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Windows Programs

FASTZip 97
allows you to view, create, and extract ZIP archives in Win95.
This is very fast and easy to use.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\UT_DSKFI\FASTZ97.ZIP]

Hollywood Mogul
is a unique role-playing game where you become the head of a big-time Hollywood movie studio and try to make an obscene amount of money by creating hit movies.
You will obtain a script, budget the movie, hire actors, and more. Hints are available at all times.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\GAMES\HMTRIALV.ZIP]

Photo Line 32
is a powerful image manipulation package for Win95.
Features include support for most popular image formats, a variety of drawing tools, multiple undo/redo, a full compliment of interesting filters, and much more.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\GRAPHICS\PHOTOLIN.ZIP]

Solitaire City
is a collection of popular one and two pack solitaire games which are played against the clock.
The faster you complete a game, the higher your score, the best of which are saved to disk. Features include stunning, photo-realistic card graphics, digitized sound effects, and more.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\GAMES\SCITY100.ZIP]

SuperSonic for Windows
provides an audio CD player, WAV/MIDI player, mixer, real time 16 band spectrum analyzer, and oscilloscope for Win95/NT.
Features include support for CD information retrieval from the Internet, concurrent playback of up to 16 WAV files with real time pitch/speed control, a powerful audio library that lets you organize and catalog your sound files just like your CD's, and much more. Requires DirectX.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\SOUNDS\SS300.ZIP]

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