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Welcome to the Internet Games Directory, your ultimate online gaming guide. Everything and anything pertaining to the vast and exciting world of games is a mouse click away.
Take a chronological look at the history of Internet gaming as a whole, and how the Internet changed the face of it. We've also included tips on how to navigate in digital wonderland and find the gaming resources you want. effortlessly.
Organized by gaming genre (Action, Adventure, Role-Playing, Strategy, Simulation, Classics, Sports, Puzzle, and War games), our directory provides a comprehensive megaguide to the World Wide Web of gaming. Hyperlinked URLs, descriptions, and screenshots are included.
Find out how to use newsgroups, FTP servers, and telnet for your maximum gaming fun. In addition, we've included chapters on World Wide Web magazine and e-zine pages, gaming companies, and the huge archive shareware repositories.
This section offers you a closer look at six specific computer games that are currently the most popular games on the Internet: DOOM, DOOM II, Ultimate DOOM; Quake; MechWarrior 2 and NetMech; CivNet; Duke Nukem 3D; and Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. Each chapter zooms in on the game, and includes a valuable overview, system requirements, cheat codes, single player or multiplayer strategy tips, and relevant URL links.
With a stunning revamped interface, Lycos allows you to search n' surf, keep up-to-date with current news, or preview the top 5% of all Web sites. With 60 million Web pages catalogued in its index, Lycos is your starting point every time you log on the Net.
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