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The Ten Most Commonly Asked Questions
LANtasticO for WindowsO 95
1. Does Power Suite work with LANtastic for Windows 95
Yes! With LANtastic for Windows 95, your customers can still enjoy the powerful communications features of LANtastic Power Suite while migrating to Windows 95. LANtastic for Windows 95 enables you to run most Power Suite applications on Windows 95 computers. You can have basic BitCom/BitFax functionality, as long as the fax/modem server is a local device on a DOS/Windows PC. However, BitCom/BitFax is 16-bit software and will not fully utilize the 32-bit capabilities in Windows 95.
The Cheyenne" BitShare client module in Power Suite also works on a PC running LANtastic for Windows 95. If the client is running on a Windows 95 PC, LANtastic must be the primary network log on. The Cheyenne BitShare server portion of Power Suite will not run on a Windows 95 PC, due to its DOS TSR architecture. However, you can still use this function by setting up a DOS or Windows PC as the modem server.
The Lotus" cc:Mail and Lotus Organizer clients work well with LANtastic for Windows 95 when properly set up. To assure proper setup, please refer to the Windows 95 product bulletin on our World Wide Web site at, or request a copy from our FaxReturnSM service by dialing 520-884-1397 from you fax telephone handset. Select #2 at the prompt for a complete listing of available bulletins.
2. When is LANtastic for Windows 95 going to be available?
LANtastic for Windows 95 software was released to Artisoft production on December 16, 1995. We began building software kits on December 19, and customer shipments began on December 20, 1995. The software will be readily available through ArtisoftOs authorized distributors worldwide during the first week of January 1996.
LANtastic for Windows 95 Starter Kits, including software, cables and two plug-and-play NodeRunner Pro Combo network adapters, are scheduled for shipment to distribution on January 22, 1996. LANtastic for Windows 95 Add-On Kits, including software, cable and one plug-and-play NodeRunner Pro Combo or UTP network adapter, are also scheduled for shipment to distribution on January 22, 1996.
3. What new features are going to be in LANtastic for Windows 95?
For information about specific features in LANtastic for Windows 95, please refer to the Products section of ArtisoftOs World Wide Web Home Page, or dial the Arti-FactsSM Bulletin Board Service or FaxReturn service.
4. Will upgrades or conversions be available?
Upgrades to LANtastic for Windows 95 are available to all current LANtastic 5.0, 6.0 and Simply LANtastic customers at special promotional prices through December 31, 1995. For more information, contact ArtisoftOs Sales Consultation Center at 1-800-846-9726 (in U.S. only). Customers outside the United States should contact their local Artisoft distributor or international Artisoft sales office. A complete list of Artisoft international sales offices is included on the last page of this document.
5. At what prices will the new software be sold?
LANtastic for Windows 95 pricing is as follows: (all prices are in U.S. dollars)
6. What hardware do you recommend to run LANtastic for Windows 95?
Our tests indicate that small and growing businesses running Windows 95 need more than the recommended memory requirements specified by Microsoft. For any LANtastic client, we recommend using at least a 386DX33 processor with a minimum of 8MB RAM. For any LANtastic server, we recommend at least a 486DX33 processor with a minimum of 8MB RAM, but encourage you to use 16MB or more. YouOll also need at least 6MB of free hard disk space.
We also recommend that you use ArtisoftOs plug-and-play NodeRunner Pro network adapters. LANtastic for Windows 95 will work with industry-standard network interface cards supported with Windows 95.
7. Will you continue to offer LANtastic 32-bit Client for Windows 95?
The LANtastic 32-bit Client for Windows 95 was released to the public on October 18, 1995 to enable LANtastic customers to connect Windows 95 PCs to their existing LANtastic network. With the release of LANtastic for Windows 95, customers will be able to secure enhanced client software and configure their Windows 95 PCs as servers on LANtastic networks. As a result, we discontinued the availability of LANtastic 32-bit Client for Windows 95 from ArtisoftOs Bulletin Board Service (BBS) and World Wide Web Home Page as of December 20, 1995.
Artisoft will continue to offer fee-based, Priority 900 Support for LANtastic 32-bit Client for Windows 95. To access this service, call 900-555-TECH (8324). This service is available only in the United States.
8. How does LANtastic for Windows 95 compare to the native networking features in Windows 95?
Award-winning LANtastic is the only network solution specifically designed for small and growing businesses. With nearly four million users worldwide, LANtastic is the most popular network for small business because of its easy-to-use interface, intuitive administration tools, reliability, scalability and security. And, LANtastic is the most adaptable network software for growing, mixed environments of DOS, Windows, OS/2" and Windows 95 platforms.
A unique feature of LANtastic for Windows 95 is its ability to share the computer resources that are attached to DOS-based PCs running LANtastic, a feature that Microsoft networking products donOt have. LANtasticOs product design provides a solid foundation for added power, performance and function. Microsoft is positioning Windows 95 as a low-end, desktop solution with network connectivity and NT as their business networking solution. As a result, Windows 95 doesnOt include three key features that small and growing businesses need: performance, scalability and security.
LANtastic is designed with comprehensive built-in security features typically found only on network servers such as the Microsoft" NT Server or Novell" NetWare". In the near future, we will offer Apple Macintosh client-server networking capabilities. WeOre also developing a new, advanced file system technology that will offer very efficient disk space utilization, easier file administration, and reliable performance that we expect will rival NT Server or NetWare.
The LANtastic for Windows 95 system includes a new LANtastic Custom Control Panel, which allows users to customize tabs and buttons displaying as much or as little information as they want. Users can change settings to suit their needs for color, tab names, icons and applications, all from the Control Panel. In addition, users can drag and drop up to 100 different application icons onto 16 user-definable tabbed pages, and set password protection for each page. Through the Custom Control Panel, Artisoft's value-added Resellers can incorporate their logo or company information into "about" screens, and add their applications or utilities to provide a custom solution for the end user.
These capabilities provide small businesses with an easy-to-use, affordable, reliable and powerful network that will grow with them as their growing business network demands. There's no need move to Microsoft's more complex, sophisticated Windows NT Server or NovellOs NetWare product lines when high performance, security and network growth are key network requirements, because LANtastic networks have all these features. And with LANtastic networking, users can preserve their existing investments in DOS, Windows and OS/2 platforms, while growing their businesses and networks.
Below is a matrix of features small businesses need and how LANtastic for Windows 95 and Windows 95 networking address these needs.
* Available second quarter, calendar year 1996.
9. Will Simply LANtastic, LANtastic Home Network or LANtastic 5.0 run on Windows 95?
Simply LANtastic, LANtastic Home Network and LANtastic 5.0 are not supported on platforms running Windows 95. Customers using Simply LANtastic, Home Network or LANtastic 5.0 who are migrating to Windows 95 should purchase the applicable LANtastic for Windows 95 Upgrade software package for complete 32-bit client and server networking on their LANtastic network.
10. How can I receive technical assistance for LANtastic for Windows 95?
LANtastic PremierSM Partners and LANtatic AdvantageSM Partners are an excellent source of personalized help. Call us at 1-800-846-9726 and weOll be pleased to put you in touch with a partner near you. In addition, Artisoft provides complimentary and fee-based technical support services available for LANtastic for Windows 95. These services are listed below. Prices, specifications and services are subject to change without notice.
Telephone Support
Priority 900 Support (U.S. only)
ThereOs no waiting on this line, and you work with expert Artisoft technicians. The cost, billed to your phone number, is $2.50 per minute. Service is available Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Saturday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mountain Time, excluding holidays.
Priority 800 Support (U.S. and Canada)
This is the same priority service available through the 900 line, and it's especially convenient if you prefer to use a credit card. The cost, billed to Visa, Master Card or American Express, is $2.50 per minute. Priority 800 Support is available at the same times as Priority 900 Support.
Standard Support
Get help with LANtastic for Windows 95 software from a qualified Artisoft technician. Available Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mountain Time. If there is a wait for this personal help, you can explore the ARRTS automated help system, described below, without losing your place in line.
(Artisoft Automated Remote Troubleshooting System)
This automated system walks you through standard networking situations and solutions. Explore this system while you wait for personalized technical consulting. You'll be automatically routed out of ARRTS when a technician becomes available. After normal business hours, listen to the the recorded options and press "9" after the appropriate prompt to access AARTS.
Complimentary Support Services
Arti-Facts BBS
Use your modem to call ArtisoftOs Arti-Facts BBS.
For 9600 baud communications, call (520) 884-8648 in the U.S. and Canada.
For 14.4k baud communications, call (520) 884-9675.
To get the most from your first dial-up session, download the following files:
BLTS.ZIP, which gives you all of ArtisoftOs technical bulletins in on compressed file.
BBSLIST.TXT, which lists all of the files available on the BBS.
ArtisoftOs CompuServe" Forum
To use this service, you must have CompuServe access. At the CompuServe ! prompt, type GO ARTISOFT to download the latest drivers, solutions and technical bulletins.
FTP Site
Technical bulletins, tutorials and troubleshooting tips can be downloaded from ArtisoftOs FTP site. Log in with user name OanonymousO and use your e-mail address as your password.
World Wide Web
Technical bulletins, tutorials and an on-line troubleshooting system are also available from ArtisoftOs WWW site.
FaxReturn Service
Call from a fax machine telephone handset to automatically receive technical bulletins. Select #2 at the prompt for a complete listing of available bulletins.
Artisoft World Wide Offices
Artisoft Australia
Level 2, Suite 3
4-10 Bridge St.
Pymble, NSW 2073
Artisoft Benelux
Reactorweg 291
3542 AD Utrecht
The Netherlands
Artisoft Canada
10 Carlson Court #590
Etobicoke, Ontario
Canada M9W 6L2
Sales: Tel: 416-213-8600, Fax: 416-213-8602
Support: Tel: 800-293-3936* (U.S. support center)
BBS: 520-884-8648 (U.S. support center)
*See the section called "Priority 800 Support (U.S. and Canada)" for billing information.
Artisoft France
99 Quai du Docteur Dervaux
92600 Asnieres-Sur-Seine
Artisoft Deutschland
Landsberger Strabe 408
81241 Munich
(For technical support, please call 44 (1923) 20-84-78 in the United Kingdom. Long distance fees may apply.)
Artisoft Italia
Via Giovanni da Udine 34
Artisoft Japan
Fuyo-Kanda Bldg 4F
1-4-13 Higashi-Kanda
Chiyodaku, Tokyo
BBS: Nifty LAN vendor forum
Artisoft Mexico
Insurgentes Sur 667
Tercer Piso
Colonia Napoles
Mexico City Mexico 03810
United Kingdom
Artisoft UK
223 Berwick Ave.
Slough, Berkshire SL1 4QT
United Kingdom
Technical Support: 44 (1923)20-84-73
United States
Artisoft, Inc.
2202 North Forbes Blvd.
Tucson, Arizona 85745
For U.S. telephone support information, please refer to the section called "Telephone support" above.
Any more questions?
The Artisoft Sales Consultation Center is available to answer them from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MST Monday through Friday at 1-800-846-9726 (U.S. and Canada). Outside the U.S. and Canada, or for information regarding the availability of localized versions of LANtastic for Windows 95, contact your Artisoft Reseller or the Artisoft international office nearest you as listed above.
LANtastic, Artisoft, and ArtiCom are registered trademarks of Artisoft, Inc. CorStream, LANtastic Z, ArtiSave are trademarks, and FaxReturn is servicemark of Artisoft, Inc. Brand names, company names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Most Commonly Asked Questions regarding LANtastic for Windows 9512/20/95
This OS/2 base device driver automatically
enables the trackball of an NP6500 notebook
if the notebook is not docked. If the notebook
is docked, the trackball is disabled so you
can use the mouse on the serial port of the
docking station. DOS version also included.
FREEWARE by Robert Muchsel
AcroBat/2 BBS 1.00
Full MultiNode
BBS For OS/2. No Beta!
Includes this features:
Splitchatter, Multiline
Splitchatter (chat with
4 at the same time), Up
to 500 users and more,
Multinode support, max.
9 nodes! Support for MAX
Many options, etc, take
almost nothing of system
resources. Source included
Uses own mailsystem. No
fido support. Also one-
liner, last callers, etc
implemented. Very easy to
install! Try it...
(c) V.R.B. Corp. Belgian
freeware. 11/05/1995
Great example on how pro-
gramming SIO with OS/2!!
ALLFIX/2 for OS/2 Warp, v1.00
Evaluation Version
ALLFIX is the most complete FileEcho utility
available. No other program offers the large
number of features that are part of the
ALLFIX package. Features:
* Full support for more than 22 BBS different
BBS programs!
* Full support for Zones, and 4D points.
* Support for domains (5D addressing).
* Ability to disable sending a TIC file.
* Ability to put all of the TIC files with or
without the accompanying archive into one
* ALLFIX uses the FD/RA HMB sharing spec.
* Direct support for the HMB, *.MSG, Squish,
PCBoard, Ezycom msg-base, and the .PKT
* Support for multiple compression formats.
* User friendly setup program. ALLFIX does
not require any configuration files used by
any other program.
* Writes FD/D'Bridge/RA/SBBS/BinkleyTerm/PoP
compatible log file.
In conclusion: Very HIGH quality performance,
Very LOW registration fee.
* Allfix for OS/2 Icon Installation Program *
AFINST2 Creates an OS/2 Work Place
Shell Folder for Allfix/2 & Attches
Albatros Players for OS/2 MMPM/2
version 2.0 beta 2
CD Player &
FLC/FLI/AVI/WAV/VOC/MPEG/MID support for mmpm/2
(v3.1b) Alarm Clock-OS/2 program scheduler.
Schedule reminder messages and programs from
a convenient desktop clock. Schedule events
once, daily, monthly, on specific days, and
more. Events can be scheduled to occur
repeatedly throughout the day and between
certain hours. Highly customizable display
with support for international date and
time configurations. 60 day trial version.
=======BigBro v2.0Shareware=======
Synchronet Node Monitor for OS/2
The PM WFC screen with user editor, local logons, spawn SCFG, and stats
all form the OS/2 Desktop. This is a muliti-threaded application with
many sysop utilities.
BIOGRAPH FOR OS/2 v1.0b: The ultimate program
to compute biorhythms and pair matching. Bio-
Graph tells you about the four cycles of your
biorhythm. This information can help you in
planning dates and gives you more understan-
ding for your friends' and your partner's
feelings. BioGraph currently includes german,
english, dutch, spanish and catalan language.
BirthDay for OS/2 PM v 1.0, Did you ever
forget the birthday of any loved person,
or any person that works with you every
day? Now you need never forget again.
Made in Argentina Autor: Horacio Jamilis
Blanker 6.0 - multimedia screen saver
for OS/2 with five functions
1) screen saving: external modules, DPMS,
password, hot corners, full screen blanking
2) screen capturing, saving and printing
3) information window: displays time, date,
free memory, disk space, swap size
4) launch keys: open WPS objects with a key
5) alarms: message and task scheduling
shareware; US, German and Lite version incl.
Bullet/2 2.050: thread-safe, multi-
process capable database engine toolkit
for OS/2. Provides pre-built and tested
access methods to data and index files
for application programmers. Compact,
efficient, and very fast. Can be
configured to use custom key-build,
user sort-compare, and parser, dBASE
data and memo files, or custom data.
BMP Viewer V1.41, Bit map picture viewer for
OS/2 Warp, displays bit map pictures in a
window. Use Drag & Drop to view pictures and
or create lists of pictures to View. Set the
BackGround of DeskTop or folders. VRObj.DLL

The Dallas Cowboy Fanatic's Companion v1.0
which is a 32 bit OS/2 Presentation Manager
program full of records, statistics & info
about the NFL team the Dallas Cowboys. It
takes full advantage of the OS/2 desktop's
easy-to-use PM features such as drop down
menus & dialog boxes.
** Color Directory Version 3.3 **
A program to list the contents
of a directory in color. Fully
configurable. Freeware!
For OS/2 2.0 (With Service Pak),
2.1, 2.11 and WARP Version 3.
(v1.65) CD in a Box OS/2 CD Player. This is
an CD Player where tracks appear as icons
in a folder and you use direct editing to
enter track and Title names. Add tracks
to a Disc to create custom CD's and many
more features.
Comment.Cmd 1.09 (14-Feb-1996)
Comment.Cmd is a REXX program that
allows you to display and change file
comments from the command line.
Freeware (GPL).
Christopher J. Madsen
Conversion Pro - OS/2 PM Application.
Scientific and engineering units
conversion program for scientists
and engineers. Excellent reference
for students, as well. Includes
a button calculator and a temperature
Version 1.1 - Shareware $10US
{ "Cross" Mouse Pointers }Ŀ
Set of mouse pointers for OS/2 WPS which
incorporate the Christian cross. Install
program included. Freeware from Creative
Systems, producer of WordWise and CODEX.
DES3_OS2 - OS/2 WARP library for the
NBS Data Encryption Standard (DES) in
ECB and CBC mode with support of 24
byte keys (3DES). Simple-to-use C API
to the cryptograhic functions. Sample
make files and source code of a file
encryption utility to show their use.
ANSI Standard X3.92-1981! Outstanding
performance of 270 KB/s (i486DX/33) !
Free 4 private! Protect Your Privacy!

DiskCat v1.2 for OS/2 Warp
- cataloging of all disks (floppy, harddisk,
cdrom, magneto optical, lan drives,
audio cd)
- search the database for files,
audio titles
- print reports
- import audio cd titles from
PMDCAT format
- automatic detection of drive types
(v1.05) Dual Module Player is a simple
and fast module player for OS/2. It uses
MMPM/2 or the new Direct Audio for output.
It supports many module formats including
MOD, NST, STM, S3M, 669, FAR, MTM, & AMF.
Freeware by NOTE: Don't
confuse DMP for with Digital Music Player
DragText v1.1 gives Warp drag-and-drop text.
Drop text on a folder to create a file or a
WebEx Url object. Drag a file into a window
to read it, or drop a folder in to list its
contents. Copy or move text between windows
or drag it to the shredder. Works with many
popular apps, including the Internet Access
Kit. DragText's basic features are free and
its extended features cost only $15 (US).
Archive File:

OS/2 PM Commander V2.09. HPFS, netware,
commandbar with history, statusbar with
context menu, toolbar with help, usermenu,
drag & drop, packers, scalable panels,
customized layout, powerful search, & more.

EULER for OS/2 PM. A numerical math
program, handling real and complex
numbers, vectors and matrices, with
2D/3D graphics, programming language.
(v1.0) FauxRAM - fake RAM doubler (humor).
Humorous OS/2 PM program meant to make fun
of Windoze RAM compression programs. This
program "doubles" system and video RAM,
processor speed, HD capacity, and CD-ROM
throughput. Also converts SX processors to
DX. In actuality it does nothing but display
nice graphs (just like the "real" ones!).
Freeware by Greg Kondrasuk (
(v1.3) FFF - OS/2 Frisky File Finder
full featured file finder with DRAG &
DROP and many other features like searching
for files by name, date, time, size and
attributes with Operators ">", "<", "="
Shareware (US$ 25.- private; US$ 50,-
business). Runs on OS/2 2.x or Warp 3
U. Hegemann Softwareentwicklung
(v1.0) Finger-In-A-Window - PM finger util.
OS/2 PM program that will allow you to store
a list of frequently finger addresses and
display the finger output in a scrollable
window. The address list can be saved,
sorted, and arranged and the program's size,
position, and font may also be saved.
Freeware by Greg Kondrasuk (

FLICFLAC v1.0: A game of colors, suitable for
any age. Easy to learn, but very addcitve.
Requires OS/2 Warp and mouse. Cardware !
FLINF V1.1 - File List to INF Converter.
32-bit OS/2 command line utility.
converts many different file list formats.
An OS/2 2.1+ PM 32-bit file/directory/
archive/etc. maintenance package with
plenty of bells and whistles -- a
Swiss army knife for OS/2.

(v1.20) Grin's Simple MIDi Jukeboxx
Very small CPU overhead! REXX source!
Requires OS/2 and MMOS/2
Go2, version 1.2. An OS/2 command-line directory-changing utility.
Crosses disk-drives, networks, simple to use. FREEWARE. Way Cool!
(v1.54) HTML Wizard - OS/2 HTML Editor
Makes editing HTML documents much easier
by providing a "Tagbar" that inserts
appropriate tags around text. Has user-
definable tags and supports non-English
characters. Previewing with Web Explorer
and syntax checking with Weblint also
supported.Shareware (US$ 20)
Dirk Terrell
HyperView 3.1: High performance OS/2 file
viewer with special features for isolating
and extracting information from word
processing, text, and ZIP files. PM and text
mode editions. Automatically reads Ami Pro,
Clearlook, DeScribe, WordPerfect & WinWord.

InterCom v2.01 - PM Internet Telephone for OS/2.
Features such as answering machine, caller ID,
call blocking, dialing directories, quick dial,
and video. Electronic telephone book server and
talk servers. Seamless support for dynamic IP
users. Fully functional shareware version.
IceBerg v1.10 - REXX scripts for GTirc - the
GammaTech Internet Relay Chat client software.
GTirc supports REXX scripts in the background
to enhance it's interface. These scripts
are an effort to that end. Postcard-Ware!
JetCommander, V1.44 powerful NC-Clone
for for OS/2 and DOS. Only one user
interface for OS/2 and DOS !, see
REGISTER.DOC for registration information
Jot v1.0, a small OS/2 notepad program that
allows the user to create, edit and save
multiple files containing multiple notes.
Requires VROBJ.DLL, Version 2.14 or later
and Rexx support.
(v1.0h Beta) JView - OS/2 Image Utility
Highly functional image utility.
PM based viewer for most file formats
(GIF, JPEG, ...). Prints, paintbrush,
distortions, filtering, color manipulations
add text, ... Currently no scanner
Beta is free, all encouraged to use it.
Crunch Products,
LiveWire v3.2, Powerful communications
program for OS/2 Warp. Includes feature-
packed graphical and text mode versions.
High speed display, ANSI, VT102, Zmodem,
IEMSI, TELNET, REXX enabled, and much more!
LiveWire v3.2, communications program for
OS/2 Warp. High speed display, ANSI, VT102,
Zmodem, REXX, File Navigator and more! This
is the text-mode version only.
FRIENDS software presents
\// An OS/2 executables packer
//\ Lots of features, maximal
// ַ compression, nice interface
(v0.21) MainActor/2, A Mod Animation Package
MainActor/2 is able to load, edit, play,
create and save animations and pictures of
any size in a format independent manner.
The final version will include most of the
animation and picture formats found in the
graphics world. Together with many animation
processing functions (timing of animations,
sound effects, .. ). Includes DIVE support.
Shareware(US$60. - MasterCard)
MakMan/2 beta release
PacMan close for OS/2 PM
Fearuting DIVE and MMPM2 support
Requires at least 800x600 resolution
Requires a HPFS drive to install
Proposed directory: .../os2/games
(c) 1995/6 Markellos J. Diorinos
This version of MakMan/2 is shareware
Check readme.txt for licensing information
It is a beta version - use at own risk
v0.8 - newest release with highscores and
many bugfixes
Matrix v1.2 an OS/2 PM strategy game for
two players. Completely configurable.
Warning: might be addictive.
Archive Name: MULTIPLT2.ZIP
Program Description: High quality PM multi-line graph plotter.Exports bitmaps,metafiles.
Multiplot/2 is a 32 bit native PM application for the plotting of
many disconnected data sets on the same chart. It is not
necessary for example to have a common X value sequence for all
the Y value sequences, as is required by many spreadsheet chart
applications. The program can operate in command line mode or as
a WPS GUI application. Once the data is loaded you can
experiment with different plot formats such as log, dB, polar etc
and with different interpolation schemes and line styles, all by
simple menu choice. The program also enables you to annotate and
copy the image to the OS/2 clipboard so you can paste it into
other documents or for printing. You can also save it to disk in
metafile or bitmap format. A key NEW feature is a flexible data
format and extensive command line interface with options for auto
saving the image to disk so the app can be used in automated or
production environments.
Operating System Versions: OS/2 2.X/Warp
Program Source: Written by Mike Stott, Neodym Systems, Nepean,ON, Canada
Replaces: N/A
The author and NeoDym Systems grant permission to freely
distribute the above archive .zip file.
Submitter's name: Mike Stott
Submitter's e-mail address:
Proposed directory for placement: OS2/graphics
Mr.Ed is a full functional shareware
texteditor for OS/2 PM. Features:
syntax-highlighting, compiler support,
third-party online-help support,
multiwindowed, toolbar, window monitor,
drag-n-drop, savable bookmarks,
multithreaded, EA support, C/C++ support,
printing, sorting, multilevel undo/redo,
configurable keyboard and much more...
mshred WPS object
A "super-shredder" for OS/2
Warp+ from M. Kimes. Free-
for-the-using. No warranty,
but what'd you expect for

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