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Graphics-related programs/utilities
Directory : /graphics
alchemy.zip           Size:     935,819         Date: 12-06-96

Image Alchemy from Handmade Software Inc. Can read/convert just about any graphic-image
ampeg43.zip           Size:     526,956         Date: 11-18-95

Mpeg v4.3 is an MPEG Layer 1 & 2 decoder and a Layer 1, 2, & 3 decoder.
ap11demv.zip          Size:     931,095         Date: 12-06-96

Alcahest v1.1, PM front end to Image Alchemy
ariadna.zip           Size:   1,488,122         Date: 05-30-97

Graphical object editor for painter and programmer
banner16.zip          Size:       8,567         Date: 02-22-95

Banner, simple banner printing program
blank53b.zip          Size:     491,295         Date: 06-26-95

Screen blanker 5.3 (beta) screen saver
blpnt025.zip          Size:     108,859         Date: 12-30-96

Freeware paint and animation program for OS/2
bmagic11.zip          Size:      60,697         Date: 03-03-96

Background Magic [1.1] OS/2 Background Util Are you using a replacement shell and miss having a background BMP? Well, get this Util!
bmp2logo.zip          Size:      28,657         Date: 03-08-95

Convert .BMP files to boot logos
bmpview5.zip          Size:     611,290         Date: 06-23-95

Full & small screen BMP graphics viewer
chngbckg.zip          Size:       2,465         Date: 05-01-95

Randomly change backgrounds w/BMPs stored in ZIP files
ctwlogo.zip           Size:      89,667         Date: 08-12-96

Connect to the World with Merlin logo
cvbmp.zip             Size:       9,360         Date: 02-22-95

Cvbmp, convert Windows 3.0 bitmaps to OS/2
cvtico.zip            Size:      18,297         Date: 02-22-95

Cvtico, convert Windows 3.0 icons to OS/2
dbwbound.zip          Size:     257,801         Date: 02-22-95

DBW-Render v1.02 ray tracing
dem2pov.zip           Size:     278,909         Date: 11-22-97

Converts USGS DEM data to POV tga height-field
divedemo.zip          Size:     102,561         Date: 11-24-94

Wolf 3d type demo of dive capabilities
drawit.zip            Size:     288,871         Date: 11-09-96

32 bit vector drawing program for OS/2
embo202a.zip          Size:   2,482,003         Date: 02-09-98

Image editor with web tools, slideshow, catalog
fs042b.zip            Size:   1,308,707         Date: 08-25-97

ForeSpace, PM Modeller for generating POV-Ray scenes. v0.42b
galler23.zip          Size:     496,764         Date: 05-01-96

Galleria and Galleria/CM bitmap image utility
gallte10.zip          Size:     479,196         Date: 12-01-94

Galleria Lite - fast and easy to use bitmap viewer
1284243 11-04-97 Web-aware application that will create a .GIF file from a text string
gle33h1.zip           Size:   1,199,856         Date: 02-20-96

This is the OS/2 port of the Publication Quality Graphics package GLE, version 3.3h. 1/3.
gle33h2.zip           Size:     348,175         Date: 02-20-96

This is the OS/2 port of the Publication Quality Graphics package GLE, version 3.3h. 2/3.
gle33h3.zip           Size:   2,602,302         Date: 02-20-96

This is the OS/2 port of the Publication Quality Graphics package GLE, version 3.3h. 3/3.
gmt4os2.zip           Size:  17,957,583         Date: 03-27-97

OS/2 port of the (Unix) Generic Mapping Tools
hellizer.zip          Size:   1,594,935         Date: 11-26-96

OS/2 version of HElliZER demo
icone202.zip          Size:     232,777         Date: 07-02-95

IconEase v2.02, icon file manager
irit50e1.zip          Size:   1,422,643         Date: 03-26-95

IRIT 5.0 solid modeler (1 of 2, req. emxrt.zip)
irit50e2.zip          Size:   1,333,555         Date: 03-26-95

IRIT 5.0 solid modeler (2 of 2, req. emxrt.zip)
jpeg2ps2.zip          Size:      63,122         Date: 07-29-97

JPEG to PostScript converter
kvec_o19.zip          Size:     338,707         Date: 08-19-97

Raster-Vector converter
la_kvec.zip           Size:     306,844         Date: 01-02-97

KVEC (beta) - Vectorizing tool for LogoArt. Converts BMP, TIF, GIF to ART format
lartb307.zip          Size:     858,808         Date: 01-02-97

Vector drawing program Beta 3.07 for OS/2
lnplt14e.zip          Size:     376,601         Date: 01-11-98

Scientific & engineering data graphing
mandel11.zip          Size:      43,977         Date: 06-25-96

VERY fast mandelbrot fractal program for PM
mltplt23.zip          Size:     119,565         Date: 09-19-96

Multiplot/2 is a 32 bit native PM application for the plotting of many disconnected data sets on the same chart. It is not necessary for example to have a common X value sequence for all the Y value sequences, as is required by many spreadsheet chart applications. The program can operate in command line mode or as a WPS GUI application. Once the data is loaded you can experiment with different plot formats such as log, dB, polar, etc and with different interpolation schemes and line styles, allby simple menu choice. The program also enables you to copy the image to the OS/2 clipboard so you can paste it into other documents or for printing.
mmiogpng.zip          Size:     163,841         Date: 07-29-97

MMPM/2 extension for reading PNG files
neondemo.zip          Size:   3,302,416         Date: 01-15-97

NeoN Grafix 3D - DEMO
nhview0e.zip          Size:     111,611         Date: 05-02-95

NHView 0.0e, full screen graphics viewer
openglss.zip          Size:      12,340         Date: 01-06-97

OpenGL Sample Screen Saver
palmand1.zip          Size:     122,499         Date: 03-02-97

Mandelbrot w. palette management and GIF saving
pf.zip                Size:     648,573         Date: 03-08-95

PF, plotting tools graphics filter
pgraph2.zip           Size:      63,961         Date: 11-24-96

Very fast full screen graphic library for OS/2
pixel_de.zip          Size:     659,732         Date: 01-15-97

NeoN Grafix Pixel - Paint and Picture program DEMO
pixmaps.zip           Size:   3,057,798         Date: 01-15-97

Pixmaps for NeoN Grafix 3D
pmic10.zip            Size:     199,134         Date: 04-24-95

PM I-Cat, creates thumbnail catalogs of image files
pmjpg174.zip          Size:     212,048         Date: 10-23-95

PMJPEG 1.74 - PMJPEG is an easy to use shareware image viewer with quick JPEG preview, image processing, conversion, and slideshow capabilities for OS/2 2.x and Warp. The following image file formats are supported for viewing and conversion: OS/2 BMP, Windows BMP, GIF, IFF, JPEG, PCX, PPM, Targa, and TIFF. OS/2 specific features include background image support and WPS icon generation.
pmmpeg30.zip          Size:     125,791         Date: 04-14-95

PMMPEG v3.0, Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) player
pmvw100.zip           Size:   1,308,477         Date: 03-17-97

PMView, a fast image viewer for OS/2
pmvw94fr.zip          Size:   1,311,243         Date: 09-17-96

PMView (v0.94) French Version
pose1os2.zip          Size:     346,450         Date: 05-08-95

Programmable Object Simulation Engine v1.0 for POV-Ray
pounce.zip            Size:      95,105         Date: 02-10-95

Pounce v1.10, screen & window capture
pov3_os2.zip          Size:   1,496,646         Date: 03-09-97

Persistence of Vision raytracer for OS/2
povdoc2.zip           Size:   1,654,111         Date: 11-05-97

POV-ray 3.0 html docs converted to OS/2 INF file with complete links
povfrt04.zip          Size:     227,265         Date: 01-30-98

PovFront, A GUI Frontend to POV Ray
pp2_11a.zip           Size:     798,034         Date: 09-09-95

POV-Panel/2 1.1 - an OS/2 graphical front-end for POV-Ray 2.x, with a built-in editor, automatic animation clock advancement, and many other features. It is a VX-REXX program, and comes with the correct vrobj.dll. It is NOT a wire-frame editor. It supports launching an external editor, a wire frame editor, and an image viewer.
pu2v14.zip            Size:     432,620         Date: 02-04-95

Print Utility/2, screen capture & file lister
pvu110.zip            Size:     650,911         Date: 02-01-96

Practice Viewer Upgrade v1.1.0
qpict210.zip          Size:     839,574         Date: 12-28-96

Image capture for Connectix B&W digital camera
qrt15os2.zip          Size:     181,997         Date: 02-22-95

Quick Ray Tracing rendering package
rndbgd08.zip          Size:      16,538         Date: 03-05-95

Display background bitmaps in a random fashion
scsvr101.zip          Size:     207,510         Date: 11-26-94

Lockable screen saver
smiles.zip            Size:      22,066         Date: 12-22-95

Freeware psycho wheezer smiley face screen saver for OS/2
snpshtv2.zip          Size:     179,761         Date: 07-16-96

PM Screen capture utility
splash.zip            Size:      24,224         Date: 05-19-97

Freeware startup screen for OS/2
splot170.zip          Size:   1,002,597         Date: 10-18-96

PM, publication quality, scientific plotting
ssaver26.zip          Size:     614,347         Date: 11-23-96

ScreenSaver 2.6 is an easy-to-use 32-bit screen saver for OS/2 with lockup protection, DPMS monitor support, DOS and Win-OS/2 full screen support, module building toolkit, more than 50 modules included.
starpm10.zip          Size:      14,937         Date: 05-27-95

StarPM v1.0, single/multiple star field simulations
startrek.zip          Size:      92,030         Date: 12-01-96

Star Trek Techs Screensaver Module for Hanisch ScreenSaver
stbpous.zip           Size:     840,023         Date: 01-15-97

StoryBook Demonstration Presentation DEMO
stplot16.zip          Size:     123,847         Date: 07-02-95

Create/print/export graphic plots from text files
tos2icon.zip          Size:       2,008         Date: 11-09-95

Team OS/2 open and close folder icons
tspectra.zip          Size:     821,821         Date: 04-19-95

True Spectra Light beta, image processing utility
vector_e.zip          Size:     540,316         Date: 01-15-97

NeoN Grafix 2D Vector Drawing program DEMO
wallpapr.zip          Size:   1,430,252         Date: 02-17-97

303 High-Tech Desktop Wall Paper Designs
wire1_01.zip          Size:     101,975         Date: 12-30-95

Screen saver. 32-bit, 3D animated wireframes, with editor.
wireobj.zip           Size:       8,275         Date: 03-18-96

Wireframe objects for wiresave screen saver
wpsav101.zip          Size:      67,043         Date: 12-04-95

32-bit, PM ScreenSaver
xlock3.zip            Size:     262,144         Date: 09-27-96

MavEtJu XLock for OS/2 - port of parts of the XLock screensaver
xlogo.zip             Size:      69,826         Date: 08-11-96

PM-based Xlogo with source
xptrs.zip             Size:       5,300         Date: 01-24-96

xyplot3c.zip          Size:     227,402         Date: 07-31-95

PM XY graph program (German only)

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