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Hundreds of New & Updated Programs Every Month!

PsL has been collecting, testing, organizing and distributing public domain and shareware software since 1982. Up until 1993, we distributed only on diskettes (which we still offer).

We have always been recognized in the industry as having the largest, best organized, and most up-to-date pd/shareware collection available.

So in 1993, when we decided to publish a monthly CD-ROM with all the new programs on it that we got each month, we were already well equipped to handle the volume of work involved with the highest standards of quality.

Unlike "shovelware" shareware CDs in which outdated, duplicative, untested, poorly organized, poorly described programs are "shoveled" onto a CD-ROM, PsL's technicians virus-check, quality test, capture screens and write-up every program submitted to us -- 600 to 1000 programs a month. We then arrange those programs onto a CD in directories by operating system (DOS, OS/2, Windows) and by category withing operating system (Business, Education, Games, etc.).

We guarantee that PsL CD-ROMs are the highest quality you will find anywhere for any price or your money back.

If you usually get pd/shareware from the Internet, not only will you find many programs on our CDs which are not on the Net, but with our CDs, searching for programs is infinitely quicker, and when you find one you want, you have it immediately, without the hassles of connecting to your ISP, trying to get onto a busy download server, and waiting forever for a file to download.

Easy To Use CD-ROMs

We combine our write-ups of the programs into FILES.BBS files text files in each directory and in the root directory for the entire CD) for BBS sysops and for users who don't like CD access programs.

But we also provide CD-ROM access programs for DOS and Windows which let you quickly and easily select an operating system and program categories within the operating system, view lists of the programs in that category, click for more detailed descriptions of individual programs, including screen shots for many programs. You can install programs with the click of a mouse as well.

Starting with Volume 5, Number 3, each CD-ROM has HTML (Web) files on it for accessing the CD. You can use your browser to search and scan the program write-ups, view screen shots, install programs from the CD, and even jump to sites on the Internet (if your browser/system supports this feature).

The PsL Shareware Database

Also on each CD is a program which lets you search a database of over 30,000 programs on ALL of our CDs. Each entry shows program name, version, registration fee, zip file size, program description, operating system, program category and subcategory, keywords, which CD the program is on and its path on the CD, and the author of the program, including company name, address, phone, FAX and email contact information.

You can search for programs by several methods:

You can also perform text searches of all of the entries or a selected subsection of entries, such as searching just within a particular category.

The Section of the Month

The new programs each month usually take up half the CD (about 330MB). We fill the other 330MB with a different section each month of our existing library, consisting of 1000 to 4000+ programs each. The Sections of The Month include:


In addition to FILES.BBS file in each directory, we have them all in one directory for the benefit of sysops, plus a combined FILES.BBS for the entire CD-ROM in the root directory.

To maximize the amount of software on the CD, all programs are in ZIP files with a FILE_ID.DIZ file in each.

Software is provided for selecting programs for your BBS based on permissions required by authors. The database program also lets you generate FILES.BBS files with customized layouts with one-line or full descriptions.

The PsL CD-ROM is ready to mount on your BBS. No license fee or royalty to PsL is required beyond our regular, low subscription rate.

Ordering PsL CDs

Before we started the PsL Monthly CD-ROM in 1993, some BBSs and othershareware vendors used to pay PsL over $1000 per month to get all the new programs we received and tested each month. Hundreds of thousands of users paid $20-$50 or more for just a few programs on floppies.

Now you can get thousands of programs, clip art files, music & sounds files, animation, literature & magazines on disk and more for only $19.95 per month plus shipping, billed monthly, cancel any time.

Or if you don't want to subscribe, get single CDs for just $29.95 plus shipping. (See the order form for a complete list of the software sections featured on each CD-ROM for the last year.)

Order Today - Risk Free! - A Subscription or a Single CD-ROM

Satisfaction is guaranteed. If not 200% satisfied -- if you do not agree that the PsL is the best quality source of new shareware available anywhere -- return the CD for a full refund, including shipping.

If you want to keep them coming, order a subscription and we will send one each month (invoicing you or charging your credit card when we ship). You can cancel any time.

To pay by check or money order, send $19.95 plus $4 s&h for the latest CD-ROM to PsL, P.O.Box 35705, Houston, TX 77235-5705. (Checks must be drawn on U.S. banks.)

See the Web Order links below for other ordering options, including ordering a full set of past CDs for a reduced price.

Voice orders: 800-242-4775 (or "800-2424-PSL")
Overseas or inside Houston: 713-524-6394
FAX orders: 713-524-6398
Web Orders:
Use this site for fastest service.
Use our alternative site if you have any problem with the primary site.

About Shareware

Shareware is an exciting marketing method which allows you to try top-quality software before you pay the author. With Shareware, you cannot be disappointed spending money for a program that's not right for you. The small fee you pay to us for a CD-ROM covers only our costs in producing the CD and permits you to evaluate thousands of shareware programs. If you continue to use a shareware program, you must send the author an additional payment which may entitle you to technical support, printed manuals, bonus programs, and more. Your payment supports authors, allowing them to continue writing newer and better shareware software.

Note: The PsL CD access programs and FILES.BBS files show what the license fee ("registration fee") is, if any, for each program. As you will see, a great many programs show a license fee of "$0". Such programs may be freely used without further payment to anyone.

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