PsL Monthly Shareware CD-ROM V5, #11

Op.System Section
Windows Word Proc. Utils

New Programs For The Month

PickList (SR) by Softech RAD. Reg.Fee: $12-$50
allows you to assign text items for fast insertion into any Windows application. It is especially useful for inserting repetitive phrases, words, or sentences into any wordprocessing package. In addition, it has a host of commands that allow it to run files, macros and access menu commands via successive keystroke output. Requires VBRUN300.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\WORDS\PICK_LST.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

PageFocus Pro 1.01 by Creative Stars, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $89
lets you create forms, draw pictures, create documents, catalogs, electronic books, and much more.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\WORDS\PFPRO101.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

Wordware Personal Information Manager by AMF. Reg.Fee: $15
provides a quick and easy PIM for Word 97, allowing all users to have their own address book and telephone directory.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\WORDS\PIM97.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

Updates To Programs On Past CD-ROMs

Wordware '97 by AMF. Reg.Fee: $15
is a collection of 60 macros and templates for Word 7. This covers everything from copying a file, to managing your projects, to managing your business contacts.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\WORDS\WW97.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

SuperFax by AMF. Reg.Fee: $15-$20
is an add-on for Word 97 that automates faxing using any fax program on the market. Professionally designed fax templates are included, and you can create your own. Requires Win95.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\WORDS\SUPFAX.ZIP) from the CD-ROM.

Word Processing Networking

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