Index of /home6/ftp-stuff/Linux/distributions

..                       Parent directory
INDEX.html               Alternate index format
Distribution-HOWTO@      information on the various linux distributions
MCC/                     The MCC interim distribution (small!)
README                   General information on this directory
TransAmer/               stuff on/about the TransAmeritech Linux CD
cdroms/                  information on various cdrom distributions
debian/                  The debian distribution
generic.exe              MS-DOS self extracting archive of SLS a1 replacement
generic.txt              info on using generic.exe
je/                      japenses extensions from             labels for slackware 1.2 disks
ntex@                    slackware compatible tex disk series
package.list.tar.Z       list of files in the SLS distribution
sdk/                     Development area for the Linux SDK
slacklabels.tar.gz       labels for slackware disks
slackware/               mirror of the slackware distribution
tinyX@                   X11R5 with window manager, etc. on one floppy! disk labels which can be changed for any distrib. 

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