printing of all data displayed onto the screen, a DOS shell, on-line help, and mouse support.
Get program's ZIP file (DOS\UT_DSKFI\ from the CD-ROM.

The Partition Resizer 1.20 by Zeleps. Reg.Fee: $
is the safe and easy way to repartition your hard disk, without erasing its contents.
Get program's ZIP file (DOS\UT_DSKFI\ from the CD-ROM.

Updates To Programs On Past CD-ROMs

F-Prot 3.01 by Frisk Software International. Reg.Fee: $0-$20+
scans disks, hard drives, and all network drives for viruses using one of 3 methods: a secure scan which is slow, but makes an accurate identification; full scan which is a little faster, or a quick scan that only searches for known variants. It detects 250 families of viruses. It scans diskettes or your entire system, and allows the addition of a user-defined hexadecimal search pattern with wildcards. It performs an analysis of the memory allocation, programs, and boot sectors. It reports a list of infected files, disinfects files, and renames the infected files so they may not be executed. Optionally scans DOC and DOT files for Microsoft Word Macro-based viruses.
Get program's ZIP file (DOS\UT_DSKFI\ from the CD-ROM.

Easy Backup 7.3 by Easy Software. Reg.Fee: $40
makes compressed, self-restoring backups. It backs up subdirectories automatically and has an archive option which will remove the backed up directory structure from the hard disk.
Get program's ZIP file (DOS\UT_DSKFI\ from the CD-ROM.

Printer Utilities, System

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