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Various text/information files
Directory : /info
00gloinf.zip          Size:     205,886         Date: 02-12-96

Os2/00global.txt of ftp.cdrom.com converted to inf.
16550.doc             Size:      17,959         Date: 01-31-95

Information on using high speed 16550 UARTS for OS/2
30apr1.zip            Size:     263,572         Date: 01-06-95

OS/2 Warp version 3 APARs as of 01/06/95
amibios.txt           Size:       8,475         Date: 02-01-95

AMI BIOS considerations
avarice.zip           Size:     697,310         Date: 10-25-95

Information on Avarice PREVIEW. A full-fledge native OS/2 virtual reality game. The Preview version of Avarice is a complete game in itself but takes place in a somewhat smaller virtual world than the full version of Avarice (which comes out Feb '96). Avarice is a must have for any real adventure gamer.
benchtec.txt          Size:       3,224         Date: 02-01-95

BenchTech performance measurement tool press release
bestmba.zip           Size:     575,436         Date: 05-26-95

The Best of MBA, in .INF format
bible.zip             Size:   1,962,397         Date: 05-23-95

The King James Version of the bible in .INF format (revised)
bigdsk.txt            Size:       5,001         Date: 02-01-95

Procedure to use >1024 cylinders with SpeedStor
bmtmicro.zip          Size:     175,238         Date: 12-29-96

BMT Micro OS/2 shareware catalog for January 1997
bootdisk.txt          Size:       4,717         Date: 02-01-95

How to create an OS/2 2.0 boot disk
caosw108.zip          Size:     126,147         Date: 01-08-95

Warp Tips and Techniques
chkplusb.zip          Size:      30,447         Date: 02-13-96

comhack.txt           Size:      10,506         Date: 01-31-95

How to hack a COM port to use a high IRQ
contactb.zip          Size:      26,597         Date: 02-13-96

conf9108.txt          Size:      35,582         Date: 02-01-95

Compuserve conference with Lee Reiswig (8/91)
csp2ad.txt            Size:       1,126         Date: 01-31-95

Free Demo of IBM CSP/2AD available
cua91.txt             Size:      19,812         Date: 01-31-95

IBM SAA Common User Access Controls Library/2
dcf2info.txt          Size:       1,698         Date: 02-01-95

Information on DCF/2 Disk Compression Facility
desktour.zip          Size:   2,572,018         Date: 02-19-97

OS/2 Warp 4 Desktop Tour
dispinst.txt          Size:       2,373         Date: 02-01-95

How to manually install display drivers
doip9601.zip          Size:      40,160         Date: 01-01-96

The file DOIP9601.FAQ is the January 96 release of the Frequently Asked Questions list for setting up and using the Dial Other Internet Providers application.
dokdocs.zip           Size:     664,637         Date: 11-20-95

Mesa Developer Object Kit Preview
epmkeys.txt           Size:       8,639         Date: 02-01-95

Guide to EPM editor keys
excel.txt             Size:       2,406         Date: 02-01-95

Excel 3.0 macro problem and workaround
galcivwt.zip          Size:       6,937         Date: 02-09-95

Galactic Civilizations getting started, release 1.1
games21f.zip          Size:      22,105         Date: 06-05-95

Information on DOS settings for games (06/04/95)
gbu109.zip            Size:      84,161         Date: 07-16-95

The Good, Bad and the Ugly hardware FAQ v1.09
hactos2.zip           Size:      17,461         Date: 11-30-94

Information on HyperAct, Inc. Products
hobb1295.zip          Size:     297,777         Date: 03-06-96

The file hobb1295.zip is a zip file containing INF files made from the 00GLOBAL.TXT files supplied with the December 1995 Hobbes CD Rom from Walnut Creek.
homeaway.zip          Size:       5,029         Date: 05-27-97

Instructions to set up the IBM Home and Away Ethernet/14.4Kbps PCMCIA modem with OS/2
iakontia.faq          Size:      42,928         Date: 01-31-95

The Internet Access Kit FAQ
ibmww.zip             Size:      52,602         Date: 10-06-95

IBM's Worldwide Electronic Resources Guide - Want to know how to contact IBM electronically for tips, patches, or to send a bug report? Check out this INF document.
infdisk.txt           Size:         470         Date: 02-01-95

Info on Chili Pepper Software Infinite Disk
isvbeta.txt           Size:      96,726         Date: 02-01-95

ISV/Customer Interaction program
ivleague.txt          Size:       9,529         Date: 02-01-95

List of OS/2 support organizations/people
1574356 05-18-97 King James Bible in HTML format
laplink.txt           Size:       2,075         Date: 02-01-95

Using LapLink Pro with OS/2
ljv.txt               Size:       1,557         Date: 02-01-95

Announcement: LJV utilities for OS/2
merlinpr.zip          Size:     198,401         Date: 09-06-96

Annoucement for worldwide Merlin demos
mousepat.txt          Size:       1,281         Date: 01-31-95

Move the mouse port to some other IRQ than 3/4
odbc_hlp.zip          Size:   2,561,276         Date: 12-01-96

ODBC-Docs for Visual Age f. Basic
os2_apps.txt          Size:     176,616         Date: 01-31-95

IBMs list of all 16-bit OS/2 applications
os2award.zip          Size:     140,780         Date: 03-14-95

IBM-produced listing of OS/2's Awards and Press Clips
os2books.txt          Size:      13,863         Date: 01-31-95

A list of programming-related OS/2 books
os2cdrom.txt          Size:       1,939         Date: 02-01-95

Instructions for installing non-Toshiba CD-ROMs
os2cfg11.zip          Size:      45,892         Date: 06-05-95

Rick Meigs' comprehensive description of the CONFIG.SYS
os2dinfo.txt          Size:       2,560         Date: 01-31-95

IBM OS/2 Developer Magazine information
os2dir26.zip          Size:     142,105         Date: 05-07-96

OS/2 World Wide Web Directory
os2flist.txt          Size:     148,471         Date: 02-01-95

Listing/description of OS/2 system files
os2mag.txt            Size:       3,354         Date: 01-31-95

IBM OS/2 Developer Magazine Circulation
os2prob.txt           Size:       8,382         Date: 02-01-95

OS/2 2.0 Problem Report Form
os2traps.txt          Size:       1,385         Date: 01-31-95

Likely causes for the mysterious Trap messages
pci.zip               Size:      47,387         Date: 05-30-95

PCI hardware for OS/2 information
pgp26ui.txt           Size:       1,662         Date: 01-31-95

PGP 2.6ui availability announcement
prnmap.txt            Size:      15,541         Date: 02-01-95

Listing of printers with corresponding driver names
quatec.txt            Size:       8,870         Date: 01-31-95

Info on Quatech communications adapters
revsc4r3.zip          Size:       1,326         Date: 04-20-95

How to set up OS/2 to work w/Reveal SC400 Rev 3
shipyard.zip          Size:     446,926         Date: 02-19-95

Shipyards announcement, GalCiv game add-on
sidekick.zip          Size:     351,416         Date: 09-27-95

Overview of "The OS/2 Warp Programmer's Side-kick" an excellent reference to the OS/2 Programming API
starwn97.zip          Size:   2,374,785         Date: 03-02-97

The Winter 1997 issue of Stardock Magazine. It is in PDF format.
strategy.txt          Size:      64,291         Date: 01-31-95

IBM Personal Software Products: Product Line Update
svga20.txt            Size:      13,191         Date: 02-01-95

OS/2 2.0 SVGA information from the net
tapesw.doc            Size:       1,145         Date: 02-01-95

List of OS/2 compatible tape backup software
tcpip12.ann           Size:      39,898         Date: 01-31-95

Announcement: IBM TCP/IP 1.2 for OS/2
tcpip121.txt          Size:       2,857         Date: 01-31-95

How to get IBM TCP/IP 1.2.1
tmfaq210.zip          Size:      13,230         Date: 12-16-94

Team OS/2 Frequently Asked Questions List - v2.1
trapinf.zip           Size:      28,417         Date: 11-28-94

Information on OS/2's trap messages
tricks6.zip           Size:     368,215         Date: 09-25-95

Stupid OS/2 Tricks, release #6 -- September 1995: "Stupid OS/2 Tricks" is a collection of OS/2 tips and tricks that have been gleaned from Fidonet OS/2 echoes, OS/2 Usenet newsgroups, and OS/2-related books and articles.
unix20.txt            Size:       3,712         Date: 02-01-95

Unix to OS/2 2.0 Migration Workshop Description&Survey
usacon_2.zip          Size:      23,125         Date: 02-22-96

The United States Constitution A Hypertext INF file for OS/2
warpboot.txt          Size:       6,770         Date: 03-06-95

How to create an OS/2 Warp boot disk
warpperf.zip          Size:      31,048         Date: 04-07-95

Performance Tuning OS/2 Warp - Learn the tricks IBM recommends for getting the most out of Warp. (ascii and IBM Works Word Processor format
warpslip.zip          Size:   1,894,707         Date: 12-13-94

PC Lube&Tune's: Using the IAK with other providers (PS)
warptcp.faq           Size:       3,606         Date: 11-07-95

Configuring TCP/IP 2.0 and the IAK to work together
winbench.txt          Size:      10,194         Date: 02-01-95

Benchmarking Window and OS/2
windos.txt            Size:      11,160         Date: 02-01-95

How to spawn a DOS shell from Win-OS/2
wpskeys.txt           Size:      13,844         Date: 02-01-95

Information on Workplace shell keys & their functions
wrpin112.zip          Size:      24,270         Date: 12-20-94

Warp Installation Notes Release 1.12
wrpstrt7.exe          Size:   1,009,405         Date: 06-04-96

Self ext collection of OS/2 Warp Tips/Info
wxfaq06.zip           Size:      31,609         Date: 10-24-95

IBM WebExplorer FAQ List release 6 (.INF)
xgaps2.ann            Size:      70,656         Date: 01-31-95

Product Announcement: IBM PS/2 XGA-2 Display Adapter/A

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