From: Jennifer O'Connor 
To: "" 
Subject: =?Windows-1252?Q?Trademark_and_copyright_infringements_by_=93cd.textfiles?=

Dear Madam or Sir:

Please allow me to introduce myself as a Paralegal Enforcement of the Monot=
ype GmbH (=93Monotype=94). Monotype (together with its sister company Monot=
ype Imaging Inc.) is a leading provider of type, technology and expertise, =
which offers one of the world=92s largest and most highly regarded typeface=

We became aware that your parent directory is published on the internet and=
 therefore the contents thereof available to everybody. You will find the r=
elevant link below:

We regularly search the internet for websites on which our trademark and co=
pyright protected fonts are available for free download. Your parent direct=
ory comprises a folder =93fonts=94 in which a great number of our fonts is =
included. Among these, but not limited to, are the following fonts:

Avant Garde=AE
Registration Number: 1134201
Registration Number: 4,232,896
Registration Number: 1134201

Registration Number: 003849221

Registration Number: 004263331
Registration Number: 3,188,788

Registration Number: 006818165
Registration Number: 3,530,815

Registration Number: 1069011

Gill Sans=AE
Registration Number:  1118610
Registration Number: 001857366

Registration Number: DD639189
Registration Number: 004048606
Registration Number: 3,058,966

Registration Number: 929331

Registration Number: 2,920,521

Registration Number: 2,934,452

Registration Number: 003844545
Registration Number: 3,094,943

New Century Schoolbook=AE
Registration Number: 004266896
Registration Number: 3,224,030
Registration Number: 1161827

Registration Number: 2056784
Registration Number: 2,050,130
Registration Number: 620424

Registration Number: 004048369
Registration Number: 3,162,014

Park Avenue=AE
Registration Number: 3,414,574

Registration Number: 1,241,860
Registration Number: 004041984

Registration Number: 3,351,843

Registration Number: 004048641
Registration Number: 3,079,131
Registration Number: 201829

Zapf Chancery=AE
Registration Number: 1149414
Registration Number: 2,788,114

Zapf Dingbats=AE
Registration Number: 1149414
Registration Number: 2,706,644

These trademarks are registered for =96 among many other countries =96 the =
USA at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (=93PTO=94) and/or the=
 European Union at the at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Mark=
et =96 Trade Marks and Designs (OHIM, Alicante, Spain). We have stated the =
link to the search engine at the respective trade mark offices. By clicking=
 on the above stated links you will find the relevant registration details,=
 in particular that Monotype GmbH and/or another company belonging to the M=
onotype group of companies is the owner of the trademarks.

As mentioned, besides the name being protected trademarks, the fonts offere=
d under the trademarks are also software programs which benefit from copyri=
ght protection.

Although we assume that you have legitimately purchased these fonts, under =
the end user license agreement (=93EULA=94) you are not entitled to grant a=
ccess to these fonts for free. Monotype does not grant any licenses which i=
nclude the right to allow the download of fonts at no cost.

As explained, making available our fonts to internet users constitutes an i=
nfringement of your contractual obligations under the EULA. We therefore as=
k you to immediately bar access to the infringing content by

Thursday, July 23, 2015.

If you have any further queries in connection with the foregoing, please do=
 not hesitate to contact us.

Contact data:

Monotype GmbH
Werner-Reimers-Stra=DFe 2-4
61352 Bad Homburg

Telephone:        +49 (6172) 484 436
email address:

Mit freundlichen Gr=FC=DFen / Kind Regards
Jennifer O'Connor
Paralegal Enforcement Europe
Monotype GmbH
Werner-Reimers-Str. 2-4
D-61352 Bad Homburg
Telephone +49 (0)6172 484 436
Fax  +49 (0)6172 484 5436

Gesch=E4ftsf=FChrer / Managing Director: Christopher Kollat Sitz Bad Hombur=
g, HRB 10375, Amtsgericht Bad Homburg / Commercial Register of the Bad Homb=
urg Local Court, HRB 10375

This e-mail message and any accompanying documentation is intended for the =
addressee only and may contain legally privileged and confidential informat=
ion. If you are not the addressee any use of this information is strictly p=
rohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error please notify us immed=
iately by reply e-mail or telephone call on +49 (6172) 484 0 and delete thi=
s e-mail from your systems.