Chapter 5: Adventure Games, Collectible Card Games and Role-Playing Games

Adventure Games

The 7th Guest and 11th Hour

The 7th Guest Hints

Find puzzle hints and solutions for the mind benders found in The 7th Guest. Text and graphic representations aid players in finding their way toward a winning conclusion to the game.

Complete Walkthrough for The 7th Guest

This walkthrough of the puzzles found in The 7th Guest provides players almost all of the solutions. Where solutions aren't provided, hints are. Puzzles are featured in a hyperlinked directory and players can jump to the solution or hint for the particular puzzle which has them stumped. Along with the puzzle solutions, a floor plan of the house is also featured.

11th Hour Home Page

Hosted by Virgin Interactive Entertainment, here's the official home page of 11th Hour, the sequel to The 7th Guest. Enjoy a background on the game as well as many promotional features which detail the work that went into this highly anticipated title. Enter the 11th Hour Challenge and vie for a place on the winners page. Or, search for game clues by digging through the vault for maps, hints, and narrative accounts.

11th Hour Hints

Find useful game facts and a complete game walkthrough at this text-only site. Start at the beginning and move puzzle by puzzle toward winning the game. The walkthrough only points out the puzzles; players are left to their own devices to find the solutions, though some clues are offered along the way. This document could be a great help to anyone stuck in the 11th Hour with no apparent hope for success.

11th Hour Links

When he authored this page, game fan Chris Thornton considered the 11th Hour his number one game pick, beating out Hexen. Read Chris' review to find out why the game rates as highly as it does for him. Also find a compiled list of links to 11th Hour-related sites which include other fan pages, a non-playable demo, a walkthrough, updates and fixes, and general game information.

Alone in the Dark I & II

Alone in the Dark

Interplay hosts this official look at its chilling adventure game based on the writings of H. P. Lovecraft. Download a demo of the game and enjoy screen shots taken from the adventure. Also find a list of the game's awards and read the official line on what sets this spine-tingler apart from all the others. A link to the company's home page leads to product information and demos of other Interplay games.

Alone in the Dark 2

Download a demo of the horror adventure that carries on where its award-winning predecessor left off. Hosted by Interplay, the site also offers an overview of the game illustrated with screen shots. A link to the company's home page leads to product information and demos of other Interplay games.

Angel Devoid: Face of the Enemy

Angel Devoid: Face of the Enemy

The Dogs D'Amour rate Angel Devoid: Face of the Enemy worth four out of seven shrunken gargoyles. Read the Dogs' review of this fast-paced, in-your-face action adventure or check out the walkthrough for hints. A link to Mindscape's official page is also featured.

Angel Devoid: Face of the Enemy

Mindscape promotes its cat and mouse action adventure game where players track the criminal mastermind Angel Devoid, but find the tables are turned. Read an overview of the game, check out system requirements, and enjoy a few screen shots. Those so inspired can order online, or read through other Mindscape product promotions.

Angel Devoid: Face of the Enemy Click Through

Take a tour, step-by-step, location-by-location through Mindscape's shoot it out or die action adventure Angel Devoid: Face of the Enemy. Playing options presented allow players (the good ones) to kill Angel, or let him live.

Bad Day on the Midway

Review of Bad Day on the Midway

Read the MacWeek review for Bad Day on the Midway, a freakish carnival encounter where the object of the game is to emerge from the midway madness alive. Screen shots plus a brief explanation of the game and its most outstanding features are offered. The article appeared December 4, 1995.

Bad Day on the Midway

Computer Life weighs in with a thumbs up in its review of Bad Day on the Midway, a follow-up title from the same team that developed Freak Show. Read a brief description of the game and find out why the reviewer placed the game at the top of his play list.

Bad Day on the Midway

Explore the eagerly anticipated follow-up to the award winning game Freak Show. Read an overview of the adventure game where the characters are like carnival rides, review the game's system requirements, find troubleshooting tips, and enjoy images taken from the game. For those who require help getting through the game, help is also available.

Bad Mojo

Bad Mojo Complete Walkthrough

Find out how the successful roaches maneuver through the maze of pipes, crevices, critters, and inconveniences toward uncovering the story and a successful return to humanity in Bad Mojo. Walk through the whole game with the help of one who has gone before. The presentation is mostly text and offers only one graphic; however, descriptions are organized by rooms.

Bad Mojo Hints

Here's another copy of the same walkthrough offered above. Find the tips that make roach life livable, or at least fun, or ... well, it is just a game.

GameSpot: Bad Mojo at a Glance

The Pulse Entertainment title Bad Mojo falls under the spotlight at this site hosted by the GameSpot. Find a game overview, reviews, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Links lead to a demo and other downloads, technical information, and the personal home pages of players. For those who like a little help along the way, game hints and tips are also available.

Beneath a Steel Sky

Beneath a Steel Sky

Revolution software hosts this official look at its popular adventure that takes players under the city streets and into the bowels of an unknown world. Review the awards won by this 1994 release, download a playable demo, check out the walkthrough for hints to game solutions, or enjoy a sampling of screen shots.



Origin Systems promotes its role-playing adventure game where players explore an alien civilization and battle hostile forces, though they don't know who they are or where they are. Read a game overview, review system requirements, and check out the features that set this game apart. A series of screen shots are available to view and a hint book is online to help those who can't help but help themselves to quick answers.

Bioforge-Complete Walkthrough

Daniel Starr offers players general tips and a complete walkthrough for navigating the perils of BioForge. This text-only document offers no hyperlinks, but the steps players must go through are numbered to aid in navigating the page.

BioForge Technical Help FAQ

Find solutions to most problems that could possibly keep you from enjoying BioForge. The menu of topics covered includes memory & configuration, sound, and the mouse. Also find out how to create a boot disk and access the game's readme file text.

Buried in Time

Buried in Time

Sanctuary Woods Multimedia promotes its sequel to the Journeyman Project on this official page for Buried in Time. Find background details on the game, reviews, screen shots, and information for ordering demos and the full release version. A game of mystery, time travel, deception, and intrigue, Buried in Time features a non-linear story line. For those who need assistance, a walkthrough of the game contains tips and solutions.

Buried in Time 2 Hints

Here's an attempt to walk gamers through the adventure known as Buried in Time. Find specific instructions and hints for moving through the game toward a successful conclusion. There are no hyperlinks to aid in navigating this hint. Players must page through the whole document to find the solutions to the problems which have them stumped.

Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time

This page from ConnectNet, the electronic publication of a University of California business incubator, throws its spotlight on Buried in Time, the second game in the Journeyman Project series. Read about the game's background, premise, system requirements, and marketing support. Also find out what people had to say about the original Journeyman Project.

Walkthrough for Buried in Time

Michael Beemer shares his three rules for adventure game playing: Look at everything, pick everything up, and save often. He also shares this walkthrough of Buried in Time. Prepare to spend some time with this text-only presentation. There are no hyperlinks, so users must page through the whole document to find the sections they're interested in reading. Sections include: General Notes, Introduction, Gage's Apartment, Farnstein's Lab, Chateau Gaillard, Da Vinci Studio, Chicken Itza, Culprit's Lair, Krynn Embassy, and Endgame Sequence.

Chronicles of the Sword

Chronicles of the Sword

Yet another attempt to cash in on the legend of King Arthur, Psygnosis' Chronicles of the Sword is promoted here. Read an overview of the game's premise and most outstanding features, and enjoy selected screen shots. Visitors can also look into other games by the same company, or access the company's support and e-clip pages.

Chronicles of the Sword Review-Kix TV

Read this game review to find out why the folks at Kix gave Psygnosis' adventure quest to destroy the evil sorceress Morgana La Fay an 83.7% out of 100. Find a story line overview and screen shots woven into the text of the critical review.

GameSpot: Chronicles of the Sword at a Glance

Anyone interested in the Arthurian adventure Chronicles of the Sword may want to check out this GameSpot spotlight. Read reviews, view screen shots, and check out the system requirements for the game. Also find a walkthrough and links to pages of related topical interest. Technical information online includes the game's readme file and a player discussion on the game.



Shane Mooney grades Chronomaster as an average adventure in this March 1996 review. Read Mooney's critical review or link out for game tips and company information.

Chronomaster Review from Online Gaming Review

Christopher Angel supports a different view of Chronomaster, rating it 8 out 10 in this May 1996 review. Read what's good about the game and what is bad about this last project of famed science fiction writer Roger Zelazny. Links lead to the games vital statistics and to the Capstone's official Chronomaster home page.

GameSpot: Chronomaster at a Glance

Explore the adventure game where magic and science co-exist in a future time, Chronomaster. Hosted by GameSpot, this in-depth look at the game offers reviews, a game overview, and technical data. Also enjoy a sample audio file, screen shots, a click-through of the first five levels, and a complete walkthrough. Links to official, independent, and topic-related sites lead to a free demo offer, the complete story, and information about Chronomaster's writer and designer, Roger Zelazny.

Colossal Cave

The Colossal Cave Adventure Page

Rick Adams hosts this extensive look at the very old and very much still enjoyed interactive-fiction adventure game Colossal Cave. Read a history of the game, download a copy to play off-line or link to the online version. Also find all kinds of cheats and hints including maps of the cave and a discussion of the magic word "XXZZY." Those who find they enjoy this kind of adventure game may want to follow the link to the Interactive Fiction archive.

Play Colossal Cave

Here's a "devilishly extended" online version of the game Colossal Cave. Page options include: start a new game and resume an existing game. Enjoy!

Daedalus Encounter

Daedalus Encounter

Mechadeus promotes its interactive adventure movie starring Tia Carrere, Daedalus Encounter, with this page of screen shots. Click on Tia at the bottom of the page to find an option for accessing the company's hint file. There you can find solutions to aid in winning the game without even trying. Technical support and company information are also only a click away.

Daedalus Encounter

This page-one of the many posted at the Wizard's Lair-offers a map of the spaceship found in the Mechadeus game Daedalus Encounter. Those who scroll down the page will also discover a few cheat codes and some hints for solving specific problems within the game. At the bottom of the page, a link leads back to other Wizard's Lair pages and is well worth the jump.

The Daedalus Encounter

David Tanguay leads gamers through the science fiction known as the Daedalus Encounter game. Broken into nice, easily digestible chunks, this spoiler also offers a diagram or two. Check it out if you find you're spinning in a void of nothingness with no hope of ever recovering alone.

The Dark Eye

The Dark Eye

Inscape promotes its game of nightmare worlds and unexpected fate on this official page. Find images from the game, QuickTime movies, and troubleshooting tips. When the game becomes too troublesome, hints to help get through the rough spots are also featured.

The Dark Eye

David Israels critiques The Dark Eye, the game based on the writings of Edgar Allen Poe, and rates the game as deserving only a D in this February 1996 review. Find out why the critic pans the game and what problems led to his decision. Interwoven through the text, find an overview of the story line. Hints to speed toward the games resolution are also featured for those who have as much trouble with The Dark Eye as the reviewer.

The Spoiler Centre: Dark Eye

Those needing help to solve the mysteries of The Dark Eye can refer to the hints and cheats posted here.

Darkseed II

DarkSeed II

Peter Olafson marks DarkSeed II as deserving a B and states the game offers a "more full-bodied adventure" than its predecessor. Read this March 1996 review which features a general overview of the game. Those looking for game tips can link to those as well as company information.

CyberDreams: DarkSeed II

CyberDreams uses this official page to promote its sequel to the winner of SPA's 1993 award for the Best Fantasy Role Playing/Adventure Program. DarkSeed II offers players an engrossing storyline that resumes the nightmare of Mike Dawson's encounter with the Ancients. The game features chilling graphics and the latest computer technology which allows players to converse with over 30 characters.

GameSpot: DarkSeed II at a Glance

Enjoy downloadable audio and video files, plus two versions (one complete, one abbreviated) of the walkthrough for the adventure DarkSeed II. Read reviews, browse the game overview, and check out technical information. Links lead to official pages and sites of related topical interest.

Day of the Tentacle

Day of the Tentacle Walkthrough

Need help getting through the Day of the Tentacle? Visit this walkthrough for solutions to all those tricky sticking points in the game. The opening index is hyperlinked so users can navigate the document quickly. Solutions are grouped by character; find help for when playing As Bernard, As Hoagie, As Laverne, and As all three together.

Day of the Tentacle Non-Playable Demo

Visit this directory to link to FTP sites where non-playable demos of Day of the Tentacle can be downloaded. Get a look at the situations, a sense of the humor, and a listen to the sounds found in the full version of the game.

Death Gate

Death Gate

Can't seem to guide Lord Xar in his quest to free his ravaged people? No problem. Visit this page for the walkthrough of Legend Entertainment's fantasy adventure based on the Death Gate book series by Margaret Weis and Tracey Hickman. The walkthrough is broken into very usable nuggets and screen shots add visual interest.

Death Gate Cycle Series Tribute

Dee Schlatter hosts this fan salute to the worlds and people of Sundered Realms. Take the Sundered Realms Fantasy Tour, access a sight and sound feature on the Death Gate Universe, and meet Margaret Weis one of the authors of the Death Gate Cycle series. Links lead to other fantasy and science fiction sites of topical interest.

Death's Gate

Check out the multi-player role-playing game based on the Death Gate Cycle. A circleMUD, Death's Gate is introduced to new players on this page offering news, player information, and a live link to the Telnet site where the MUD is played. Those who wish can join the mailing list or take Dee Schlatter's tour of the Sundered Realms, the fantasy worlds created by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman in their best-selling fantasy series.

The Dig

The Dig

At this official promotion posted in the LucasArts Company Store find out what the company has to say about its science fiction epic adventure The Dig. Those impressed enough to want to order will find the information they need on site. Those who'd rather look around some more can link to the other product offerings in the LucasArts line.

The Dig

Shane Mooney rates The Dig a solid B in this February 1996 review. Find out what's so strong about this graphic science fiction adventure, get an overview of the game, and marvel at the high-powered talent that came together to make the project happen. Game tips are available for those who can't get through a game without cheating and another link leads to general information about the game's maker, LucasArts.

The Dig

Rich Cunningham rates The Dig in this 1996 review posted to the Gamer's Zone at the WorldVillage site. Screen shots are interspersed throughout the text of the favorable review and a link leads to the LucasArts Entertainment Company home page. The Gamer's Zone Scorecard provides a quick overview of system requirements to play and the overall enjoyment score gives the game 4 Worlds.

The Dig Complete Walkthrough

Dig this! Here's the complete walkthrough for the LucasArts outer space adventure The Dig. Find all the tactical tricks and puzzle solutions needed to waltz through the game with flair. But be careful. This walkthrough is not broken into sections, so chances are pretty good you may find answers you weren't even looking to uncover.



Discover the adventure game where players set out to explore a world in which dinosaurs live in harmony with men and roam the land freely. The game features 11 distinct cultures and over 130 characters for players to interact with, piecing together puzzles and solving mysteries. An overview of the game and its features can be found at this promotional site along with screen shots and sound files.

Dinotopia Spoilers

Ted Triggs treats Dinotopia players to a complete walkthrough of the game. Organized with numbered info-nuggets, the page is fairly easy to navigate despite its lack of hyperlinks.


Dust Home Page - A Tale of the Wired West

GTE Entertainment hosts this official "howdy do partner" in honor of the Cyberflix game Dust, winner of MacWorld's 1995 award for Best Multimedia Game. Read all about what the experts have to say about the game, download demos (currently select from 4 different pieces of game) or jump to the players' forum to join in or start topical discussions and swap cheats. Stop by the Visitor's Info center for system requirements, the official FAQ, an introduction to the game's townsfolk and purchasing information.

Official Dust FAQ

Stop by this site hosted by Happy Puppy for the official GTE Vantage FAQ for the game Dust. The text-only document offers no game cheats or walkthrough solutions but does provide an informed look at the adventure game and its requirements. Find help setting up the software and solving general problems making it work on both PC and Mac machines. The document itself is not hyperlinked, so users must scroll through the entire text to find the answers they seek. A table of contents provides some assistance in this regard.

Fade To Black

Fade To Black

Conrad B. Hart, the hero from Flashback: The Quest is back and you're he in this shoot 'em up action adventure from Entertainment Arts. Read the official line spelling out the game's premise, enjoy screen shots, and demo a version of the game. Links lead to other EA pages offering information on other products.

Fade To Black Solve

Can players trust somebody named BONeHeAD for the correct solution to Entertainment Art's Fade to Black adventure? Find out by giving this "been there, done that" a whirl. The solution opens with a detailed explanation of the keystrokes required for a successful outcome in the game then moves through solutions for various locations in the game. Users are required to read large chunks of text to find the answers they seek.

Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist

Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist

From the mind that came up with Leisure Suit Larry, here's another unforgettable character at odds with his environment. Freddy was a gunslinger in the wild west, but gave it up to pursue pharmacology. Enjoy the resulting good humor created by this curious career change. Find a general overview of the game, enjoy screen shots, and download a movie sample. A shareware version of the game is also available for immediate downloading.

Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist

Wizard's Lair doesn't offer much in the way of hints this time, but there are two tips to keep Freddy moving along. Find ideas for purifying the town's water supply and for combating the flatulent horses.

Full Throttle

Complete Walkthrough for Full Throttle

Those who can't seem to get their cycle to crank may want to check out this text-only walkthrough for tips on Full Throttle motorcycle maintenance. From start to finish, the game is laid bare for those in need and those in despair. Find the document's text broken into sections, but there are no hyperlinks to aid quick fact retrieval. Users must page through the whole document in search of the nugget of knowledge that will get them on the road again.

GameSpot: Full Throttle at a Glance

The LucasArts adventure game Full Throttle falls under the GameSpot spotlight on this page. Read a game overview, a system requirement synopsis and reviews. Plus, enjoy a full walkthrough of the motorcycle adventure, download a boot disc maker, and link to official, independent, and topic-related sites. Online technical support includes the full readme file, tips for troubleshooting and a player's discussion.

Gabriel Knight I & II

Gabriel Knight: Directory

Help is here for those stuck under the spell of Sins of the Father and who can't seem to solve the mystery that will set them free. Organized by days and problem, this walkthrough features hyperlinks to aid quick and efficient navigation.

Gabriel Knight Hints

Gabriel Knight fans burdened and befuddled by the Sins of the Father will find a complete game walkthrough posted here. Organized by day and problem, the text-only document offers no hyperlinks to aid navigation. Players must scroll through the text to find the solutions they seek.

Gabriel Knight Home Page

Explore the world of the Gabriel Knight mysteries through this look at both games in the series: Sins of the Father and The Beast Within. Enjoy game overviews, walkthroughs, information on the games' actors, and information on the games' author, Jane Jensen. Also find patches and links to sites exploring topics relevant to the games. Screen shots add graphic interest to the overall presentation.

Gabriel Knight II: The Beast Within - Hints and Tips

Jeff Keyte points players to gaming tips and hints he has collected from the Sierra On-Line forum at AOL about the game The Beast Within. The hints are organized by chapter and question; hyperlinks aid quick and easy navigation.

Gabriel Knight II: The Beast Within Walkthrough

Posting hints provided by Sierra On-Line, this site walks players through The Beast Within. The information is organized by chapter and topic. The text-only document offers no hyperlinks to aid navigation; players must scroll through the entire document in search of the answers they seek. Because of this oversight in the walkthrough's presentation, it is possible for a player to uncover hints by accident.

Gabriel Knight 2 Unofficial Home Page

Michelle David (a.k.a. the Black Wolf) posts and hosts this fan tribute to the Gabriel Knight mystery The Beast Within. Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, hints, tips, and walkthroughs. Meet the characters and meet the game's author, Jane Jensen. Enjoy the lyrics from the opera, a drinking game, and screen shots. Links also lead to many pages which explore a range of related topics, from computer stuff to werewolves.

GameSpot: The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery at a Glance

GameSpot throws its light on The Beast Within offering a general game overview and favorable reviews. Enjoy screen shots, downloads, and a complete game walkthrough. Links lead to official and unofficial pages related to the game and its predecessor. Also featured, find technical information which includes patches and drivers, and a player discussion on technical issues.

Hell: A CyberPunk Thriller

Hell: A CyberPunk Thriller

GameTek promotes its star-studded interactive adventure where the conservative right wields might and nothing seems to be all right. Find an overview of the game, enjoy screen shots, read a review, and link to support services where patches are available to download. Pointers to other GameTek pages lead to demos, FAQs, and information for the company's other products.

Hell: A CyberPunk Thriller

When the government wants you dead, what are you going to do-roll over and play possum? No need if you have this handy walkthrough offering all the answers for coming out of Hell: A CyberPunk Thriller victorious. The text-only document isn't much to look at (in fact its design makes it hard to look at) but it delivers the goods.

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

I Have No Mouth

Hosted by MGM/UA, here's the official declaration: I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream. Stop by for a general overview of the game based on the work of Harlan Ellison. Take a look behind the scenes for insight into the making of the game, credits, and biographies. Visit the multimedia room to download images, sounds, and video clips. And meet the game's characters through clips and a written narrative describing their trials as captives of AM.

I Have No Mouth Complete Walkthrough

For those who find themselves saying, "I have no clue and I must scream," here's a clue or two to alleviate some of the tension born of the game I Have No Mouth. Organized by character, this text-only walkthrough offers no hyperlinks to aid navigation, but the document isn't that long anyway. Still, players will find themselves reading large chunks of information to find the hint they seek. Careful not to read too far.

In the First Degree

A Review of: In the First Degree

Kathleen Keating posts this favorable report for the Br¿derbund murder trial courtroom simulation, In the First Degree. Read this critique for an overview of the game's general premise and an idea of what makes the interactive drama rate so highly on the WorldVillage scale (5 Worlds). A review of system requirements to play the game rounds out the presentation.

Hints for In the First Degree

For those whose virtual legal careers are moving along as swiftly as they'd planned, Al Terry offers these hints for scoring a conviction for murder In the First Degree and grand theft. Explaining there is more than one outcome to the game, Terry talks players through his winning strategy offering tips and tactics for taking a bite out of crime.

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis

Geoff Elbo rates the LucasArts adventure Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis in this 1993 review for Game Bytes Magazine. Offering several screen shots, an overview of system requirements and a look at the game's features, the review extols the virtues of "talkie" games and predicts the standard set by this action adventure will become the norm rather than the exception.

Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis Complete Walkthrough

Organized by game mode (team, wits, and fists) and by locales, this walkthrough helps Indy fans get to the bottom of The Fate of Atlantis. The text-only document has no hyperlinks, but its organization is easy to understand and to scroll through.

Help with Being Indiana Jones

This page from Micah Johnson's full-scale fan page dedicated to the Indiana Jones character and his many merchandising incarnations offers Indy computer game help for both The Last Crusade and The Fate of Atlantis. Find game hints for each adventure and a collection of walkthroughs from different sources and in different languages (English, German and Italian).

Kingdom O' Magic

Kingdom O' Magic

Hosted by Sales Curve International, this site welcomes players to the Kingdom O' Magic, where snakemen are ... well, snakemen. Take a tour of this other world and choose a guide that meets the moment's want: creepy and subservient, nice and friendly, or just plain rude. Those who desire an overview of the kingdom can check the map, and anyone curious about the making of the game will find plenty to ponder. Stop by the Viewing Room to download clips of the Snakeman in action, and check out the hints and tips to find aid and assistance.

Kingdom O' Magic Strategy Guide

There's no mystery about what's offered here. Find a strategy guide for winning in the Kingdom O' Magic. Hints are organized by the various locations found in the game, although, not every location is presented. Screen shots add visual interest to the presentation.

Kingdom: The Far Reaches

Kingdom: The Far Reaches

Interplay hosts this official look at its family adventure game Kingdom: The Far Reaches. Enjoy screen shots taken from the game, as well as a game overview and the official line on what sets this adventure apart from all the others. A link to the company's home page leads to information and demos of other Interplay games.

King's Quest

Complete Walkthrough for King's Quest VI

Organized by chapter and specific problems, this walkthrough helps the errant player succeed in working through the trials found along the way in King's Quest VII. At the end of each chapter's section find an inventory of items and where to find each. There are no hyperlinks to aid navigation, so players must scroll the body of the document in search of the clues desired.

King's Quest VII Hints, Tips & Information

Jeff Keyte points players to gaming tips and hints he's collected from the Sierra On-Line forum at AOL for King's Quest VII: The Priceless Bride. The hints are organized by chapter and question; hyperlinks aid quick and easy navigation. Also find sections offering advice on troubleshooting, general tips, and hints for King Quest VI.

An Unsupported, Unconfirmed Walkthrough for King's Quest 6

Although posted by Jeff Kyte as a service to gamers, this text-intense walkthrough of Kings Quest VI has not been tested by Jeff for its accuracy. Still, it offers three different walkthroughs of the game. The first is a simple walkthrough. The second reveals how to score maximum points. And the third points the way to discovering an alternate ending for the game. Tested or not, it's worth a look; however, be warned that users are required to read large blocks of text to find the clues desired. Take care not to ruin the fun of the game by finding too many clues too fast.

Leisure Suit Larry

Conversations with Larry

Visit this page to read excerpts from The Official Book of Leisure Suit Larry by Ralph Roberts and Al Lowe. One excerpt features an interview with the polyester playboy himself. In it, Larry Laffer reveals such things as great places to get great deals on leisure suits and what his favorite hobbies are. Also enjoy an extract from "How to Pick Up Chicks: A Hands On Tutorial" featuring "never fail" lines.

Leisure Suit Larry's Greatest Hits and Misses

Visit this official Sierra promotion to discover what's happening with the Leisure Suit Larry series. Find all six games bundled into one package along with a whole bunch of extras including a playable demo of Al Lowe's comedy western, Freddy Pharkus. Descriptions of each of the Larry games are presented. Those interested can download a demo. Links to other Sierra pages lead to other free and hot stuff currently available from the company.

Leisure Suit Larry Spoilers

Drop by this index for links to cheats and hints for the entire Leisure Suit Larry adventure series. One or two of the solutions come from the game's distributor, Sierra On-Line; the others have been submitted by Leisure Suit Larry fans who've managed to find their way through the games. How tough can a game about a guy in a cheap suit be?

Mission Critical

Mission Critical

LEGEND Entertainment hosts this official page toasting its science fiction adventure Mission Critical. Starring Michael Dorn of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame, the game offers full motion video in a 3D animated world of interstellar conflict and impossible choices. Download a demo, read reviews, enjoy screen shots, or stop by the trophy room to check out the game's awards. Those interested in what others have to say about the game can also link to reviews.

Mission Critical Review from Gamer's Zone

Edmond Meinfelder rates Mission Critical in this review posted to the Gamer's Zone at the WorldVillage site. Screen shots are interspersed throughout the text of the favorable review. The Gamer's Zone Scorecard provides a quick overview of system requirements needed to play and the overall enjoyment score rates the game 4 Worlds.

Mission Critical Walkthrough

LEGEND Entertainment posts this official walkthrough of the action adventure chosen Byte Magazine's Game of the Year in 1995. The presentation is organized and hyperlinked for easy use and quick reference. Be aware, however, that any play which deviates from the steps described in the walkthrough will affect subsequent sections.



Here's the official Myst page hosted by the company that designed the game, Cyan. Find loads of Myst paraphernalia for sale, the Cyan FAQ which answers questions about a possible sequel to Myst, and an assortment of "recommended" links leading to Myst-related sites on the Web. Among the featured links find pointers to technical support, reviews, hint pages, and other items of interest to Myst fans.

Myst Help, Hints and Information

Chris Miner boasts his Myst page is the best on the Web. Among the marvels featured, find a walkthrough, downloadable patches for each age, a pointer to the Japanese Myst fan club home page, pictures from The Making of Myst, and Myst sequel information. Also find answers to the questions: "What's the point of Myst" and "How do you win?"

The Myst Hint Guide

Doug Ingram advises players that this guide is not a walkthrough. Care has been given to reveal the clues gradually so there's little risk of getting too much information too fast and spoiling the game. Players link to sections on the various worlds to find the aid required. Another feature of this guide is a hyperlinked FAQ which answers questions about the game and this page. Pointers to a few game-related sites round out the helpful offerings presented.

Myst Infopage

Loke Teng Yan hosts this outpost for what he describes as the "only"-though unofficial-Myst FAQ. Read it online or download the file. Other site features link visitors to the home pages of Cyan and Brøderbund, the designer and distributor of the Myst game. Anyone with comments are encourage to leave a message or rate the site.

Myst Walkthrough Plus

Give up? This walkthrough promises to totally solve the challenges found in Myst. The site host, Mike Maxim (a.k.a. MystWalk), suggests players only look when they find themselves completely mystified. In addition to the walkthrough, find technical assistance and screen shots. Those interested can also join Mike for an IRC session Sunday nights.

For another Myst walkthrough, see:

Complete Walkthrough for Myst



Interplay Productions promotes the adventure game where normality just doesn't cut it any more. Read an overview of the game and meet the locals. Download flicks offering hints and events. Get a load of what Kent, the game's protagonist, has to say. And check out some screen shots from the game. Other site features include press releases, customer support, and a link to the Interplay home page.


Gremlin Interactive asks the question: What's so great about being normal? Enjoy this official look the game where Norm is not just a name but a state of being-and something must be done about it. Read a game overview, check out what the reviewers had to say, download a screen saver, and find out how to cheat to win.

Phantasmagoria I & II


What's the buzz about Phantasmagoria? Find out at this official Sierra Entertainment home page. Read a game overview, view screen shots, enjoy the sheet music for the game's theme song (and a translation of the lyrics), plus download a demo file. Those who like what they see can order the game online; others who prefer to look around can find out about other games or check out the hot and free stuff currently available from the company.


Peter Olafson gives Phantasmagoria an A- in this October 1995 review. Read a summary of the story line interwoven with facts about the game features which earn this seven-CD ROM game such high marks. For those who need help to play, hints are available, and a link points to general information about Sierra Entertainment, the company selling the game.


Here's the ultimate in cheats! Download a copy of a saved game and view the ending of Phantasmagoria. Those who prefer the manual method for picking up hints and cheats can browse the walkthrough which is also provided. Divided into chapters, the walkthrough takes players step-by-step through the adventure.

Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh

Visitors to this official Sierra Entertaniment site are invited to read the Phantasmagoria 2 game overview and sneak a peek at the video preview. Also find tidbits from behind the scenes, a bit about the author, and free downloadable wallpaper. Those who like what they see can order the game online; others who prefer to look around can find out about other games or check out the hot and free stuff currently available from the company.

Police Quest

Police Quest Collection: The 4 Most Wanted

Catch the buzz on the Sierra's Police Quest series where players are thrown onto the front line of action and must walk that thin blue line. This collection features the first four games in the series bundled in one package. Find an overview of the games, a review of the games' features, and comments from media reviews. Links to other Sierra pages point to the free and hot stuff the company currently has available.

Police Quest Spoilers

Drop by this index for links to cheats and hints for the entire Police Quest adventure series. These solutions have been submitted by game fans who've managed to walk the walk, talk the talk, and put the bad guys behind bars where they belong.

Prisoner of Ice

Prisoner of Ice

Here's the official page from I-Motion for its adventure game that takes players from the ice fields of Antarctica to the tropical climes of Buenos Aires ... always one step ahead of being captured and running through the wake of terror. Read an overview of the game's plot line, view screen shots, download a video trailer, and review system requirements. Links lead to other I-motion pages offering game hints, technical help, and ordering information.

Prisoner of Ice Complete Walkthrough

Ian Ng Wai Yip offers this complete solution for the adventure game Prisoner of Ice. Beginning with a general tip for players to talk to all the game's characters, Ian then proceeds through the game's various locations, moving step by step to the game's two endings. A text-only document, this spoiler requires users to read fairly large sections of copy (six in all). There are no hyperlinks to aid navigation.

Prisoner of Ice Strategy Guide

The PC Gamer Staff posts this handful of solutions for some of the tougher timed puzzles that pop up in I-Motion's adventure thriller game based on H.P. Lovecraft's novel Mountains of Madness. Solutions featured include: HMS Victoria parts 1 & 2, the stone, escape from the jail, and the mine door.



Read this favorable review of Take 2 Interactive's adventure game which employs the Jack the Ripper scenario but changes the location to New York City in the year 2060. Interwoven in the text find an overview of the game's story line, details about the making of the game, and indications of why Ripper ranks so favorably. Screen shots add graphic interest to the presentation.

Sam & Max Hit the Road

Complete Walkthrough for Sam & Max Hit the Road

Can't seem to keep Sam and Max on the road to adventure? Stop by this walkthrough for assistance in solving the mysteries that rattle and otherwise interrupt uninterrupted play. Organized by location, this text-only walkthrough offers no hyperlinks to aid navigation. Players must scroll through the text to find the clues they seek.

Sam & Max Hit the Road

Bill Williams (a.k.a. Haller) hosts this game page as part of his Official Sam and Max Homepage. Download a demo of the game where a dog and rabbit take a spin into gaming history. Also featured are an archive of screen shots to download and a hint page that players reach after correctly answering a series of Sam and Max questions. Good luck.



Interplay hosts this official look at its family adventure game Shadoan. Enjoy screen shots taken from the game, as well as a game overview and the official line on what sets this adventure apart from all the others. A link to the company's home page leads to information and demos of other Interplay games.

Shadoan Walkthrough

Posted by a player who found himself stuck in the game, here's a Shadoan cheats and hints page to help fellow players through the stickiest parts of the game. Those who need additional help can access a complete walkthrough which is available as well. Players may want to consider going directly to the complete walkthrough file simply because its presentation is so much easier on the eyes. The cheats and hint page features purple type on a variegated gray background; it's very difficult to read.

Shadow of the Comet

Shadow of the Comet

Here's the I-Motion sales sheet for its Call of Cthulhu adventure Shadow of the Comet. Inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, the game offers a labyrinth of mystery and supernatural intrigue as players attempt to unravel the secrets of the a small seaside village. Find a plot overview, system requirements, and screen shots. Links lead to other company pages offering technical support and ordering information.

Shadow of the Comet Solution

Will John Parker solve the mystery of Illsmouth and defeat the horror that plagues this seaside town? And will he do it in time to film the arrival of Haley's Comet? With this walkthrough, he'd have to be an idiot to fail!



Loaded with screen shots, this official Legend Entertainment promotion for Shannara also offers a downloadable demo. Based on the popular fantasy novel by author Terry Brooks, the game offers a multimedia adventure quest where ancient magic and monsters must be defeated and destinies fulfilled. Read the companies promotional material about the game, or check out what reviewers had to say. Those so inclined can order online.

Shannara Walkthough

Here's the official Shannara walkthrough, offering scene-by-scene, step-by-step assistance for defeating the evil warlock and setting everything right in the Four Lands again. Hosted by Legend Entertainment, the page links to the other pages at the company's site.



What's the buzz about Shivers? Find out at this official Sierra Entertainment home page. Read a game overview, view screen shots, and check out what players have to say about this mysterious adventure. Those who like what they see can order the game online; others who prefer to look around can find out about other games or check out the hot and free stuff currently available from the company.

Shivers Walkthrough

Got Shivers and can't seem to shake free from some particularly troublesome part of the game? Here's a helping hand for those in need. Written by Sharon Fernandez, this document features separate sections that offer general strategies, a walkthrough of the various locations in the game, hints for solving puzzles, Ixupi hiding places, pot and lid pair locations, flashback item locations, and trivia question. There aren't any hyperlinks to aid navigation, so players must scroll through the text in search of the assistance desired.

For another Shivers walkthrough, see:

Shivers Complete Walkthrough

Space Quest

Complete Walkthrough for Space Quest 6

Trapped in the pavement? Shoot you've only just started the game, but here are the clues to set yourself free and continue through to a successful conclusion in the sixth episode of the Space Quest series. This text-only document has no hyperlinks, so users must scroll through the page to find the clues they seek.

Space Quest VI: The Spinal Frontier

Sierra Entertainment toasts its sixth installment in the Roger Wilco adventure series, Space Quest. Read an overview of the game to find out what Roger is up to this time, find out what the critics have to say about this adventure sequel, and check out screen shots from the game. Those who like what they see can order the game online; others who prefer to look around can find out about other games or check out the hot and free stuff currently available from the company.

The Ultimate Space Quest Site

Posted by Jess Morrissette, this site delivers pretty much what its title promises. Find system files, walkthroughs, and reviews for each of the six games in the Space Quest adventure series. Background about the game and its central character, Roger Wilco, include the complete Space Quest story and an FAQ. Also find humor files, articles, and downloads, including a Space Quest I demo and different game patches. Links to other game-related pages lead to both official and unofficial sites.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Harbinger

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Harbinger

Curious about the making of the game Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Harbinger? Stop by this official home page for a look behind the scenes. Also enjoy an overview of the story line, download screen shots and patches, and find help solving the puzzlers found in the ST: DS9 universe.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Harbinger

Greg Askew hosts this fan page devoted to the game based on the "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" television series. Those looking for discussions about the game and other Trek-related topics might try the three newsgroups suggested. Links lead to the official Harbinger page at Viacom, the Viacom DS9 hints page, and a Harbinger puzzle solutions page. Other site features include a walkthrough for the Star Trek: A Final Unity game, as well as an FAQ.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Harbinger Spoilers

Lost in space? Fret not. Here's a selection of game cheats sure to send you on your way again. Spoilers are compiled here, but submitted by game fans. Got any to spare?

Star Trek: The Next Generation "A Final Unity"

CGR Strategy Guide: Star Trek: "A Final Unity"

Tasos Kaiafas posts this walkthrough for Star Trek: The Next Generation game fans attempting to achieve Final Unity. The text is organized much like a report, in paragraphs, so those looking for clues will need to read large chunks of information to find the specifics they seek. Interspersed throughout the text are a few screen shots which add limited graphic interest.

Star Trek: The Next Generation "A Final Unity"

Here's Spectrum Holobyte's official "come and get it" for its gaming adventure based on the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" television series. Read the adventure that resulted in the adventure game as the company secures the rights, assembles the players, and animates the action. A game summary and sample screen shots are also featured to further promote this combination graphic adventure and space-flight simulation.

Star Trek: The Next Generation "A Final Unity"

In his August 1995 review, Steve Klett rates Star Trek: The Next Generation "A Final Unity" a solid B, describing the game as "pure Star Trek" from start to finish. Read the review and find the game's plot interview woven in the text along with key features that help the game rate so well. For those who crave assistance with their adventures, playing tips are on site to aid game navigation. Also find a link to information about the company that released the game, Spectrum Holobyte.

Star Trek: The Next Generation "A Final Unity" FAQ

Spectrum Holobyte-MicroProse On-Line Services posts answers to Frequently Asked Questions and technical tips to aid gamers get the most from their purchase of Star Trek: The Next Generation "A Final Unity." From crashing computers to soundless action, most basic and general problems receive attention. Links lead to other company pages.

Star Trek: The Next Generation "A Final Unity" Walkthrough

Edited by Ron Chartrand, this walkthrough ushers gamers part by part (seven parts in all) through the Star Trek adventure that leads to "A Final Unity." The text-only document offers no hyperlinks to ease navigation, so users will find themselves reading large amounts of copy to find the clues they need.

Torin's Passage

Torin's Passage

Sierra Entertainment promotes its family adventure Torin's Passage on this official page. Sprung from the mind that brought Leisure Suit Larry to the computer screen, the game promises entertainment for young and old alike. Site features include a summary of the game's story line, screen shots, and ordering information. Links to other Sierra pages lead to other product pages, as well as the free stuff currently available from the company.

Torin's Passage Complete Walkthrough

Leading players step-by-step through Torin's Passage, this walkthrough also indicates the scores players can anticipate. Organized by chapter, the text-only document offers no hyperlinks to aid navigation. Players must read large bits of copy to discover the clues they're searching to find.

Torin's Passage Review

Rosemary Young points out what's right and wrong with Torin's Passage in this 1996 review of the game. Worth a read, the article endorses the game and gives voice to many of the general reactions players will have when playing this adventure suited for old and young alike.

Virtual Stupidity

Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity Walkthrough

Michelle Theriault and Paul E. Roberts offer Beavis and Butt-head fans the "direct solutions" for successfully moving from location to location in the game Virtual Stupidity. Although the text-only document offers no hyperlinks to aid navigation, the solutions are presented by location so users can easily scroll through the page.

Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity Walkthrough

Tim Halbach has written and presents this walkthrough that is so simple to follow, even the virtually stupid can get through the game. The question and answer format is not divided in any way, however, so users need to scan through the whole document to find the tidbit they're seeking.

GameSpot: Virtual Stupidity at a Glance

GameSpot throws its light on the Viacom release based on the animated antics of MTV's dim-witted duo. Read the official company line as well as what outsiders have to say about the game. Download four different demos and a QuickTime movie. Access technical support and tips that include a copy of the games readme file. Find hints and cheats, plus follow links to other game-related sites.

MTV's Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity

MTV hosts this promotional page to hype the game based on its air guitar playing, loogie hocking, cartoon teenage stars, Beavis and Butt-head. Read all about the adventure game from Butt-head's point of view and download two mini-game demos. Links lead to other MTV pages.


Complete Walkthrough for Zork Nemesis

It's billed as the complete walkthrough but offers no clues for the third segment of the game. Sections one and two are well covered however. Players can choose between mild or explicit clues. The text-only document contains no hyperlinks so players must scroll through to find the clues they seek.

PC Multimedia & Entertainment Magazine Review: Zork Nemesis

Read this favorable review of Zork Nemesis for an interesting look back at the Zork series' beginning as a text-based game. Follow the game's evolution through time and into its latest incarnation as a fully rendered multimedia adventure from Activision. Read an overview of the game, enjoy screen shots, and review the game's system requirements. Also download a copy of the original Zork text adventure free of charge.

Zork I

Download a copy of the original Zork text game adventure. Hosted by Activision, this offering is part of the company's promotion for its Zork Nemesis release.

Zork Nemesis

Hosted by Activision, this official page promotes the release of Zork Nemesis. Read the company line on what makes this offering so dazzling, review the game's system requirements, and enjoy free downloads including a Zork Nemesis Screen Theme package. Also find screen shots, illustrations of puzzles, and an online manual for the game.

Zork Nemesis Hints & Helpers

Those who require aid in navigating the Zork Nemesis adventure need look no further than this trusty guide. Find a brief introduction to the game and a choice for each section of play: mild hints offering gentle guidance or forceful nudges giving explicit instruction.

The Shrine of Zork

Describing Zork as the "greatest ever" game of its genre, Faye P. hosts this shrine to the interactive fiction series that has evolved from its purer form into a grand multimedia adventure game from Activision. Find all manner of Zork literature: FAQs, news, game solutions, and maps. Links lead to official and unofficial pages related to the games. And there's even a link to John Holder's hypertext version of the Encyclopedia Frobozzica.

Collectible Card Games

Blood Wars

Blood Wars by Lord Kahn

The fantasy collectible trading card game pitting the "Battle Hand" of one "Warlord" against that of others receives post-release attention by its designer in an FAQ archived at this site. Also find The Official Blood Wars Trading Game Checklist ready for printout and use. The game was released by TSR, Inc. in 1995 and is set in the role-playing world known as Planescape.

Blood Wars: FTP Archive

Find the resources mentioned above (the checklist and FAQ) along with one large and several small articles devoted to strategic play. The articles were written by two gamers, both interested in the growth of the game and worth a read by any Warlord readying his forces for an encounter.

Blood Wars at Sprig's CCG Warehouse

Players rate the game and the results are tallied here. Also find player comments and a directory which lists Blood Wars fans by name and includes e-mail addresses. Card lists are available by deck.



A dedicated player's resource hosted by a Doomtrooper fan in Sweden, this site holds a wealth of information about the trading card game. Find FAQs concerning the original and subsequent expansion decks, Doomtrooper tournament rules and rules about Mortificator. Spoiler lists of all the cards in the various decks are organized for easy use, and the page's host even lists which cards he sells and which cards he wants. In English and Swedish.

Doomtrooper FTP Site

Hosted by Bryan Winter, this limited FTP archive holds a Doomtrooper FAQ and a Doomtrooper Vehicles FAQ. Also find a card inventory checklist suitable for printout and use.

Doomtrooper: The Best CCG in the World

Here's an excellent introduction to the game Doomtrooper for any player interested in learning about the wildly successful collectible card game. Find a general overview of the game, take a look at a sampling of the cards, and read a game-fan's take on the Imperial corporation. There's a showcase for homemade playing cards, a posting of "house rules" and a listing of every card available. A player's survey and links to other fans' home pages point the way to leaning more about the game.

Doomtrooper: The Official Home Page

Hosted by Target Games AB, this information archive holds a variety of fact and fantasy fiction concerning Doomtrooper, the collectible trading card game released in 1994 and based on the techno-fantasy universe of the Mutant Chronicles. The site features details concerning the game's first three expansion decks: Inquisition, WarZone, and Mortificator. The WarZone FAQ is online for quick reference, and a look at the Doomtrooper Player's Companion rounds out the offerings.

Galactic Empires

Galactic Empires FTP Site

A generous selection of Galactic Empires information is available for download via this FTP archive. Find a variety of card lists, questions and answers, a campaign scenario and a game review. The information presented is compiled from different sources.

Galactic Empires: The Official Page

Companion Games hosts this limited but useful site promoting its science fiction collectible card game, Galactic Empires. Find comprehensive card errata, official tournament rules, and pictures from the Summer '96 competition. Also find a pointer to Ted Peer's far superior page on the game.

Galactic Empires: The Science Fiction Trading Card Game

Presented by Ted Peers, this mother lode site offers players most anything they'll need to know in order to enjoy playing and collecting Galactic Empires cards. Find an overview of the game, a Quick Players Guide, the Universe Edition Rulebook, tournament rules, and card errata. Serious players will appreciate the sanctioned tournament events listing, while all manner of player can benefit from the online player registry. A selection of pointers to card lists helps make this site all but complete.


Guardians Home Page

J. Andrew Hart (a.k.a. Taven) praises what he describes as the "premier Collecting Card Game" with this considered and considerable collection of aids and insights into the fantasy known as Guardians. Follow links to an example of play, a review of the game, an FAQ, an archive, tournament rules, and a glossary of terms. Spoiler lists and pointers to other players' home pages add to the excitement.

Guardians Official FAQ

Originally posted to the newsgroup, this FAQ is dated 4/5/96 and written by Dave Gentzler, Joe Babinsack, Jr., and Luke Peterschmidt of FPG, the company responsible for the game Guardians. As the tag at the bottom of the Q&A states, if the answers don't come from FPG, they're not official.

Illuminati: New World Order (INWO)

Illuminati: New World Order

Here's a fan page that's great for beginners looking to find entree into the conspiratorial weirdness that swirls around the trading card game Illuminati: New World Order. Gaming fan Jonathan Young hosts this "cut to the chase," offering an organized look at the basic rules, the card groups, the actions open to players, attack postures, and strategies. A glossary and cheat sheet offer a quick source of reference to help keep things straight.

Illuminati: New World Order Official Card List

No more and no less that the title suggests. Players can check their decks against this "official" card list for the INWO game. The list was posted in April of 1995.

Illuminati: New World Order Official Home Page

Players in search of the real deal concerning the trading card game based on Illuminati, the conspiracy fantasy from Steve Jackson Games, need look no further than the links assembled here. Get the latest news concerning the collectible card game, plus find link to INWO support material including the rules, official announcements and policies, strategies and tactics tips, and cardlists. Links to newsgroups, mailing lists and an FTP site point to online activities centered on the game.

Illuminati: New World Order Omni-League Rules

Another official INWO site, this page suggests ways to create an INWO Omni-League. Omni-Leagues are created so no player can "buy" a winning deck; decks must be built up a game at a time. Stop by for a general look at how to get started, what rules to use, how to manage cards, and how to handle other administrative details.

For more information on Omni-Leagues, see also:

What's an Omni-League

Heavy Gear Fighter

Heavy Gear Fighter Web Page

Considered by the page author as "THE ultimate" in Mecha fighting card games, Heavy Gear Fighter receives heavy-duty treatment on this player's resource site. Find pointers to the official rules, the official Q&A rules clarification, the FAQ, a card list, strategy tips and other gaming minutia. Links to Dream Pod 9, the company which created the game, and to the site author's Heavy Gear role-playing game page are also featured.

James Bond

James Bond 007 CCG Official Web Page

Posted by Target Games, this promotional site announces the 1995 release of the James Bond 007 Collectible Card Game. Based exclusively on the film "Goldeneye" (starring Pierce Brosnan) at its release, the card deck will later be expanded to offer Bond nostalgia. Visit this site to read the technical specifications for the game's starter decks and booster packs.

James Bond 007 CCG Unofficial Web Page

Patrick Thomas Morgan hosts this double-naught site sorting through the facts and fantasy surrounding the collectible card game patterned after the Goldeneye adventures of Bond, James Bond. Step into M's office for a rundown of the rules, card lists, spoilers, and FAQs. Then drop by Q Branch for a strategy session. Links lead to loads of Bond trivia pages based on the movies and books which detail the character's adventures.

Legend of the Five Rings

Legend of the Five Rings

An excellent introduction to the Legend of the Five Rings CCG, this page even explains what a CCG is. Find an overview of the game, the official FAQ, spoiler lists, annotated rulings, and sample decks. Links to the home page of fellow game fans offer additional resources and related background for further study.

Legend of the Five Rings Official Home Page

Five Rings Publishing Group hosts this player's resource built upon its signature collectible card game, Legend of the Five Rings, an Oriental fantasy in which players vie to ascend the throne of the dying emperor. Find the official rules, FAQ, and card lists. Other Internet resources available include links to the mailing list, a public forum and related newsgroups. Players interested in competitive play can stop into the tournament center for topical information.

Magic: The Gathering

The Library of Dominaria

Despite being ravaged after The Brothers War, this official unofficial library houses a vast store of knowledge concerning the CCG Magic: The Gathering. Find collected wisdom from many a great mind across the Internet organized for easy accessibility. Simply tap The Librarian for a complete and current list of the articles available. Or enter the east wing of the library and ask The Sage if you might look at the deck database. Contributions (of knowledge) to the library are always welcome.

The Mage's Library Home Page

Here's a PC-only freeware product designed to aid Magic: The Gathering players better manage their decks. Stop by to find out how The Mage's Library program works and download a copy.

Magic: The Database

A well-organized resource for Magic: The Gathering CCG fans, this site's premier feature is its complete information on every card in the decks, strategic combinations, and assistance on building killer decks. FAQs, game rules, and game news are also featured. It's a must see site for those serious about the game.

Magic: The Gathering

Darrell Budic claims his page to be "the Net's Best" among Magic: The Gathering home pages. He may be right; he does offer a diverse collection of game resources which include a general game overview for newcomers and a glossary of must-know terms. Official rules information, rule variants, card data, and a customizable card list generator are also among the page's highlights.

Magic: The Gathering FTP Archives

Hosted by Darrell Budic, Network Archivist for Wizards of the Coast, this site archives Magic: The Gathering material collected from topical mailing lists and newsgroups, and contributed by fellow game fans. Browse FAQs, press releases, information lists, rules, card lists, and product information. Another good source for official answers, serious players will want to read what's online here.

Magic: The Gathering Official Home Page

Wizards of the Coast hosts this collection of files, facts, and fantastic features centered on its mega-hit CCG Magic: The Gathering. The uninitiated will appreciate the article discussing the game's "multiverse" setting, Dominia, as well as the general rulings summary and the quick reference guide to sequence play. Tournament rules, an in-depth analysis of event timing, and current game news will be of interest to veteran players. Official FAQs answer questions for all.

Magic: The Gathering Online Trading League

For those players looking to expand (or get rid of) their Magic card decks, here's a dedicated online service which can aid in the endeavor. Register to buy, sell, or trade Magic: The Gathering cards with other players.

Magic: The Gathering the Ultimate Deck List

Though the disclaimer suggests the list which has been compiled and posted to this page is not yet complete, the goal is to make it so. Find "some of the best" Magic: The Gathering decks organized by type. Hyperlinks lead to each deck's card configuration.

Magic: The Gathering the UnOfficial Magic Home Page

Site host Robert Baily serves a fine selection of Magic: The Gathering features fit for both beginners and players well-versed in the game. Find FAQs for the game in general and its various decks, links to newsgroups where players can chat and build their decks, and answers to questions concerning rules. Game variants, tournament rules, a collection of card lists and links to other players' pages are also featured.

For more information on Magic: The Gathering, see also:

Magic: The Gathering Tournaments

Web Across Dominia

Middle-earth: The Wizards

Middle-earth: The Wizards

Trevor Stone has posted this fantastic site devoted primarily to the cards found in the Middle-earth: The Wizards CCG. Topping the list of resources available here, a card list generator aids players in managing their decks. Card lists of every possible organization method are also online, as is an inventory of the contents of 5 fixed packs. Expansion rules for Middle-earth: The Dragons, the site host's Ring Rolls probability page, and links to tons of trade sites round out the offerings presented.

Middle-earth: The Wizards, Enter Lothl—rien

Pete Craig posts this gaming site devoted to the CCG Middle-earth: The Wizards. Browse the usual card lists and links to player pages, or join the site host and his group playing Me:TW by e-mail. A directory of players involved and instructions for joining the fun are featured.

Middle-earth: The Wizards Guide

Compiled and presented by Alex Mohr, a devoted fan of the Middle-earth: The Wizards CCG, this excellent site holds answers that many who play the game will certainly seek. Along with the expected rules and FAQ, also find card lists and technical information about the print runs and pack orders. Players new to Tolkien's fantasy world will appreciate the game overview, the history of Middle-earth, and related maps. The section on playing strategy will be of benefit to all, especially the mirror of Trevor Stone's Ring Rolls probability page.

Middle-earth: The Wizards Official Home Page

Hosted by Iron Crown Enterprises, this player's resource offers official rules, FAQs, and card lists for Middle-earth: The Wizards (Me:TW), a CCG which is based on the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. Link to information on the Council of Lorien, the official U.S. sanctioning body for Middle-earth and review a comparison of the limited and unlimited card sets. Pointers to over a dozen players' home pages round out the available offerings.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail CCG Home Page

Join King Arthur, brave Sir Robin, and the other Knights of the Round Table on their quest for the Holy Grail in this CCG based on the classic Monty Python movie send-up of the Arthurian grail legend. Find general information about the game, rules, and a card list that (even without illustrations) is sure to inspire chuckles if not doubled-over laughter. Oh! And pay no attention to the Knights Who Say "Ni!" They're just after more shrubberies.

Mortal Kombat Kards

Mortal Kombat

Based upon the video game of the same name, this Kards version of Mortal Kombat pits two or more players against one another and the one who takes two of the three rounds wins. Each player holds a single deck and each deck is based upon a single Kombatant. Visit this page hosted by Reed Thayer for an overview of the game, a look at the complete Kard list and official FAQ, plus a link to the Mortal Kombat Kards Player Connection. Illustrations of sample Kards are also online for review.

Mortal Kombat Kards

Hosted by Brady Games, this official Mortal Kombat Kard game site offers players the Kard List, the Kard Game Rules, and the MK Kard game FAQ. Based on the best-selling video game, the full 300-card set allows for unlimited multi-player martial arts combat action. Read the company's press release for a list of Kard subsets and details on how the sets are packed.

Mortal Kombat Kards at Spriggs CCG Warehouse

Players rate the game and the results are tallied here. Also find player comments and a directory which lists Mortal Kombat Kards fans by name and includes e-mail addresses. Card lists are available by deck.

Mortal Kombat Kards Player Connection

This player's resource aids Mortal Kombat Kards players find one another. Link to any state to find who's registered and ready for play. (At present the directory is a bit thin, but then MK Kards is a fairly new game-released in January of 1996. Over time, this could prove an invaluable resource to MK Kards players around the country.)


Mythos Alternative Card List

Hosted by Brent Heustess, this site offers gamers a printable card list for use in cataloging their collection of playable Mythos cards. Cards are grouped by type and coded to show from which decks they come and the relative frequency with which they appear.

Mythos CCG Official Page

Chaosium Inc. provides at this mega-resource site the kind of service every game publisher should provide its customers and game fans. Players can find out most anything they want to know about Mythos, the Chaosium collectible card game based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. The list of resources includes the game's rules (with solo and tournament variations), the card list, an FAQ, a summary of adventure cards and a typical game scenario. Comments from a play tester are also featured, as is an overview of the game's system of play. This site is a must see for anyone interested in the Mythos game.

Mythos Unofficial Adventure Archive

Mythos players from across the Net add their adventure ideas to this growing archive. Stop by for ideas or to add a new twist. While on-site, you may want to check out the links for pointers to other Mythos sites. Among the featured jumps find both official and unofficial pages.

Mythos Unofficial Card Database

Mythos players looking for listings of the cards available for the Mythos CCG can check these "canned" lists posted and hosted by Jens Agby. Five lists are available for review: a long spoiler list, a short spoiler list, a checklist, a list of locations, and a list of allies. Sorting options for the checklist and spoiler lists help visitors find what they're looking for more readily.


DM's Netrunner Page

David Mar offers fellow Netrunner CCG fans game trivia compiled from a variety of sources, a card deck checklist, gaming strategy ideas, and multi-player game variants. A link to the unofficial Netrunner Omni-League page leads to another variation on play. Pointers to official pages and other players' home pages complete the items online.

How To Play Netrunner

Players uninitiated in the ways of the Netrunner CCG will benefit from this brief, player-prepared tutorial. Find sections on corporation strategy, runner strategy, and combination cards. As examples of solid decks, the host places both his Corp and Runner decks on display. Any questions? Simply ask.

Netrunner Omni-League

An unofficial site, this page suggests ways to create a Netrunner Omni-League. Omni-Leagues are created so no player can "buy" a winning deck; decks must be built up a game at a time. Stop by for a general look at how to get started, what rules to use, how to manage cards, and other administrative details.

Netrunner: Singapore's Home Page

Posted by a Netrunner CCG enthusiast in Singapore, this page features card lists, product information, and articles of interest to all Netrunner players. Those living in or traveling to Singapore will appreciate the collection of local resources including outlets for the game and a players list. Links to the home pages of players and an invitation to join Netrunner play via IRC round out this site's offerings.

The Official Netrunner Web Site

Another Wizards of the Coast gaming site, this page posts the official line on Netrunner, a science fiction CCG which is set in the bleak techno-corrupt future world of R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk. Visit to read the online rulebook, review the FAQ list, or look into tournament rules. An overview of the game will help new players get their bearings. Also find announcements for new expansion decks and other Wizards of the Coast products.

On the Edge

On the Edge at Spriggs CCG Warehouse

Players rate the game and the results are tallied here. Also find player comments and a directory which lists On the Edge fans by name and includes e-mail addresses. A customizable card list generator and game news round out the items offered.

On The Edge: Drawn's Workshop

Evolved from the role-playing game Over the Edge, On the Edge (OnTE) is a CCG released by Atlas Games which is based on the power struggle that takes place on the fictional island called Al Amarja. Drew Johnson, proprietor of this workshop, and several pals draw upon their enthusiasm for the game and present an extensive collection of fictional cards for OnTE expansion decks. Also find a list of OnTE Conspiracy cells that dot the north and central U.S. and information on the Omni-League.

The On the Edge Official Page

Hosted by Atlas Games, this gamer's resource holds the key to unlocking the mysteries of the surreal conspiracies which arise from the On the Edge CCG. Find an FAQ and mini-FAQs, card lists for every deck, and variant rules. Information on the Atlas Game's players' league, The Conspiracy, is also featured along with pointers to players' and the Conspiracy cells' pages. Those looking for outlets to purchase decks will also find links to companies dealing in cards.

On the Edge: The Mystery Cards

For some On the Edge players, certain cards seem more myth than fact simply because they are so rare. For the doubters, an avid player has scanned these cards and posted them for display. Behold the Resounding Bell! Also see these sample cards: Saleem Helicopter, Scythian Ring, Throckmorton Domination, Quantum Flux, Desperate Ritual, the Bavarian Illuminati, and C.A. Radford. The chase cards Chris Robinson, Janis, Grim Linden, and Signe Lathiere are also featured.

On The Edge: The Omni-League

This official page written by Jonathon Tweet explains what is and how to start an On The Edge Omni-League. Omni-Leagues are created so no player can "buy" a winning deck; decks must be built up a game at a time. Find easy-to-follow rules and step by step instructions for introducing this "playing field leveler" to an On The Edge gaming group near you.

For more information about On the Edge, also see:

On the Edge Cards by Trait

On the Net

Zipper's Hideout


Marvel OverPower Page

Frank Yue has compiled an extensive player's bonanza for anyone interested in the OverPower CCG. Find an unofficial FAQ, rules, rules clarifications, sample decks, and strategy ideas. Computer programs for organizing card decks are also featured in both PC and Mac formats. The Card of the Week Series features essays about individual cards and the online checklist offers collectors a complete card list for comparison purposes. Links to the OverPower mailing list and other topical Web pages make this a truly useful site.

OverPower Page

Examine the heroes of the OverPower CCG one card at a time and vote for the Hero of the Week. Various card sorts allow visitors to compare the heroes for their energy, strength, and fighting ability. Also find dates and times for tournament play and other OverPower activities. Pointers to other OverPower players' home pages are also featured, including one page with details about online OverPower play.

Quest for the Grail

The Quest for the Grail Official Page

Hosted by Stone Ring Games, this exceptional player's resource welcomes one and all into the fictional Kingdom of Logres where knights go on quests based on Arthurian legend. Visitors can read an overview of the game, compare the preview and limited editions, learn about upcoming events, and read reviews which discuss the game. Rules of play, FAQs, information on game variants and illustrations of sample cards are also online. To set the proper tone, samples of Arthurian poetry and a virtual visit to Britain round out the ample offerings at this mythical card game site.

Quest for the Grail at Spriggs CCG Warehouse

Players rate the game and the results are tallied here. Also find player comments and a directory which lists Quest for the Grail fans by name and includes e-mail addresses. Card lists are available by deck.

Quest for the Grail Concordance

A must-read for any gamer serious about the Quest for the Grail CCG. Learn about the legends behind the settings, characters, and creatures found in the game. Information presented is divided into Domains (current and future) and Quests. Hyperlinks lead to additional background information and a bibliography suggests resources for off-line reading and study.

For more Quest for the Grail information, see also:

Quest for the Grail: Brocelialande


Official Rage Answers Home Page

The site itself is not official, but the site's host has attempted to compile the official White Wolf company line on rulings and clarifications regarding the fantasy CCG Rage. An extensive resource and well organized for easy use, this answer database dates and gives credit to the sources for its information. Well worth a look by novices and veteran players alike, this effort attempts to add more than just general knowledge to the Rage information base already online.

Omesh's Rage Page

Omesh Chowdhury presents this excellent starter page for anyone just getting involved with the Rage CCG. Among the basic resources find Rage rules for standard and tournament play, official FAQs, and card lists. Almost two dozen deck ideas offer further insights into the game and introduce different Rage players from across the Web. And to round thinks out, links to other players' pages offer a jump off point for additional research into the game.

Rage Page

Cory L. Scott offers another strong page for Rage CCG enthusiasts. Expect to find the expected: rules, FAQs, and different card lists. But also find information on the Rage mailing list and link to a collection of sites where Rage decks are available for sale.



A committed Shadowfist player maintains this player's resource offering game news and links to official rulings, contests, and tournament announcements. Also enjoy a collection of fan fiction, new cards, and humor. A Shadowfist players directory and strategy notes make this site worth a look.


Eric Lopez hosts this comprehensive Shadowfist CCG archive offering excellent resources for first-timers and old-timers alike. Begin with an overview of the Shadowfist world, progress through the rules of the game, brush up on play dynamics, and find answers to specific questions in the FAQ. A card list, an image gallery, and game reviews help bring things into tighter focus. For players curious about product availability, there's a section on products and prices.

Shadowfist Official Home Page

Daedalus Entertainment, Inc. host this official look at its Shadowfist CCG and Feng Shui, the RPG set in the world of Shadowfist. Combining sorcery and Kung Fu fighting, these martial arts action adventures challenge players to save the world from the evil forces conspiring for total domination. Find game details, stories, and information on sanctioned events and contests.

SimCity: The Card Game

SimCity: The Card Game

Based on the popular Maxis computer game, Mayfair's SimCity CCG challenges players to build cities and in so doing, build up bank accounts. Visit this abundant site for most anything needed to begin and progress in play. Find complete rules, card lists, FAQs, and pointers for deck building and acquiring cards. Links to sites of topical interest lead to a gamer's directory, as well as the Mayfair and Maxis companies' home pages.

Spellfire: Master the Magic

Spellfire FAQ

Visit this page to read the Spellfire CCG FAQ revised and posted December 14, 1995, to the alt.cardgames.spellfire Usenet newsgroup. The document is authored by Jason E. Brown of Other Worlds Games.

The Spellfire Spider

Anyone interested in getting to the nitty gritty as it relates to TSR's Dungeons and Dragons-based fantasy CCG Spellfire need only stop by Matthew Montminy's well-organized information bank. Rulings, reviews, and card lists (including chase cards) offer the basics. Alternate rules, trading information, rumors and the SpellFire newsletter provide advanced player knowledge. Links to related newsgroups and Web sites, including the unofficial TSR Info Page, point to resources for further study.

Steve's Spellfire Page and Trading Post

Here's a page for Spellfire CCG players interested in making a deal. Find information on card sales ... or perhaps Steve's wish and duplicate lists will prompt a trade. Those just looking for card and game information will find plenty to ponder in the strategy, tidbits, and Q&A sections. And while on site, why not take the Spellfire survey.

Star Trek: Customizable Card Game

Jim's ST:CCG Page

James L. Kinoshita has his phaser set on stun. He must because his Star Trek: TNG CCG site is stunning-both for the depth and volume of the information presented and for the organized, thought-out manner in which it's offered. Beam aboard for card lists, information on database computer programs, FAQs, news, and links to newsgroups. Pointers to fellow players' home pages and sites related to the Star Trek phenomenon are also featured.

Star Trek:The Next Generation CCG Official Home Page

Permission is granted to come aboard the official home base of the Star Trek: The Next Generation customizable card game. Once onboard, find official game rules, FAQs, card lists and other "cool stuff." Be sure to sign in at the Player Registry and stop by the bulletin board to check for messages that may be of interest. Company news and game events round out the sights to see; just settle in and enjoy this well-rendered site hosted by game publisher Decipher Inc.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Customizable Card Game

Hosted by a Dutch fan, this Star Trek: The Next Generation CCG site provides card lists and FAQs. Of special interest, check out the ST:CCG Card of the Day series of articles for reviews of the various cards and suggestions for related strategies. Links to the official ST:TNG CCG page, as well as the home pages of fellow players, are also featured.

For more information on the Star Trek CCG, also see:


ST: CCG Online

Star Wars: Customizable Card Game

Star Wars: CCG Official Home Page

Another gaming site hosted by Decipher, Inc., this player's retreat houses the official postings concerning the customizable card game based on the Star Wars movies. Find game rules, FAQs, card lists, and other "cool stuff." Be sure to sign in at the Player Registry and stop by the bulletin board to check out the discussion forums. Those interested in running a tournament can download the official kit.

Star Wars: Customizable Card Game

Simon Asselin hosts this excellent player's resource devoted to the Star Wars CCG. A great place for players new to the game to begin, the site offers the official rules, rules supplements, FAQs, and spoiler lists. Advice and strategic tips compiled from sources across the Internet, information on the SW:CCG mailing list and tons of links to official and unofficial sites round out the generous offerings.

Star Wars: Customizable Card Game

Here's another good, all-purpose site for beginners and experienced players alike who are interested in the Star Wars Customizable Card Game. Hosted by Matt Braunstein, the site features a sizable library of rules, FAQs, spoiler lists, and tournament information, as well as contests, pricing, and distribution information. Those interested in strategy will find ideas for deck construction and help with playing techniques. Information on software of practical interest and loads of links to the Star Wars outposts in the far reaches of cyberspace round out this collection.

Star Wars: Customizable Card Game

Players looking for Star Wars CCG decks that "kick booty" need to check out this player's postings. Offering only a bit of the expected, this site goes a step beyond the status quo. Find strategy and statistical FAQs, information about the two-player introductory game, strategic advice, and an "index/glossidex." Card lists, of course, are also online.

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (Jyhad)

Jyhad On Line

Join the gamers playing Vampire: The Eternal Struggle online via e-mail. All is handled through a central server; players need only familiarize themselves with the house rules and game policies, then sign up for play. All the information needed to join in the action is posted here along with a list of ongoing games.

Rulemonger's V:tES


Here's yet another fantastic site devoted to the gothic horror collectible card game Vampires: The Eternal Struggle. Drop in for news updates or to search the Usenet newsgroup postings in the archive. Other useful features include a searchable card list and an archive of rules for team play. The site's host even offers to answer any questions his guests might have.

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (and Jyhad)

Nik Olver hosts this player's resource offering a compiled collection of fantastic facts for fellow Vampire: The Eternal Struggle players to enjoy. Following an overview of the game, recent game news tops the list of items offered. Also find rules, rule changes and unofficial rules, card information, and bits of interest taken from the game's newsgroup. A link to the newsgroup and the mailing list archive are also featured.

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle at Sprig's CCG Warehouse

Players rate the game and the results are tallied here. Also find player comments and a directory which lists Vampire: The Eternal Struggle fans by name and includes e-mail addresses. Card lists are available by deck, or players can create lists using the Customizable Card List Generator. Recent game news and links to players' home pages round out the offerings available.

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Official Home Page

Formerly known as Jyhad, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is a gothic fantasy collectible card game published by Wizards of the Coast and based on the game Vampire: The Masquerade. Visit this page for an overview of the game's intrigue, a look at the official card list, and answers to players most Frequently Asked Questions. The page is hosted by Wizards of the Coast and links to the company's home page.


Wildstorms CCG Official Home Page

Players interested in the super heroes collectible card game based on the Wildstorms comic book series will find answers to most questions online here. Features include an introduction to the game, an explanation on how to play, the official FAQ, a card list, and tips for superior play and deck construction. Information on hosting tournaments and an interview with the game's creator are also included.

Role-Playing Games

Computer-based RPGs


The Unofficial Angband Page

Jason Holtzapple lays it all out for those interested in learning about the rogue-like game Angband. Read a background on the game and how it has developed over the years. Download the game, the source code, and patches. Select from a variety of FAQs manuals, guides, and spoilers. Plus find links to related pages and pointers to pertinent Usenet newsgroups.

Anvil of Dawn

Anvil of Dawn

New World Computing hosts this official page to promote its fantasy role-playing adventure Anvil of Dawn. Read what the critics have to say and find out why the game won a Golden Triad Award. Find an overview of game features and system requirements, enjoy screen shots, and link to an FAQ offering answers to the most common technical and game questions. Links to other New World Computing pages lead to other game promotions which include demos and FAQs.

Anvil of Dawn Walkthrough

Veikko Danilas tells players what they "absolutely need to know" in order to succeed at Anvil of Dawn. Converted to HTML by Ken Fishkin, the document is hyperlinked to ease navigation, but the explanatory copy appears in large blocks. Players must read through dense sections of text to find the clues they seek.

The Bard's Tale I, II, & III

The Bard's Tale

J. Gaudet hosts this repository offering maps for the first two Bard's Tale games. Find a full complement of Tales of The Unknown dungeon maps and a set of Destiny Knight city maps. Eventually, the plan is to add maps for the Thief of Fate game as well.

Extracts of the Bard's Tale

A bit of a bard himself, Todd P. Carpenter hosts this archive of tales and tidbits about the Bard's Tale gaming series. Featured stories include Wedding Bells (a tale of vandalism) and The Duality of a Mage (a tale of love and destruction). Also find poems and other game background material.

Nels' Bard's Tale Page

Nels Bergquist offers Bard's Tale enthusiasts a nice resource for finding items of interest. Link to manuals for each of the three Bard's Tale games, find walkthroughs for each, and also enjoy screen shots taken from the games. Those interested can download The Bard's Tale Construction Set, and pointers lead to both official and unofficial pages related to the games.



Interplay hosts this official page for Blizzard Entertainment's action role-playing adventure Blackthorne. Find an overview of the game where quick thinking and a quicker trigger finger are required to defeat the enemy and save the home world. Other site features include screen shots, an overview of system requirements, press releases, a sales sheet and a reviewer's guide. Those who wish to download a demo will find a PC version is available.

Blackthorne Download Page

Visit this Happy Puppy page to download a playable demo of Blackthorne which features the first three levels of the game. While at Happy Puppy, you may want to save yourself a trip and hop on over to the cheat file as well. There's a page of cheat codes for Blackthorne.

Blackthorne Codes

Here's another site to find cheat codes for the game Blackthorne. Codes are listed by level.

Druid: Daemons of the Mind

Druid: Daemons of the Mind

Christopher Lindquist gives Druid: Daemons of the Mind a B- in this March 1996 game review. Bothered by what he describes as the game's "quirks," the author supports his rating and provides a general summary of the game's central quest. Those who require gaming tips to make their play fun will find a few cheats. A link to general company information is also featured.

Druid: Daemons of the Mind Walkthrough

Offering few breaks in the text, this dense document opens with five general rules for playing Druid: Daemons of the Mind, then launches into a walkthrough of the game. Prepare to read; nothing is offered to aid navigation through the text, so users must scan the whole thing in search of the clues they seek.

GameSpot: Druid: Daemons of the Mind at a Glance

GameSpot presents this limited look at SirTech's fantasy role-playing adventure Druid: Daemons of the Mind. Read reviews and a game overview. Link to the official SirTech sales page and sites of related interest. Or access technical information including the game's readme file and a players' discussion on topical issues.

Dungeon Master II

Dungeon Master II Cheats

Freek Dijkstra tells fellow gamers how to improve their stats in Dungeon Master 2 using the Macintosh Cheat II program. Those without Mac computers won't find a visit to this spot a total loss. The codes for spells are also listed.

Dungeon Master II: Legend of Skullkeep

Richard Nuttall indexes a variety of resources to aid in play of Dungeon Master II. Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, a saved game, and two different versions of a walkthrough. A complete spell list, a set of maps, and useful notes on the game are also featured. Those who wish to pursue their inquiry into the game further are pointed to the Usenet newsgroup where discussion can most likely be found.

GameSpot: Dungeon Master II: the Legend of Skullkeep at a Glance

The sequel to Dungeon Master, one of best selling titles of all time, comes under scrutiny here. Read Interplay's official company material and compare it to what the reviewer has to say. Download a demo, a patch, and a spell chart. Check out the readme file and players' discussion for technical info. Or link to the FAQ and the guide to Skullkeep magic.

Original Dungeon Master Helpful Hints

Although this is not a complete walkthrough of the first Dungeon Master game, it does offer solutions for some of the hardest puzzles in the role-playing adventure. Find a chart of spell codes divided into offensive, defensive, and general magic. A level-by-level look at the game's biggest challenges is also featured.

Elder Scrolls

The Daggerfall Info Zone

Rich Gade (a.k.a. PPD or Kalimar) offers fellow Elder Scrolls fans an impressive resource for learning about the second chapter in the game's series, Daggerfall. Find out how to get a demo, view unauthorized Daggerfall images, access the game's mailing list archive, and read the unofficial FAQ. Also discover the secret behind Alt-Q and find solutions for the demo's problems. Gamers' comments on the demo are welcome and available for review.

Daggerfall: The Elder Scrolls Chapter 2 - Unofficial Legends & Lore

Enjoy these (slightly modified) stories from the realm of Tamriel taken from the Daggerfall demo. Organized and grouped by type, they offer an enjoyable read for fans of the Elder Scrolls series.

The Elder Scrolls: Arena Info Site

Here's a chart that lists the location and price for the "special items" found in the first chapter of the Elder Scrolls series, Arena. Those who need answers to any of the riddles will also find help in this arena. The riddles are written out with the answers hidden behind a pulldown insert.

The Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall FAQ v0.98

Andrew Franklin and Dave Humphrey pool their talents to produce this unofficial FAQ for the Daggerfall chapter of the Elder Scrolls series. Sections include: General Information, Features, Previews, Encounters, Artifacts, Power Ups, and Bugs. Also find links leading to Bethesda Software and other game-related pages.

Eric's Daggerfall Page

Check the Previews area for tons of demos and downloadables for the Daggerfall release. The Beastiary offers illustrated descriptions of the "thingies" in the game. And the Strategy section offers hints for better enjoying the game. Also find a section on Arena, a link to Bethesda and a cursory , look at the next chapter in the series, The Elder Scrolls 3.

Ryan's Elder Scrolls Page

This elaborate presentation explores the first and second chapters of the computer role-playing series, the Elder Scrolls. Enjoy game overviews, demos, annotated artifact lists, strategy clues, and spoilers for both Arena and Daggerfall. Links lead to other Elder Scroll fan pages, as well as other computer role-playing game fan pages.

The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages

With a little help from his friends, Dave Humphrey posts this rich archive of Elder Scrolls game resources. Well organized and easy to navigate, the hyperlinked directory points to FAQs, patches, demos, game editors, screen shots, reviews, and other items related to Arena and Daggerfall, the first two chapters of the game. Another site feature encourages fans to make suggestions for a third chapter in the series. Links point the way to Bethesda Software and to a few huge gaming sites.

Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder Trilogy

Find a description of Eye of the Beholder and its two sequels, The Legend of Darkmoon and Assault on Myth Drannor. Based on Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, these games offer heroic role-playing adventures which can stand alone or serve to complement the other games in the trilogy.

Eye of the Beholder Pages

This gamer's resource offers a collection of documents relevant to the Eye of the Beholder Trilogy. Find original documentation files for all three games in the series and original maps for the first game. Solutions and complete maps for the first and second games are also provided.

Hints and Spoilers for Eye of the Beholder

Visit this index to find links leading to puzzle solutions, character edits, and or/hints for the games in the Strategic Simulations Inc. trilogy Eye of the Beholder. Spoilers for other SSI role-playing games are also featured.

Lands of Lore

Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos

Having trouble living large in the Lands of Lore? Pick yourself up with this extensive cheat file. Find over two dozen maps to caves, mines, forests, and castle keeps. Plus a walkthrough takes you by the hand and escorts you through the perils of the game. Scotia may have her magic, but you've got something more powerful, the answers to the game!

Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos Home Page

Westwood promotes its interactive animated role-playing adventure where players must save the king and defeat the evil crone who would have him die. Read the game overview illustrated with screen shots, download an introduction movie and non-playable demo, and listen to music selections from the game including the "Lands of Lore I" theme song. Links to other Westwood pages offer an 800-number for ordering and pointers to other product information.

Lands of Lore I Hints and Tips

Find hints and tips for moving through some of the tougher, more complicated areas of the Lands of Lore. Find out how to get past Scotia's Barrier and ultimately defeat the old hag. Find out where the Valen's Cube is, and uncover the mystery of the White Tower in the third level. This hint page is provided by the game's designer, Westwood Studios. Those who need additional help can order the complete hint book from the company.

Lands of Lore I Tech Support

Find answers to the most common questions by players who can't seem to get their Lands of Lore game to run. Over a half dozen questions are asked and answered. For those who don't find the solution they seek, an e-mail link is provided for ready service.

Virgin Interactive Entertainment Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos Technical Page

Virgin Interactive hosts this Lands of Lore cache. Download a playable demo that promises challenges which will take more than a day to get through. Check out the hint file for game tips not available on the company's call-in hintline. Download two game patches and find quick answers to technical questions in the comprehensive FAQ. Want to see what else Virgin Interactive offers? Just follow the links to other company pages.

Lost Vikings

Lost Vikings

How about a day of seafaring and pillaging with three Norse adventurers? Well first you have to help them find their way home-they've been sucked into an alien spacecraft. More of an arcade action game, Lost Vikings also has elements of a role-playing adventure. Read a game overview, review the game's features, view screen shots, and download a PC demo of the game. Links lead to other Interplay pages and to the home page of the game's developer, Blizzard Entertainment.

Might and Magic I - V/Heroes of Might and Magic

Might and Magic (and Heroes of)

In addition to information about the strategy game Heroes of Might and Magic, Rob Merritt treats fans to a mini-tutorial on the five-part role-playing series Might and Magic from which the "heroes" come. Find Rob's reviews and overviews of the games in the series, plus solutions for games 2 through 4.

Might and Magic/Heroes of Might and Magic

New World Computing uses its site to promote its award-winning strategy game, Heroes of Might and Magic, as well as its long running, five-part role-playing series, Might and Magic, on which "Heroes" is based. Find downloadables for both the strategy game and the RPG series, FAQ files for both, and a promotion for the next installment in the "Heroes" series.

Heroes of Might and Magic FAQ V1.1

Stop by this page to find the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding the strategy game based on the role-playing series Might and Magic.

Heroes of Might and Magic

A great introduction to the game for new players, this strategy guide provides a look at basic concepts and general hero information. Also find links to other players' home pages and to another strategy guide.


The Dungeons of Moria

Robert Alan Koeneke and James E. Wilson post this manual for learning about and playing the single-user, fantasy role-playing adventure game Moria. The document is available to be read online or downloaded in a PostScript format. Easy to use, the HTML version of the manual features a hyperlinked table of contents that aids easy navigation. Topics cover most aspects of the game, from choosing a character and adventuring to spells and wizards.

The Moria Page

Explore one of the more popular rogue-like role-playing fantasy adventures, Moria. Among the site's features, find links to FTP archives where the game is available, various guides to the game and its components such as magic and dragon-slaying, a game-specific FAQ, and pointers to newsgroups of topical interest. An FAQ answering questions about rogue-like games is also featured.


The Nethack Home Page

Boudewijn Wayers hosts this extensive resource devoted to what he considers one of the more "complicated" rouge-like games, Nethack. Among the site features find an introduction to the game, tips for beginners, a guide book, and spoilers. Also find links to the game program and source code, code for Hack (Nethack's predecessor), utilities, and game variations.


The Books of Realmz

Visit this archive to browse a collection of books which provide all the details for playing the Mac-only role-playing game Realmz. The library includes the Realmz Scenario Summary (RSS), the Realmz Acronym Dictionary (RAD), The Book of Items, The Realmz NPC Doc, The Book of Beasts, and the History of Realmz. The books are also available in DocMaker format for off-line reading.

The Realmz FAQs and Files Page

This gamer's resource offers pointers to Realmz FAQs, scenarios and scenario tip sheets, and character files. Visitors can also download the latest edition of the game updates and demo editors. Links to other Realmz download sites and the home pages of other Realmz enthusiasts round out the offerings posted here.

The Realmz Page

Pick up the latest version of Realmz and learn how to write your own scenarios at this page hosted by Tim Phillips. Also find FAQs, news, and links to other players' home pages. A pointer to the newsgroup where the game is discussed is also featured.


A Guide to the Dungeons of Doom

Michael C. Toy and Kenneth C.R.C. Arnold post their treatise on playing Rogue, the role-playing fantasy that lent its name to a whole genre of game which includes Angband, Moria, and Nethack. The document includes both general information and specific details to aid players in finding their way through the Dungeons of Doom. Mostly text, the guide does have some diagrams to illustrate various points. However there are no hyperlinks nor any table of contents to aid navigation. Players must scroll through the text to get their bearings and find the information they seek.

The Rogue Home Page

Download the original game (in a variety of formats) from this site hosted by Rogue fan Boudewijn Waijers. Other site features include spoilers and a utility that plays the game by itself. Also find a link to the page authors' Roguelike Games Home Page.



This official Interplay site presents the fantasy role-playing adventure Stonekeep, where players must regain their humanity while saving the world. Enjoy a non-interactive demo, sound samples, and screen shots. Read the company's promotion for the game, reviews from others, and an overview of the story line and system requirements. Links lead to the game's unofficial FAQ and other Interplay pages.

Stonekeep FAQ

Richard Nuttall maintains this index pointing to Stonekeep resources found across the Web. Find FAQs, a game walkthrough, hints, a saved game editor, and a patch. Also find a pointer to a Usenet newsgroup where other assistance can be found.


GameSpot: Thunderscape at a Glance

Doing what GameSpot does best, this site pokes around the SSI release Thunderscape. Read the official company line plus a few well-chosen words from reviewers, find a patch to upgrade the game, access a walkthrough with hints and tips, or link to topic-related pages. Technical information is also featured and includes the game's readme file and a discussion forum for players.


Here's the official word from Strategic Simulations, Inc. on its role-playing "steampunk fantasy" game. Set in the SSI-created world of Aden, the game combines machinery and magic, monsters and mayhem for an adventure full of battles to be won and puzzles to ponder and solve. Find an overview of system requirements and selected screen shots from the game. Links lead to the company's other pages.

The Spoiler Centre: Thunderscape

James Meloy has prepared and continues to work on this combination FAQ, hint, and spoiler guide. Prepare to spend time with the document. It is extensive and unfortunately offers no table of contents nor other aids to navigation.


Auric's Ultima Online Home Page

Here's an Ultima player's resource if ever there was one! Find opportunities for private reflection on the game and interaction with others. Site features include a chat room and chat zone, information on the guilds, the game's history, runes, a library, a music gallery, an IRC channel, and links to game-related pages. Find out exactly what Ultima means to the page's author.

Dragon Press: Ultima Fan Fiction

Andrew Charlton host this repository of fan fiction written by Ultima enthusiasts. Enjoy almost twenty tales based on the fantasy rich characters and settings found in the role-playing game.

Ultima Dragons - Internet Chapter

A virtual club established in 1992, the Ultima Dragons are dedicated to assisting others in adding to the fullness of their Ultima experiences. Anyone with an interest in the game is welcome to join. This page offers assistance in that regard. Find an FAQ about the group and information about joining. A collection of links lead to Internet resources concerning the game including newsgroups and one of the Ultima Dragon's favorite hangouts, the Weyrmount MOO. A photo gallery, member roster, and group history round out the offerings.

Ultima World Wide Web Archive

Origin Systems welcomes players to this resource for its popular fantasy role-playing series Ultima. Find out exactly what the game is and about, plus find overviews for various games in the series with walkthroughs, manuals, maps, technical help, and other aids. The complete Ultima Story-Line FAQ summarizes the tales in the series. Pointers lead to information on the latest Ultima resources including a Gargoyle Language tutorial and a preview of Ultima Online.

The World of Ultima

Rich De Francesco, Jr., invites the uninitiated to explore the world of the Ultima role-playing series. Find resources for each of the games in the series, including hints, walkthroughs, utilities, maps, music, and patches. Find a collection of FAQs (five in all) plus links to sites of related topical interest. Laid out to allow adventurers the pleasures of discovering for themselves where the treasure are hidden, a short cut also leads to the cache.

For more information on Ultima, also see:

The Bard's Library

Beregard's Unofficial Ultima Online Tour

Prawn Dragon's Ultima Online Page


The FRUA Home Page

Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures (FRUA), often just called Unlimited Adventures, is a DOS and Mac-based game through which players can play Forgotten Realm (AD&D) modules. To find out more about the game, stop by this page hosted by John Kochmar to read the FAQ, check out the FRUA mailing and newsletter lists, or jump to the FTP sites. Links lead to other players' home pages and FRUA experimental art.

Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat

GameSpot: Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat at a Glance

What does the electronic version of Warhammer offer that the original version of the game does not? Find out at this GameSpot probe into Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat. Find an animation of the game to download, hints and tips, plus links pointing to official, unofficial, and related sites.

Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat

This 1996 review which appeared on the Gamer's Ledge provides an excellent place to begin exploring Mindscape's electronic version of the popular table game Warhammer. Receiving a total 90 out of 100 points, the electronic version seems to remain true to most of the original game's rules and nuances but adds animation and sound into the mix. Find an overview of system requirements, screen shots, and a game summary interwoven with the critical comments made by the reviewer, Nathan Bamford.

Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat

This official Mindscape page promotes its electronic adventure-strategy game based on Games Workshop's wildly popular tabletop fantasy battle game. Read the company's spiel, check out screen shots, and if so moved, order a copy online. Links lead to other company pages.

Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat

Those needing, wanting, or just curious about cheats and hacks for Warhammer can stop by this compiled resource for help in winning the game. Also find a list describing the locations of the magic items.



Jake Kesinger posts this informative page on Interplay's computer role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic southwestern United States. Originally released in the mid-80s the game is under current re-release on the Interplay 10 Year Anthology CD. Those interested in downloading emulated versions can do so here, along with images and the game's paragraphs. Pointers lead to other game-related resources.

Wasteland FAQ

Chris Baer and Stephen Sedmak have coordinated their efforts to produce this document offering answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the game Wasteland. Find tons of specific help including a key command summary, equipment and attribute summaries, and game hints. The page offers no hyperlinks to aid navigation; players must scroll through the whole document in search of the answers they seek. And the document is rather large.


Wizardry I and II Item List

Find no more and no less than what the title suggests: a chart of items from the Wizardry I and II games.

Wizardry Gold

A reworking of the acclaimed role-playing epic Wizardry: Crusaders of the Dark Savant, this Gold version improves upon the original offering new animated sequences, better sound effects, and new music. The game also includes screensavers, wallpaper, and other desktop accessories. Visit this official game promotion for a game description and screen shots. Links to the Sirtech company store and other company pages are also featured.

Wizardry: The Wizardry Trilogies

Sirtech Software hosts this promotional page for its popular role-playing series Wizardry which is now bundled in two trilogy packages. Read an overview of the games and their scenarios, and if so inclined, order online.

Live Action RPGs (LARPs)

Anna's LARP Craft Links Page

Anna Troy points the way to massive amounts of information compiled because of its potential interest to those who engage in Live Action Role Playing. Learn about making weapons and armor, general costuming, and leather working. Also find tips for make-up and mask making, plus other arts and crafts.

Central Action Role Playing Society

This home page for a Michigan-based fantasy LARP society helps keep members (and others) informed of upcoming events and news. Stop by to visit the online gallery, browse the member ranks, and even join. Be sure to check out the Discussion Forum; useful comments are always welcome. Planned site upgrades include the addition of an Online Character Creation System, plus games and puzzles.

Dagorhir, The Sport

The Dagorhir Battle Game Association hosts this look at the "sport" which pits players in a free-style simulation of battles which might have taken place during the Dark Ages. Link to the home pages of player groups around the country or the national office, review the Live-Action Battle Gaming Group List, or sign up to play. Loads of information on costuming, props, and rules help players get into character.


A full-contact medieval combat group/system based primarily in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C., area, Darkon recreates fierce hand-to-hand combat scenarios using padded weapons like maces and clubs. Make a virtual visit to the world of Darkon, review the system's prevailing rules, find out about upcoming events, and see photos of past battles.

Fantasy Quest

Get into character in Connecticut with fellow gamers involved in the medieval role-playing fantasy that is Fantasy Quest. Find a general introduction to role-playing games, a look at how the FQ gaming system is structured, and an invitation to the next events. An FQ FAQ, photo album, and storybook help fill in the details.

Generic Live Action Role-playing Enterprises

With an emphasis on character development and interaction rather than slash and plunder quests, the GLARE rules support an "open" system easily tailored for different gaming styles. Find out more about GLARE and its medieval fantasy world, Ariel. General game information plus details about GLARE combat, magic, characters, and races are featured. Those interested can also find out how to join the action.

The International Fantasy Gaming Society

A Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) organization in the United States, the International Fantasy Gaming Society promotes its chapters and role-playing in general through this official page. Find links to chapter home pages, the IFGS FAQ, a gallery of photos and links to other LARP organizations around the world.

Legends Roleplaying

A medieval fantasy role-playing system, Legends recreates the mist-shrouded days of an era gone by. Always open to new players, the site hosts an introduction to the fantasy for folks new to role-playing. Information geared to the veteran player is also featured, along with a players forum and an event photo gallery. AOL users are invited to join in the weekly get-together at the Red Lantern Tavern chat room.

Live Role Playing Game FAQ

From the Usenet newsgroup, this document answers most everything anyone could want to know about live-action fantasy role-playing. Find out what it is, how it works, and why people do it-some of the reasons anyway. Those with questions not answered in the FAQ can contact the volunteers listed for more information.

New England Roleplaying Organization

Here's the official international home page and Web site for NERO, a live-action medieval fantasy game which boasts being the largest role-playing system in the United States. Visit this page to get most all the details: who, what, when, and where. As for the why ... that's up to each individual player.

The Shade's LARP Games List

An excellent resource for anyone interested in Live-Action Role- Playing games, this list points to the home pages of LARP systems and organizations in North America and elsewhere in the world. Also find general news and information resources of interest to the whole LARP community.

Society for Creative Anachronism

Here's the home page for the international organization which helped take role-playing off the stage and turn it into a passionate avocation for folks of all ages. Learn all about the organization as well as the period in history its members study and recreate. A list of SCA groups will help those interested locate active SCA members nearby.

Southern Organization for Live Action Reenactments

Based in Atlanta, Ga., SOLAR offers a skill-based, mythological fantasy live-action role-playing game. Build skills while battling monsters and questing for treasure. Find an introduction to the game and its member-players, event announcements, and background on Sutherlands, the world in which the fantasy takes place. Also find a section on how to make weapons.

Trolling for Taillights

Here's a role-playing game of another kind, requiring no costumes, no knowledge of legend and lore, and no weapons. It's illegal to pretend you're a policeman, but it's not illegal to "pretend" to be a radar gun. Find out what simple electronics are required to stimulate other drivers' radar detectors and how to turn highway high jinks into a game. Rules, safety precautions, and a scoring system are featured.

World of Darkness

B.J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness

Those seeking an introduction to or in-depth information about the World of Darkness need only drop by this archive. Find pages devoted to each of the games: Vampire: The Masquerade; Werewolf: The Apocalypse; Mage: The Ascension; Changling: The Dreaming and Wraith: The Oblivion. A collection of WoD-related links is organized by type: information, meta-list, gopher, FTP and more. The FAQ is also online for those needing quick, general answers.

Web of Darkness

Ben Buckner posts this extensive index offering 177 World of Darkness links, including 10 FAQs. Also find pointers to 6 Rage-related Web sites as well as an FTP site. If it's about the World of Darkness, it's probably listed here if it's worth a look.

White Wolf's World of Darkness Timeline

Compiled from official White Wolf sources by Jonathan Burt (with a little help from his friends), this timeline mingles real life historical events with those of the fictitious World of Darkness. See when the clans first appeared and trace the major events in the World of Darkness through 1995. An excellent resource for building stories and settling trivial disputes. Changeling: The Dreaming

Changeling: The Dreaming Official Home Page

White Wolf hosts this brief look at its role-playing fantasy game about spirit possession. A product list is available for those needing supplies and anyone with a question need only send their queries to the e-mail address provided.

The Dreaming

An extensive resource for players who enjoy Changeling: The Dreaming, this site hosts links to the Changeling FAQ, official errata, essays, and clarifications on rules and the world. Also find faery tales and art, links to "Glamour" found across the 'Net, and pointers to people who play. A great starting place for anyone new to the game, the site is also laden for veteran players as well.

Kyrin's Changeling: The Dreaming Page

Read an excerpt from the official Changeling: The Dreaming Rulebook and discover what this role-playing game is all about. Also find Kyrin's personal contributions to the game and links to other players' home pages.

Mage: The Ascension

This organized index presented by C. Thomas features general rules for the Mage: The Ascension magical role-playing game. Links to other players' home pages and miscellaneous storyteller aids are also included.

Mage: The Ascension Official Home Page

White Wolf hosts this brief look at its role-playing fantasy game about magical charms and charmers. A product list is available for those needing supplies and anyone curious can read the developer's notes for a look into the mind of the game's mastermind.

Mage Stuff

This compiled archive offers a gold mine of resources pertaining to Mage: The Ascension. Find directories offering information on character creation, paradigms, realms, spheres, technomancers, traditions, and about a half dozen other aspects of the game. Articles of general interest to Mage players are also on file.

Peter's Mage Page

Peter Eriksson hosts this mega-Mage page with lots to read and enjoy. Browse through a big collection of articles on traditions, conventions, magic, and settings. Also find chronicles and fiction. Plenty of links to other players' Mage pages lead to even more topical sites to see. Vampire: The Apocalypse

Vampire: The Apocalypse Official Home Page

Explore the World of Darkness at this official home page for the White Wolf studio's Vampire role-playing game. Sink your teeth into product lists, game summaries and fiction. A player's registry and information about joining the White Wolf team are also featured. And those with questions need only ask.

The Elysium - Vampire: The Masquerade Page

Role-players into The Masquerade of the vampire world should stop by this player's resource to browse the nice collection of game-related items. Find quick answers to questions to questions about the game in the FAQ. Read vampire fiction and character profiles. And link to pages offering additional information and other items of interest to players.

Red Rose Vampire Network Node

Stop in here for the blood and guts of the Live-Action Role-Playing game Vampire: The Masquerade. Find an overview of the game plus links to the clan pages of various vampire types. Pointers to other sites of interest to the vampire community are also available.

Vampire: The Masquerade, Second Edition Errata

Players missing rules from White Wolf's The Masquerade, Second Edition need only stop by this page to solve the problem. The text-only page can be printed for off-line reference. Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Welcome to the Velvet Shadow, a page created by a player for players of the World of Darkness role-playing fantasy where werewolves prowl the night. Visit the archive to browse the selection of useful gaming files, check the game registry to locate players games open for play, or check out the "best" characters of all time. Information on the 13 known Unbral Realms is available to explore and chronicles are online to read.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse Official Home Page

White Wolf hosts this look at its role-playing fantasy game Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Read a general description of the game, browse a product list and check out the developer's notes. Links to other White Wolf pages point the way to other role-playing games played in the World of Darkness.

Traditional and Other RPGs


Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game

Hosted by Jean-Christophe Dubacq, this page offers rules, alternate rules, an FAQ, and art associated with the diceless role-playing game (DRPG) released in 1991 by Phage Press and based on the Amber universe created by the sci-fi books of Roger Zelazny. Visit the library for a timeline of books, a quick who's who, and an elemental mythology. The page is available in English and French.

Princess Invidia's Amber Page

Jen Kitchen hosts this useful fan page devoted to the Amber diceless role-playing game (DRPG). Link to the "highly recommended" Roger Zelazny Page, the Amber FAQ and "metric tons" of Amber-related sites including campaigns and other players' home pages, FTP sites and Telnet sites for online play. The princess also points to her personal Amber playground and information on her current campaign.

Ars Magica

Ars Magica

Atlas Games hosts this official site for its Ars Magica role-playing game. Features include company and game news, an FAQ, a product list, and a link to the U.S. mirror of Project Redcap, a site reputed to contain links to all known Ars Magica sites on the Web. A link to Sanctum Hermeticum, an Ars Magica fanzine, is also featured.

Ars Magica FAQ

Practically a whole village of folks came together to produce this document offering answers the most frequently asked questions about the role-playing game Ars Magica. Among the topics featured find answers to general game questions, answers to specific rules questions, an overview of the game and its history, and information about Ars Magica resources on the Internet. A list of material for suggested reading is also included.

The Crossroads of Order

This site is the U.S. mirror of the Redcap Project, a central clearinghouse for links to Ars Magica resources on the Internet. Among its principal pointers, find jumps to the Atlas Games' Ars Magica Page, the Ars Magica FAQ, and Sanctum Hermeticum, the online fanzine. Pointers to other topical sites, including covenant archives, are also featured.

Sanctum Hermeticum

Centered on the game Ars Magica and the realm of Mythic Europe, this online, on-going project allows players to explore the concepts found in the role-playing series by Atlas Games. Visitors are welcome to read or add to the collection of fan fiction and to the growing description of the Village of Flamor. Information on the Order of Hermes and its structure is also featured, including the group's constitution.


BattleTech: The Future of Warfare

Sponsored by FASA Corporation, this official home page introduces the board-based role-playing game where players "strap on" BattleTech armored war machines and fight for planets and empires. Stop by for the rules and regulations, a look at the answers to Frequently Asked Questions, errata, a product guide and a monthly release schedule. Visitors can also find out how to join the official fan club, submit material to FASA and get BattleTech licensed material. Those interested will also find a link to information about the collectible card game.

BattleTech Virtual Reality FAQ

Fielding frequently asked questions, Charlotte "Freya" Henkle and Norman "Beaver-1" Choe post this unofficial page of answers about BattleTech (Virtual Reality), an arcade simulation based on the role-playing board game BattleTech. Find out exactly what BT (VR) is, where it is available, and how much it costs to play. Instruction on how to play, including a brief look at tactics and suggestions, is also included. Links to other BattleTech information sites round out the offerings.

The Bloody Clans

Rich Meyers, Ice to multi-player BattleTech enthusiasts, posts this semi-official page for one the games' oldest and most respected "mercenary" groups, The Bloody Clans (TBC). Turned bad after having their fill of winning for the cause of right, the 40-member group now leaves a dark trail of destruction in its wake. Link to TBC pages to read fiction and catch a glimpse of the group at its bloodiest.

Locke's BattleTech Page

Browse this arsenal of mech designs which have come straight from the imagination of David Locke. Among the machines, find light, medium, heavy, and assault mechs with armament and engine details fully articulated. (The Mechworks Mek files should be available soon.) A history of the Cavalier-type mech paints a colorful background story for the deadly machines. Links to other BattleTech-related pages point the way to additional war zones of potential interest.

Maurauder's Battle Tech Page

A good resource for newbies looking to get a feel for the role-playing world of BattleTech, Jeff Moerdyke's site posts a question and answer explanation of the game and its universe, and features a map of Inner Sphere. For those looking to find even more information, links to archive sites and other BattleTech pages point the way. Also find jumps to the BattleTech Player's List, BattleTech Multi-User Simulated Environment (MUSE) telnet sites, and BattleTech Virtual Reality sites.

Welcome to BattleTech

J. Howard hosts this resource offering a brief history behind the BattleTech Universe and a look at the World of BattleTech as presented by FASA. The Weapons Data File details the capacities of the various weapons and the BattleMech Data File posts illustrations of the mech designs. Finally, a roster of those who've achieved the status of BattleTech Master and joined the Legendary Order of Burton is also available for those who'd like to pay tribute.

Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu

Based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and others, Call of Cthulhu (kuh-THOO-loo) is a horror fantasy role-playing game set in the 1920s and peopled with monsters, powerful entities, netherworld terrors, and their worshipers. Join the fun and investigate things unknown and never spoken of before. This official game page will help those interested in the game find all they need to get started. Links lead to product and ordering information, plus other Call of Cthulhu resources on the Web. (The link page is worth the visit; this collection points in most every RPG direction possible.)

Call of Cthulhu RPG

Laurent Alquier posts this nice directory of sites related to Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu, the horror role-playing game based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. Link to the official (buy it here) page hosted by Chaosium Inc., three FTP archives hosting pictures, character aids and manuscripts, and over a dozen players' home pages offering articles and resources of topical interest. Among the featured pages, find two character generator PC software programs.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Fans of the British science fiction fantasy series Doctor Who with a desire to play a role-playing e-mail game based on the good doctor's fictional adventures will find plenty of interest on this page by Ian McDonald. Features include information about the Who-RPG mailing list with links to new and old archives, a rule book for the game, character information, adventure outlines, and timelines. Ideas about where to find a game and help for playing on different systems is also available.


Cyberpunk 2020 Web Archive

Paul Tobia posts this extensive resource which offers loads of interest to anyone who enjoys R. Talsorian Games' futuristic RPG Cyberpunk 2020. Among the featured items find official rules, errata, home-brew rules, reference tables, fan essays, and a look at some new worlds players can add to their Cyberpunk worlds. Plus there are new "technologies," humor, and links to other game-related sites. The site is well organized and easy to use.

Mockery's Cyberpunk 2020 Page

Players working strictly from the original Cyberpunk book will appreciate the offerings presented at this site. Find conversions for all sorts of new weapons, gear, and cyberware options. Also find sections on programs, corporations, vehicles, places, and rule modifications. A look at characters, campaigns and other Cyberpunk fan pages round out the offerings.

Morninman's Cyberpunk 2020 Archive

Favoring a reprieve from the sweaty urban outrage of the Cyberpunk world, this archive explores the life under, on, and around the sea. Find an Oceanpunk players guide, as well as information on Oceanpunk equipment and gear. Other interesting items include a list of German words and phrases (make's sense if you're character is German), and deck plans for the Weston Class Boost Freighter and the Sea Spider DMP. Links to other Cyperpunk 2020 sites, general and science fiction gaming sites, and related media round are also included.

Dungeons & Dragons

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

A no-frills site that gets right down to business, this one's a gem of simplicity, order, and resources. Find a link to the Multi-Player Games Network FTP site offering the Internet's only "legal" resource for TSR gaming information. Two FAQs are on tap, as are a half dozen databases offering riddles, encounters, spells, and prayers. Three rules summaries help clarify various points of the game, and links point to other AD&D sites of interest including other fans' pages and the Usenet newsgroup.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons FTP Site

Upload or download files at this archive for Advanced Dungeon and Dragon gaming resources. Among the files available find dragon articles, an FAQ, hexmaps, rules, stories, programs, and reviews. Information on monsters, spells and worlds is also featured. Plus, there are character sheets and lots of other items of related interest.

Dungeons & Dragons

An avid gamer and active programmer, Christopher A. Brooks welcomes fellow players to the various AD&D utilities he has created. All are invited to stop into the Gallery of Magical Blades and grab a blade. Those looking for character sheets can check out the MS-DOS and Word for Windows sheets. And spellcasters may wish to download the Wizard/Priest Quick Reference Sheet. Also available here (but created by different folks) are six fonts which include Runes, Oghams, and Wiccan symbols. Among the other resources on site, find mailing list addresses, Usenet newsgroups, additional AD&D programs of interest and links to other topical pages.

Dungeons & Dragons Section of Mini World

Here's a find! This site houses interactive online programs that generate characters, items, spellbooks, and gems. Look up monsters, check out Surges and Fumbles, and review Spelljammer Crew costs. Readers can use the online search to find information of interest from "Dragon & Polyhedron Magazine" and links point the way to other selected AD&D sites offering additional gaming resources for players and masters.

Effie's Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy Role Playing Concordance

Those in need of quick reference concerning the role-playing fantasy Dungeons and Dragons may want to try this compiled resource presented by Loy Ellen Gross. Find information on rules, armor, weapons, monsters, spells, magic items, artifacts, and modules. Reader submissions are welcome and appreciated.

The Great Net.Book Archive

Archiver Ezra Van Everbroeck hosts this informative and helpful library of resources geared to the role-playing community. Browse The Guide to Herbs for RPGs to find tips on playing with plants. The Great Net Spellbook/Great Net Prayerbook presents thousands of spells and prayers. And the archive of Auxiliary RPG Programs offers a collection of automated generators which create items that enhance play. Those looking for more information can link to the dozens of related sites listed.


Eric Dobbs presents this detailed look at Dage, a fantasy world game setting he's developed for AD&D, but which can be used with other gaming systems. Find a Dage FAQ plus game information including bits on magic, religions, monsters, and character kits. An overview of the civilization features a history of Dage and looks at the society and politics, the peoples, and the cities. Selected references including a dictionary round out the offerings.


The Cage of Threads

This popular site features player contributed Earthdawn resources compiled and presented by John Douglass. Among the links find the Earthdawn Mailing List FAQ, an FTP site and players' home pages. Specific gaming resources include errata, characters' journals, and items of interest to game masters, including information on weapons, magical items, and disciplines.

Earthdawn Mailing List FAQ

Here's a good place for any player to begin (or continue) learning about the Earthdawn role-playing game. Find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions starting with an explanation of what Earthdawn is. Other answers point to an Earthdawn FTP archive and topical Web pages. Find out about rules, errata, the fanzine, available products, and the game's relation to Shadowrun, another FASA game. The site is maintained by Chris Ryan, with contributions from over a half dozen sources.

Earthdawn Journal

Published four times a year by Sword of Knight Publications, Inc., the Earthdawn Journal is the official magazine for die-hard Earthdawn fans. Visit this page for subscription information and a look at the table of contents from each of the past seven volumes.

Earthdawn Official Home Page

FASA Corporation hosts this official exploration of Earthdawn, the role-playing game set thousands of years ago when magic was a prevalent force and so were the Horrors. Check out the latest game news, review the product list, and look into what's scheduled for release. Also find the FAQs and errata offering the official line on the game. Those interested in submitting material to FASA will find guidelines, and links lead to other FASA pages offering information on their other games.

Strands Earthdawn Page

Jeff Sheen and his fellow "dudes" offer this superior Earthdawn resource for the benefit of all who enjoy the game. Browse basic gaming materials such as rules clarifications and character sheets, but also find a library of spells, a collection of narratives and stories, and ideas for settings and adventures. Talk of characters, creatures, and magic items is also online; plus, the dudes answer readers' questions. Rounding out the extensive offerings are a collection of reader submitted works and links to sites of topical interest.



Rob Barret claims his to be the first page devoted to Everway, Rubicon's fantasy role-playing game by Jonathon Tweet, the designer responsible for Ars Magica and Over the Edge. Browse information exploring characters, magic and powers, spheres and realms, quests and campaigns. Links of interest point to the Everway mailing list and a collection of legends and family histories written by players and compiled by Alan Schwartz.


Gargoyle's Roost

James Cannon (a.k.a. Gargoyle) hosts this fan page devoted to the Palladium role-playing game Nightbane where shape-shifters inspire horror, alienation, and paranoia. Read a brief introduction to the game, then browse the supplements James has created to the main game. Also find a few pieces of fiction and, of course, those "obligatory" pointers to sites of related topical interest.


Christopher Smith offers fellow Nightbane enthusiasts optional rules to spice up play, ideas for campaigns and adventures, and some new Nightlands denizens. Also find links to new Morphus forms tables, new talents, new magic, and new psionics. Many of the items offered were created by other players and all are credited. Continuing contributions to the site's offerings are accepted and appreciated.


An official Palladium site created by Kevin G. Rau (Cyr Kithra) this searchable archive holds articles on the Gargoyles of Nightbane, new OCCs for the game, character suggestions for game masters, and general articles of interest to players. Links to topical sites of related interest are also featured.



NuRPG relies on its players to literally write the interactive story which moves the game along. The setting is the world of Nu and the battle is the age old story which pits the forces of Light against the overwhelming forces of Darkness. Stop by this page for the official who, what, when, where, and why. Find a link to the FAQ, the story archives, a map of Nu, a list of characters, and recent submissions.


Find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Nu world's role-playing game. Start with a simple explanation of what NuRPG is, move to information about how it works, then explore the world of Nu-look over a list of its cities and their inhabitants, and review the "story" so far. Information on joining play and finding topical Internet resources is also included.

Over the Edge

Games Descriptions: Over the Edge

At its most elemental, Over the Edge is a role-playing game about people doing the darndest things ... to each other, to themselves, to the neighbor's cat. It's a completely surreal environment where the unusual is usual. Still unclear about the game? Check out the vivid description posted to this page by player Caleb Welton. He minces no words in his telling, so people with soft centers in their heads should probably stay away.

Over the Edge Home Page

François "Fu" Uldry posts this piece of madness based on his experiences with the role-playing game Over the Edge. Enjoy fiction, weird stuff, character profiles, plots and places, and game goodies. Those wishing to find more pages devoted to Over the Edge or its collectible card game, On the Edge, will find pointers to the home pages of other players and sites of topical interest.

Over the Edge: The Psychosurreal Role-Playing Game

This official game page will help those interested in Over the Edge find all they need to get started. Browse the product list featuring over a dozen books to aid in role play. Each product is shown and fully described so players know exactly what to expect, both from the products and the game.


Paranoia: The Computer is Your Friend!

Those with the proper security clearance can access Ben Matasar's fan page devoted to West End Game's RPG tribute to writer George Orwell's novel 1984. Among the offerings find alternate rules, an adventure idea, loyalty tests, and names of traitors. Instructions for playing the game online are also featured.

Paranoia RPG: Instructions for Playing Online

This page from Ben Matasar's fan site details the rules for playing Paranoia online. In Paranoia, the computer rules; players are its agents. The resulting bureaucratic madness spawns corruption, intrigue, terror, and death. Find a general game background, answers to basic questions, rules and mission rules, plus all the details that make the game fun.


PRIMUS Home Page

Shelley Chrystal Mactyre hosts this unofficial site devoted to Hero Games' RPG based on the Primary Response and Interdiction Military Service, or PRIMUS. Among the designer's notes find an article about PRIMUS which provides a good start on figuring out what the game is about. Those seeking answers to specific questions about the game can "Ask the Golden Avenger." In addition to these resources find actual U.S. government sites mixed with game materials to spur role-playing and keep things interesting.



Ravi K. Swamy treats players to a fairly complete background on Robotech. The FAQ alone offers a history of the phenomenon from its earliest forms as a television series through its various merchandising incarnation and onto the Internet. A section on the role-playing game and fan fiction points players to a few sites of special interest, but most links lead to general and related information about Robotech. The site is well worth a look to any true Robotech fan.

Robotech: The Third Invid War Info Page

Dave Deitrich, Chris Meadows, and friends present a sequel to the Robotech role-playing game as a supplement for additional fun and action. According to the authors, the Third Invid War (TIW) is an attempt to provide a viable conclusion for the "Return of the Invid" storyline. Read a general introduction to TIW, then follow pointers to information about new skills, OCCs, REF Cyclones, and REF Veritechs. Also find new Invid Mecha, NPCs, bases, spacecraft, and equipment. Links lead to other Robotech Web pages.


Avatar Industries Online Catalog

A good resource for finding general information on Palladium games, Edward Paul's site is primarily dedicated to the Rifts RPG, offering a catalog of techno-wizardry related to the game and "created" by players. Find firearms and accessories, gear and armor, cybernetics and bot upgrades, vehicles and robotics. A character compendium, advanced gaming information and an excellent list of links to other notable Rifts-related sites are also included.

The Netbooks of Rifts

Morpheus maintains this site offering The Great Net RIFTS OCC & RCC Handbook v1.5, a compilation of player-created OCCs and RCCs found on the Internet. This site also posts details on new critters and equipment, plus offers character sheets. News, miscellaneous Rifts materials, and links to Rifts sites round out the content-heavy offerings available here.

The Rifts MUD Home Page

Stop by this site to find out how to join fellow Rifts fans for online MUD action. Those unfamiliar with the game can link to information on the world of Rifts. A live link will transport those ready for action to the Telnet site where the MUD is played.

ThunderStrike - Rifts

This searchable mega-site created by Kevin G. Rau (a.k.a. Cyr Kithra) offers Rifts RPG players a bit of it all and then some, beginning with the Rifts Game Master Companion. Find stats, details, and backgrounds for adventures and campaigns, personal equipment, computers, vehicles, and miscellaneous materials. Optional rules, new Occupational Character Classes, and articles detailing places in the Megaverse are also online. Plus sections on powers and spells add even more value to the site. This site is a must for Rifts fan.



An excellent resource for any player browsing RPGs in search of a new home, this page offers an informative overview of RuneQuest and delineates its major difference from other fantasy role-playing games, i.e. RuneQuest is based on myth and legend as opposed to fantasy fiction. Links point to the RuneQuest Archives (pages hosted by other players which offer a wealth of gaming information), the page author's and other player's campaign home pages, and conversion notes for players who'd like to switch over from AD&D.


Grifter's Shadow

Among the prizes found on this player's site, find a collection of "every" article that could possibly be of interest to runners. Also enjoy player contributions, a character database, and images of all the Shadowrun miniatures.

Shadowrun Archive

Paolo "The Collector" Marcucci hosts the collection Shadowrun files retrieved from all across the Internet . Find information in this searchable database organized under the headings: archetypes, corporations and societies, critters, errata, images, links, magic, miscellany, modules, places, programs, publications, reviews, rules, character sheets, and stories.

Shadowrun Home Page

FASA Corporation hosts this virtual showroom for its futuristic role-playing fantasy that mixes magic and machinery. Read a general introduction to Shadowrun and explore the products available for sale. Also find information on the Shadowrun fanzine and other licensed products. Those interested in contributing their talents to the game will find submission guidelines to follow.

Welcome to Shadowland

Here's a self-contained runners' world on the Internet. Register (free) to enter and explore the resources that await inside. First check out the online guide for answers to any questions about the place. Then enjoy. Find a character generator, a notice board and an area for online gaming. Meet fellow runners either in character or out, send and read mail, or drop by the discussion forums.

Star Trek

Federation Sim Group

Sign up and beam aboard one of the ships in the Federation's fleet for a little online role-playing and Starfleet simulation. Find everything needed to get started at this orientation page. Learn more about the group and its fleet of Internet ships, find out how to sim via e-mail, check out the IRC channel, read the FSG Sim Manual, and stop by the FTP archive to download game materials. Links to fun Star Trek sites round out the offerings available.

For other Star Trek simulation games , also see:

The First Defense Fleet Space Corps

Holonet Simulations

The Interstellar Alliance of Planets Command

Star Trek Interactive Universe Home Page

Welcome to TrekComm

United Confederation of Interstellar Planets

United Federation of Starships

United Interstellar Planets

Star Wars

The Star Wars Home Page

Players new to the Star Wars RPG will find loads of useful information at this growing resource hosted by Jason Ruspini. Link to over two dozen sources for modification charts, FAQs, character lists, rules, and guides of every sort. The technical information section offers rebel and stormtrooper training manuals, an explanation of hyperspace travel, and a look at lightsaber technology. Also find a library of adventures, lists of online games (MUDs and MUSHes) and several game reviews.

Star Wars RPG Home Page

The Web base of the Star Wars RPG Club, this site serves as an introduction to the group (one of the oldest of its kind) and to its approach to playing West End Games' Star Wars role-playing game. Links are provided to each of the site's four main branches of activity. Star Wars: Central is the group's headquarters, offering general information. Star Wars: Empire and Star Wars: New Republic provide campaign information, and Star Wars: Independent offers information about the fringe elements in the Star Wars galaxy.

The Star Wars RPG Page

Frank Dawson hosts this small but expanding gamer's resource. Find links to the Star Wars Home Page, The Star Wars Adventure Database, and the Star Wars RPG mailing list. An on site chat room also allows players to mingle and exchange ideas.



Role-play the life and death excitement of a postmodern, edge of disaster, adult fantasy where governments don't care and players must take to the roads in a game of survival. Read all about the essence and origin of the TAIGA wilderness of, check out the game designer's notes, and find out who makes the game available. Corrections and clarifications to the European rules are also featured.


TORG - Roleplaying the Possibility Wars

Gen-ichi Nishio introduces players to a generic role-playing system of alien invasion and altered realities. Read an overview of the game TORG, refer to the FAQ for quick answers and check out the product list for possible purchases. The page is available in English and Japanese and links to the Official TORG page of Omni Gaming Products.


Imperium Games Home Page

Stop by this page for the official word on Traveller. Check out the latest game news, review the product list, read the most up-to-date postings from the Traveler News Service, peruse the errata, or link to players' sites which are dedicated to the game. Of special note, the Journal of the Travelers' Aid Society offers adventure hooks, scenarios and background to aid Traveler role-playing.,


Here's a searchable archive of Traveler information maintained by Joseph Heck. Access the Traveler mailing list FAQ, browse a compilation of bits and bytes taken from across the Internet, study rules modifications and related discussions, or comb the library for adventures and information of interest to those who inhabit the Traveler universe. Links point to both official and unofficial game-related pages.

Traveller Chronicle

Sword of the Knight Publications promotes its magazine dedicated to Traveler and those who enjoy role-playing the science fiction adventure. Published three times a year, the magazine features articles and artwork relevant to keeping the game alive. Find cover shots and content summaries for the 10 issues which have been printed since the magazine's inception in 1993. Links to game-related and topical sites are also featured.

Traveller - Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future

Dave Golden and about a dozen other Traveler fans offer this collection of game goodies for others interested in the science fiction adventure based on the distant future. Among the offerings find game news, rules and errata, and artwork. Adventure ideas, campaign backgrounds, and other useful ideas can be found in the resources section. And a collection of links point the way to other Traveler outposts in cyberspace.


Morten's Warhammer Page

Morten Krog presents a nice offering of resources related to the Warhammer fantasy role-playing game (which is not the same as Warhammer 40,000). Access the Warhammer Archives, check out the mailing list, browse the FAQ, or link to other pages dedicated to the fantasy role-playing game.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle - The University of Altdorf Home Page

Go to school on the Warhammer Fantasy Battle game at this extensive site offering everything from warring strategies to painting tips. Get the latest update on the campaign currently being fought out over the Internet. Stop by the Library for reading material, inspiring art, and referrals to other sites of interest. Find maps in the Map Room and visit the lecture rooms for basic tutoring. Fun and very useful, the site offers something for beginners and veteran campaigners alike.

Warhammer 40,000

Though the company no longer supports the Warhammer FRPG (Hogshead Publishing does now), Games Workshop does support Warhammer 40,000, the fantasy battle board game. Read the official company promotion on the game, find out how to get started working with the game's miniatures, and check out the art gallery for ideas and inspiration.

Warhammer 40,000

Brian Sinclair proudly presents Warhammer 40K animations prepared by his brother-in-law, plus a variety of other fan submitted material including place names, rules, and new characters. Humbly acknowledging his site as only one of many, Brian also points out dozens of other Warhammer 40,000 fan pages on the Web. Better yet, he verifies the links he features to ensure they're still active!

The Warhammer 40,000 Web Awards

Who posts the best Warhammer 40,000 page on the Web? Visit this page to view a gallery of past award recipients and vote for tomorrow's winner.

Editor's Choices

CNET Reviews - CD-ROM Central

At $50.00 a game and up, playing around on the computer can get fairly pricey, fairly quickly. Anymore it takes a savvy, informed shopper not to get taken by the latest and supposedly greatest game to come down the pike-especially those games being driven by a promotions department that's hyped up and hungry for a sale. Sometimes it takes an objective eye to help tighten the focus and show things for what they are. That's why it's not a bad idea at all to check out how reviewers react to the new games coming into the market. As part of its search services, c/net offers a CD ROM library of reviews and games is one of the categories covered. Reviews are short and to the point, and links lead to supplemental material. If the reviewer feels the game is worth the expense, a recommendation to buy is given; if not, no recommendation is given and players are left to decide for themselves. The games reviewed are indexed alphabetically.

Douwe's Game Cheating Page

Either because of a game's difficulty level or a player's unfamiliarity with the strategies necessary to win, cheats, hints, and other aids are often called into play by gamers at all levels. Often used to speed the learning process of exploring and exploiting a game's design, these cheats vary in their effect on the game's outcome. Some cheats merely offer hints for solving a puzzle, others give complete game solutions, and still others provide players advantages not normally allowed in standard play. A variety of sites are online which cater to serving players these cheats. Douwe's Game Cheating Page is just such a site. In addition to its large online collection of cheats, the page also offers cheating programs and points to other sites offering similar information. Some of these additional cheat sites include: Complete Walkthroughs and Solves for Adventure Games at and The Spoiler Centre and

Lord Soth's Games on the Internet

A piece of the Happy Puppy site, Lord Soth's area is so rich in resources, it deserves another mention. Links lead to over 1,243 games- freeware, shareware, or demos-organized by platform, multiplayer option, and category. Of course, Lord Soth has his favorites and that's a separate sort. Other links lead to cheat codes, FAQs, walkthroughs, strategy guides, move lists, and editors. Plus there's even more stuff on-site for players to browse through and enjoy. A site for a gamer's sore eyes, Lord Soth likes to load his visitors down. Let the game's begin! Prod: Embed following in Role-playing Games section

Macray's Keep

Unlike other sites which offer indexes to role-playing game information resources, this site sponsors actual play. Masters can use the site to organize and launch message-based campaigns; players can use the site to join these campaigns. A list of games currently running is featured along with details for joining a game or starting a new one. Those who are just curious and want to look around can visit the guest area; while those actively campaigning may find a visit to the chat room both relaxing and beneficial. It's an easy-to-use site, a great service, and another step in the evolution of gaming on the Web. Prod: Also embed below in Role-Playing Games section

Mud Connector

One of the favorite haunts of role-players is the Internet because of the diverse opportunities for online play. It is not unusual for the popular role-playing game systems to inspire several MUDs offering gamers online experiences based on the premise of the game. Here's an opportunity to explore those games and the MUDs which have sprung up to server role-players online. This searchable collection of MUDs indexes over 300 titles (not all offer role-playing). Entries include a basic description of the game plus links to the game's Web home page (if applicable) and its Telnet gaming area. Other site features include MUD client resources, links to topical newsgroups, and pointers to FAQs. For those new to MUDs and role-playing, this site offers another entree into the hidden worlds that await online. For more MUD information and links, see the Telnet Guide, Chapter 13. Prod: Below Can go either in role playing or adventure section

The Roguelike Games Home Page

Billions and billions of years ago ... well not quite, but it was back in the computer dark ages, long before the advent of the Web and graphic computer games. The best game in town was a text-based adventure called rogue. Players roamed a dungeon slaying nightmares, garnering treasures, and growing in power. It was fun, and the game became the first of a whole genre. The story of rogue-like games is an interesting tale and is presented with many illustrative links on this page hosted Boudewijn Waijers. Among the featured items find a few FAQs, newsgroups, an FTP archive housing game codes, and utilities. Links to other fan pages round out the offerings presented. Even those not interested in text-based adventuring may want to stop by this page. It really brings home just how far gaming technology has come in so few years. Prod: Role playing section for following

The RPG Archives

Michael P. Duff, Jr. boasts his is the oldest site on the Web devoted to role-playing games. Perhaps that's true, but the site is definitely one of the best. Its contents include gaming news, tools, links to MUDs, electronic texts, event announcements, and companies. And that's just a sampling. The offerings range from the general to the specific and provide a great collection of information and resources for newcomers and old-timers alike. Prod: Below goes to Collectible Card games sect.

Sprig's Collectible Card Game Warehouse

This is one of those sites that reflects what the Internet can be when its at its best. It's a free resource-well designed and maintained-that provides folks interested in collectible card games a single site where they can come and get information. Currently indexing 66 released games and 16 announced games, the warehouse can be searched alphabetically or by game category. Game listings feature results to reader surveys, card lists, current news, and links to fan and official pages offering information of interest about the game. A player registry for each game is also included so players can search out others with similar interests. Other warehouse features include links to CCG-related software and magazines. Stop by; it's worth a visit. Prod: Into the RPG section, please, with following

woodelf's RPG Index

From 2070 to Ysgarth, virtually all the role-playing games currently in play are represented in this index of Web sites. Search the index by game title, genre, or game setting (country) to find a list of Web pages devoted to the game or games which are of interest to you. Other site features include listings for gamemaster sites, organizations, companies, and online stores. Whether new to role-playing or a veteran, this well-designed and maintained offering provides a valuable resource.