Description of the File
++blu.idx 12798
+blu.idx 12795
.descs 11915
blu.idx 12347
blu.msg 1185
blu000.arc 101724
blu001.arc 75829
Misc Utils,Super DIR,IBM Asynch Comm,Support Ext,Display
blu002.arc 78162
4 Asorted Microsoft basic programs
blu003.arc 75195
blu004.arc 63030
blu005.arc 83429
Microsoft Monstrous Startrek Programs
blu006.arc 69902
General Ledger, Monstrous Startrek
blu007.arc 71989
@ Ratfor (volumes marked @ require 8 bit support)
blu008.arc 69941
@Miscellaneous Fortran programs, Portraits
blu009.arc 83452
@Ebasic Compiler/Interpreter and programs
blu010.arc 64686
Monstrous Ebasic Startreks
blu011.arc 67865
Ebasic programs
blu012.arc 67258
Ebasic programs
blu013.arc 61085
@ Original adventure (350 points)
blu014.arc 71017
@ Bob Van Valzah's "Pascal Pascal Compiler"
blu015.arc 53624
@ ALGOL-M (language)
blu016.arc 86779
@ Miscellaneous Utilities extracted from SIG/M
blu017.arc 90074
@ Miscellaneous Utilities extracted from SIG/M
blu018.arc 87296
PC-TALK (comms Package), PACKMAN2, PC notes
blu019.arc 83064
PC-FILE(Database package)
blu020.arc 77266
Remote Bulletin board System, Miscellaneous Utilities
blu021.arc 98426
Cross Reference Util, Front-end Interface Util(Monitor)
blu022.arc 96741
Expanding the lister Utility for Basic Programs
blu023.arc 78021
RATBAS, Strip off WS file High Bits, Graphtrax Utility
blu026.arc 76500
8087 Sampler programs
blu027.arc 63306
Kermit - PC/Mainframe Host Communications (1 of 2)
blu028.arc 42650
Kermit - by columbia University (2 of 2)
blu029.arc 61709
Miscellaneous BASIC PROGRAMS
blu030.arc 71337
Misc,Cryptography,Filling,Inventory,Mail list,Regression
blu031.arc 88429
PC-TALK lll(Communications Package)
blu032.arc 56371
1PC-TALK lll documentation, Misc Communication Systems
blu033.arc 92016
Misc, Compression, Music, Dates, Sunrise, Plotting, etc
blu034.arc 61197
SUPERCALC Templates and DBASE ll programs
blu035.arc 88181
Miscellaneous Basic Utilities
blu036.arc 45303
IBM keyboard Drill System
blu037.arc 83769
MODEM 7 for IBM PC,WORDSTAR Mods, Misc utilities
blu038.arc 74212
Disk Directory Util, Squish Remarks, LOTUS 1-2-3 Mods
blu039.arc 91570
Word Processor, Memo Minder, History & Math drills
blu040.arc 89211
EPISTAT statistical package, IBM Modern Programs
blu041.arc 98827
Galaxy Trek with Graphics (also works with Monochrome)
blu042.arc 71560
A cheap Assembler, Electronic RAM Disk, Misc Utilities
blu043.arc 77933
Inventory/Order Control Package in DBASE ll
blu044.arc 109135
PC Graphics, by Eugene Ying
blu045.arc 67524
Bulletin Board System
blu046.arc 197628
Ringy Dingy Asynch Communications program, PC-FILE lll
blu047.arc 174026
Software Encipherment, Misc Utils, (From Capital PC)
blu048.arc 96557
Portfolio Evaluation, Graphics Draw,HiRes Screen Print, etc
blu049.arc 192684
Remote Bulletin board system: RBBS - CPC version 12.1
blu050.arc 112406
FREECALC - FULL spreadsheet program
blu051.arc 132743
TAX456 LOTUS 1-2-3 Template for calculating Income Taxes
blu053.arc 187392
PC-DIAL,PC WRITE Word Procs,PC Compare,File Managment
blu054.arc 115004
FIG FORTH(language) Vol 1 of 2
blu055.arc 53402
FIG FORTH(Language) Vol 2 of 2
blu056.arc 94829
Utilities For Use With LOTUS 1-2-3
blu057.arc 190399
Ultra Utils,Squeeze/Unsqueeze,Library update system
blu058.arc 170819
GENEALOGICAL Package and programs
blu059.arc 89955
EPISTAT v3.0 Statistical Package, PC compare
blu060.arc 173777
TEN-KEY, MEDIA Magician (limited versions) PC Musician
blu063.arc 185390
1-2-3 Templates, Programmers Calculator, Typing Practice
blu064.arc 183870
Home Finance, Screen editor, Basic optimister, DOS 2 utils
blu065.arc 169954
MICRO accounts System, Mail Progs, Task Planning Program
blu066.arc 198359
Miscellaneous utilities
blu067.arc 137618
File Manager, Finance Manager, COMFAX Justify Program
blu068.arc 185118
DOS Mend Master.8086/8087/8088 Dissassembler, Misc utils
blu069.arc 134986
VIRTUAL Teaching language Interpreter
blu070.arc 212404
Disk file Catalogue Program
blu071.arc 218630
Encipherment System v1.53 PC DOS version
blu072.arc 157197
blu073.arc 160370
Tips, Notes etc for IBM PC(Lots of useful data)
blu074.arc 257307
RBBS system, New "front end" for property manager, Utils
blu075.arc 128700
Full property Management program for real estate Dbase ll
blu076.arc 145102
Updated Comm systems, Xmodem, with Fortran Source
blu077.arc 148173
FIDO-NET Bhard System Ver9(col 1 of 2)
blu078.arc 113110
FIDO-NET Bulletin Bhard System Ver9(vol 2 of 1)
blu079.arc 250007
RBBS system PC v12.2 from washington Capitol User Group
blu080.arc 152834
Multi Function Util v2.0,Xlsip,fog finder,LBR utils
blu081.arc 201484
Misc Utils,Library utility,CWEEP(A MUST UTILITU0,etc
blu082.arc 215723
FORTH v2.1 (language)
blu083.arc 165992
FINANCE MANAGER(financial package)
blu084.arc 174178
LOTUE 1-2-3 Power Worksheets
blu085.arc 197687
GLUDRAW - Line graphics System
blu086.arc 142044
MS-DOS ROFF text Editor, Extended Batch Language
blu087.arc 160712
LISTMATE Mail Merge for MULTIMATE, Cheques System(fin)
blu088.arc 218125
FAMILTY TREE UTILITY Labels -n letters, Banner Generator
blu089.arc 159787
Disk copy,SPREADSHEET prog,Global Pathing Utility,etc
blu090.arc 79850
SUPERTREK (370 Mainframe Converted onto IBM PC)
blu091.arc 111258
see 90 (2 of 3) (With FORTRAN SOURCE)
blu092.arc 170935
see 90 (3 of 3)
blu093.arc 123831
Documents and Newsletters -PC & computer related items
blu094.arc 189577
Misc Uitls, Dbase ll program Mail-List,Xmodem etc
blu095.arc 150716
Fanastic Word Processor for kids,(Highly Recommended)
blu096.arc 139365
FIDO bulletin Board System Version 10 (1 to 2)
blu097.arc 203594
see 96 (2 of 2)
blu098.arc 127069
Bulletin Board system v12.2d.Vol 1 of 2 from Capitol PC
blu099.arc 124784
see 98 volume 2 of 2
blu100.arc 124901
U.S census Uitility County and City Data book
blu101.arc 110610
U.S census Utility volume 2 of 2
blu102.arc 182300
JUMPJOE2,Bouncing baby,3 dimension demon, Castle Adventure
blu104.arc 161998
Utils-disk,Backup,RAM disk,Libraries,Files plus Wstar customisation
blu105.arc 150163
LU updates,Screen Handling,SWEEP update for MSDOS,Unix emulator
blu106.arc 182899
Modem progs PC-talk lll for PCir,PC-talkk Ver 5,IBModem for PCjr
blu107.arc 156871
Kermit ver 2.26, QMODEM ver 2.87E
blu108.arc 174589
Extended Disk Directory v5.4,Dbase phone Util,Ext bat Lang v2.01b
blu109.arc 203114
Multi User RBBS-PC version 12.3b (systems disk)
blu111.arc 192590
Misc Utils- ASCII to 123 import,Encryption,Hebrew graphics,Epson utils
blu112.arc 240178
Utils-Amortization,Area code,Dbase menu generator,File utilities
blu113.arc 175088
Time & Money Financial monitoring system
blu114.arc 216527
PC-Talk lll assembler version,Qmodem (103a),Daily Diary
blu115.arc 151290
Screenwrite formatting prog,PC/Calculator v1.0
blu116.arc 142531
DBase ll Genealogy,Church management,Checkbook management etc
blu117.arc 209035
Genealogy Package
blu118.arc 210883
Comms-PC0Talk (EXE vers) Host lll v1.1 Qmodem v1.04
blu119.arc 131528
Newkey v2.13, Kermit v2.27, System reset
blu120.arc 171038
Financial Progs, New Fonts, Menu generator
blu121.arc 195236
General Ledger, Multiplan Consolidator, Misc utils
blu122.arc 119348
Symphony applications, Medical & Banking worksheets
blu123.arc 98671
123 Graphoics Printer, Library, Symphony Insurance Lib
blu124.arc 145782
Lotus Worksheets, Macro conversion aid
blu125.arc 111967
3 by 5 v1.0 information management system
blu126.arc 242995
File Express v2.95 info management system vol 1 of 2
blu127.arc 159064
File Express vol 2 of 2
blu128.arc 152407
Prolog vers 1.32 artificial intelligence language
blu129.arc 125609
XLISP language vers 1.4
blu130.arc 218031
PC-WRITE word processor ver 2.4
blu131.arc 126081
PC-Dbms User supported database management system
blu132.arc 211037
ORIGAMI the Japanese art of paper folding
blu133.arc 145368
Personal Management systems DESKMATE & PARTNER
blu134.arc 41477
KRAFT PAINT uses joysticks to paint on screen
blu135.arc 204889
PC MAGAZINE benchmark laboratory series no 1
blu136.arc 20365
Personal Accounts Manager vol 1 of 2
blu136.bwr 603
blu137.arc 114155
Personal Accounts Manager vol 2 of 2
blu138.arc 245948
RBBS bulletin board system v12.5a vol 1 of 2
blu139.arc 167252
RBBS vol 2 of 2
blu140.arc 202859
Terminal Emulator and Host System JUDY 1.01 desktop
blu141.arc 206204
Qmodem v1.07, PC-CALC, Software power on reset
blu142.arc 218052
Utils-ARC v4.3,encryption, List, BR, Sort, Vfiler etc
blu143.arc 237669
PC-TAK lllv2.6, emulator, BUTLER auto modem prog
blu144.arc 225034
Utils, BLY utils, Cipher, PCSWEEP with SQ,USQ & LBR
blu145.arc 178392
123 to Dbase lll convert, 640k on XT motherboard
blu146.arc 136917
XLISP v1.5
blu148.arc 311649
Database/Spreadsheet Expert System vol 1 of 2
blu149.arc 344690
Ditto vol 2 of 2
blu150.arc 235009
Flow System & interpretive/interactive Pascal
blu151.arc 200654
Utils-add drive, Copy bad tracks, Window, LBR, rename
blu152.arc 137221
Confidant, v2.0 encrryption system, Symphony macros
blu154.arc 154763
SDB v2.0 Database system & small C COMPILER
blu155.arc 302031
RBBS PC bulletin board system v12.5b part 1
blu156.arc 204787
Ditto part 2 not yet available
blu157.arc 138716
PD PROLOG by Automata Design Associates
blu158.arc 345306
Analyticalc Integrated Spreadsheet vol 1 of 2
blu159.arc 289320
Ditto vol 2 of 2
blu160.arc 212026
Genealogy on Display v3.1
blu161.arc 261902
FANSI CONSOLE v1.11/1.13 console driver for IBMPC
blu162.arc 195568
DOS assistant, Omniedit, Letterfall typing tutor, XRAY
blu163.arc 142757
not yet available
blu164.arc 143268
not yet available
blu165.arc 230609
not yet available
blu166.arc 171386
Progs for simple Algebra
blu167.arc 279856
PC-WRITE v2.55 (replaced with version 2.4)
blu168.arc 195479
PBASE database system, PC-Recipe, Flowchart, Dbill
blu169.arc 190557
LEARN creative computer aided instruction, Mailman
blu170.arc 205888
PIBTERM modem comms emulator, Batch Modem Butler
blu171.arc 96159
ESSCREENS create color graphics screens
blu172.arc 168916
Itils Fast Format, DB ll screen maker, Multiformat
blu173.arc 158695
CHIWRITER scientific notastion wqord processor
blu174.arc 152709
ESIE Expert Interface Engine, CRCBUILD etc
blu175.arc 178319
PROINDEX indexing system for text files, QModem v1.12
blu176.arc 185691
The expert knoledge based system
blu177.arc 178394
Letterwriter v2 address book, Dosamatic v2 Diskit repair util
blu178.arc 168804
Cavequest like temple of Asphai. War simulation, Turtle graphics
blu179.arc 245387
PC Magazine Laboratory series #2, benchmark programs
blu180.arc 164583
ACCUTAX 86 tax preparation software
blu181.arc 251120
PC-KAT v2.1 super high capacity disk cataloger
blu182.arc 171594
Freeword v1 word processor, Cut/Paste, Notepad (mem res)
blu183.arc 266259
PD Prolog v1.8 Public Domain version of Prolog with programs
blu184.arc 155291
blu185.arc 159149
Z80 CP/M 2.2 Emulation operating under MS-DOS
blu186.arc 184471
NY Word v1.1 WSID Wordstar file ID index system
blu187.arc 191852
Qmodem v1.13 comms package, Vintro, NEC v20/30 tutorial
blu188.arc 32839
LISP interpreter by Marc Adler & NY Word v1.2
blu191.arc 212813
Qmodem v2.0 wonderful comms package
blu192.arc 208646
ICON(Snobal like high level language)
blu193.arc 222223
Colossus Bulletin board system
blu194.arc 276723
Kermit v2.28 with assembler source and docs
blu195.arc 179905
EC Forms generator and PC Font v2.04
blu196.arc 119085
Food analysis (see how healthy your diet is)
blu197.arc 252217
DBS Kat v1.3 disk cataloger
blu198.arc 290104
RBBS Bulletin board system v14.1a disk 1 of 2
blu199.arc 324709
RBBS Bulletin board system v14.1a disk 2 of 2
blu200.arc 164287
Procomm v2.3 the best comms package
blu201.arc 181788
Still river DOS shell, Wagner File Utility
blu202.arc 213268
PC Write v2.4 Excellent word processor
blu203.arc 172294
Reliance, mailing list program v2.0
blu204.arc 231346
PC Rim, Mainframe type database program disk 1 of 3
blu205.arc 193297
PC Rim, Mainframe type database program disk 2 of 3
blu206.arc 76752
PC Rim, Mainframe type database program
blu207.arc 255809
MR Bill, billing system disk 1 of 2
blu208.arc 237073
MR Bill, billing system disk 2 of 2
blu209.arc 222398
CK, Income and expenditure tracking system disk 1 of 2
blu210.arc 236465
CK, Income and expenditure tracking system disk 2 of 2
blu211.arc 297097
Analyticalc, sophisticated spreadsheet disk 1 of 2
blu212.arc 340519
Analyticalc, sophisticated spreadsheet disk 2 of 3
blu213.arc 306431
Analyticalc, sophisticated spreadsheet disk 3 of 3
blu214.arc 65538
REC, Regular Expression compiler disk 1 of 2
blu215.arc 172511
REC, Regular Expression compiler disk 2 of 2
blu216.arc 284272
Pianoman v3.0 create and save music on a PC
blu217.arc 170183
PC Key Draw, Keyboard to screen graphics
blu218.arc 221067
Genealogy on display v4.0
blu219.arc 138615
PC Ham, loads of ham radio utils
blu220.arc 282266
Toxic gas on emergency program
blu221.arc 280578
RBBS 14.1b, Remote Bulletin Board System, disk 1 of 2
blu222.arc 302059
RBBS 14.1b, Remote Bulletin Board System, disk 2 of 2
deboo.exe 10490 38731
pk361.exe 119600
pkpak.msg 1422

There are 222 files for a total of 34,440,896 bytes.