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adddb.zip             Size:      72,450         Date: 10-08-95

ADDDB is a 32-bit, native OS/2 Presentation Manager program that provides intuitive, fast GUI management for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons characters. It should run on any OS/2 system, version 2.0 or later.
adventf.zip           Size:      77,319         Date: 02-19-95

The original Adventure game (w/src)
anms112.zip           Size:     481,901         Date: 09-23-96

Animation Scramble 1.12
622126 04-29-95 Assault I: v1.2a, 2 player network game
babymush.zip          Size:      21,545         Date: 03-09-95

Baby Mush, "bang the keyboard" game for small children
bctwar90.zip          Size:      33,233         Date: 12-19-95

Bacteria War v0.90, a strategy game to capture healthy cells.
bermuda.zip           Size:     191,082         Date: 03-02-95

Bermuda Triangle Ship Rescue, find hidden ships
bjack051.zip          Size:     495,392         Date: 08-20-95

Black Jack for OS2 v0.51
boogrs02.zip          Size:      77,608         Date: 05-23-95

Booger/2 v0.02a, network board game
boxes60.zip           Size:     841,843         Date: 01-04-96

BOXES, Version 6.0 from DynoTech Software.
bst101e.zip           Size:       8,874         Date: 08-26-97

A simple Tetris game for PM
bugsdemo.zip          Size:     955,947         Date: 12-09-97

B.U.G.S. Bill's Unbelievable Ghastly Spaceships
bummer20.zip          Size:     547,110         Date: 02-13-95

Bummer v2.0, a version of the classic Sorry board game
cc2066.zip            Size:     176,383         Date: 08-07-96

The traditional Chinese Checkers game
ccjp02.zip            Size:     138,253         Date: 11-15-96

Chinese Checkers for JAVA 1.0.2
cfs-exec.zip          Size:     580,221         Date: 08-06-96

CFSPoker Executable updates only v1.02
cfspoker.zip          Size:   3,352,690         Date: 08-06-96

CFSPoker, A fully functional Video Poker program
colmns12.zip          Size:      28,808         Date: 03-07-95

Columns v1.2, a Tetris-like clone
diverace.zip          Size:     116,023         Date: 08-28-95

DIVERACE an OS/2 Game Programming Example: A little 3D Car-Driving game utilizing DIVE, Real-Time sound mixing, Joystick-support and Palette-Management. Written in Virtual PASCAL with full source code. Version 0.1 (very beta ;-)
dmatch40.zip          Size:     582,598         Date: 01-04-96

Dino Match, Version 4.0 from DynoTech Software.
doomos2.zip           Size:   2,213,780         Date: 04-14-95

Doom for OS/2 v1.6, a DIVE-based action game
driftos2.zip          Size:      42,778         Date: 05-29-95

Drift v1.02, an asteroids clone
entrtn27.zip          Size:   1,512,203         Date: 05-22-96

Entertainment Pack for OS/2, 27 Multimedia PM Games.
entrt27g.zip          Size:   1,531,781         Date: 05-22-96

Entertainment Pack for OS/2, 27 Multimedia PM Games (German Version)
fibstf0b.zip          Size:     289,513         Date: 12-31-94

FIBS network backgammon client
fmcrd303.zip          Size:     852,739         Date: 05-01-96

Card Games for OS/2 v3.0.3
galciv2.zip           Size:     348,820         Date: 11-21-95

Information on Galactic Civilizations V2. A
galdemo.zip           Size:   1,417,605         Date: 05-01-96

Full play demo of Galactic Civilizations
glcv0295.zip          Size:      59,634         Date: 02-18-95

Feb 1995 Galactic Civilizations Challenge (req. galciv)
glcvchal.zip          Size:      96,654         Date: 02-17-95

GalCiv Challenge, win a free copy of Shipyards
gob11.zip             Size:      88,610         Date: 07-03-95

Go Board v1.1, view GO games, SGF and Goscribe format
infrm613.zip          Size:   1,847,457         Date: 07-03-97

Inform 6.13 TextAdventure Compiler
jagit_11.zip          Size:      39,955         Date: 07-12-95

Jagit! Save-game Editor version 1.1
kalah.zip             Size:      39,509         Date: 10-21-95

Kalah: An African board game (PM)
maej100r.zip          Size:     351,421         Date: 07-02-97

European Juggle for OS/2
mah21de.zip           Size:     286,126         Date: 10-10-95

Mah Jongg 2.1D (English version): PM version of the well known Chinese game
makman10.zip          Size:     321,097         Date: 05-05-96

MakMan/2 v1.00 PacMan close for OS/2 PM
matrix13.zip          Size:      97,166         Date: 04-20-97

OS/2 PM strategy tile game for two players (shareware)
mroids10.zip          Size:     943,212         Date: 07-29-96

MASTERROIDS is a shoot'em-up game running as PM-program for up to four players.
nh322os2.zip          Size:     866,146         Date: 12-18-96

NetHack v3.2.2, D&D-type game, (EMX dll's req)
oil141.zip            Size:     373,838         Date: 11-04-97

Complete the pipeline in the given time
oplapi11.zip          Size:      32,634         Date: 09-15-95

OS/2-Planets-API v1.1 - Programming API (Watcom v10.0) for OS/2-Planets. (only works for registered versions)
os2igc03.zip          Size:     591,096         Date: 04-14-97

OS/2 Client program for the IGS (Internet Go Server)
os2pl201.zip          Size:   1,282,202         Date: 03-27-97

OS/2 Planets, Complex galactic strategy game
pm_unoo.zip           Size:      59,544         Date: 04-07-95

PM UNO - requires VROBJ.DLL
pmics211.zip          Size:     843,179         Date: 09-16-96

PMICS v2.1.1, Internet Chess client for OS/2
pmrev092.zip          Size:      42,640         Date: 06-15-97

A fairly strong Reversi/Othello game
pmttt.zip             Size:       8,079         Date: 04-08-96

pmworm11.zip          Size:      85,392         Date: 12-08-96

Pmworms v 1.1 is a new version of a classic game
quakinst.zip          Size:      18,086         Date: 07-11-96

Desktop Object script for ID software's QUAKE
quakeos2.zip          Size:     197,658         Date: 04-03-97

Quake 1.01 for IBM OS/2 v4.0
qwerty10.zip          Size:     109,272         Date: 06-27-96

Fast-typing program/game
racer13.zip           Size:      34,547         Date: 09-29-96

A text based driving game. Source included.
sbattle.zip           Size:     224,790         Date: 08-20-96

Battleship-like multimedia-enhanced shootem-up
scrcrd83.zip          Size:     974,009         Date: 10-24-96

Track golf outings, averages, progress graph
seahav23.zip          Size:     232,426         Date: 06-16-95

SeaHaven Towers for OS/2, a solitaire card game
sfb030.zip            Size:   3,279,893         Date: 03-10-97

Multiplayer Internet Space Combat (Beta 2)
sgalciv.zip           Size:     120,155         Date: 05-08-95

Super GalCiv Challenge, req. GalCiv v1.05 or later
simsub.zip            Size:      29,391         Date: 12-16-94

Submarine Simulator prototype
ss2012b.zip           Size:     530,267         Date: 09-39-96

$Sheriff protect the BANK (with your life!)
strs_121.zip          Size:      29,772         Date: 05-26-95

STris v1.20, Straub's Tetris
tf_35a13.zip          Size:     479,855         Date: 10-25-95

Tiny Fugue - Client for MUD/MUSH/MUSE/etc. (Source Included)
tfsinst.zip           Size:      21,020         Date: 10-24-95

Future Shock (DOS Game) OS/2 Warp WPS installation Routine. Creates a program object with the correct DOS settings to run the game. Includes cool icon.
tobdemo.zip           Size:   4,335,851         Date: 01-13-97

Trials of Battle demo for OS/2
toyland.zip           Size:   2,615,213         Date: 10-01-96

Toyland is a puzzle game for OS/2.
tripl107.zip          Size:     164,504         Date: 10-04-97

Tetris type game for OS/2
uchess17.zip          Size:     187,296         Date: 06-15-95

UChess 1.17, chess program based on gnuchess
virus12.zip           Size:   1,028,239         Date: 01-04-96

Virus:The Game, v1.2 from DynoTech Software.
wam100.zip            Size:      92,448         Date: 09-03-96

Whack-A-Mole carnival game for OS/2
war_101.zip           Size:     650,240         Date: 02-15-95

Edit saved game files for the game WarCraft
werwolf.zip           Size:     384,992         Date: 09-05-96

The beginning of a helicopter simulation
wsbeta08.zip          Size:     503,041         Date: 03-09-97

A new turn based feudal war game for OS/2
xmod2_11.zip          Size:      37,114         Date: 07-10-95

Xmod/2 Save-game Editor v1.1
yatsee11.zip          Size:     288,458         Date: 05-15-97

Yatsee 1.1, dice game

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