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Device drivers
Directory : /drivers
1696_211.zip          Size:   1,300,393         Date: 05-13-97

MGA Millennium/Mystique OS/2 PM Display Driver Version 2.11
3c90xx.zip            Size:      13,063         Date: 01-23-97

3Com 3C90XX drivers for OS/2
640x_usr.zip          Size:     679,892         Date: 03-31-95

drivers for the CMD 640 EIDE controller
64os2222.zip          Size:     999,257         Date: 07-01-96

ATI Mach64 v2.22 OS/2 display drivers
805os2.zip            Size:   1,767,386         Date: 04-28-95

VL-41 (S3 805 chipset) S3 display drivers
90xos2nd.exe          Size:      18,284         Date: 10-06-96

3COM 3C900/3C905 Etherlink XL OS/2 NDIS driver v1.0h
964gxe.zip            Size:   2,760,250         Date: 03-01-95

Number Nine GXE/GXE64/GXE64PRO display driver v2.5
964gxe2f.zip          Size:   2,217,692         Date: 05-21-95

Number Nine GXE64 Pro display driver v2.52
adi2drv.zip           Size:     110,628         Date: 02-11-95

Appian ADI2 EIDE controller card drivers
aic7870.exe           Size:      56,739         Date: 07-07-95

Adaptec aic7870 SCSI device drivers (2940/3940)
aliide.exe            Size:     118,592         Date: 07-08-96

ALi Chipset (M1489) Enhanced IDE device drivers
artpad.zip            Size:       9,545         Date: 04-10-95

Wacom Artpad device drivers
atapi.zip             Size:      67,511         Date: 02-22-95

IBM OS/2 2.x / 3.x IDE CD driver for IDE CDROM drives. This package contains several modifications to the driver which allow certain IDE CDROMs with not 100% compliant HW to work with OS/2. It is a LATER Driver than the one shipped on the WARP Full Pack. NOTE: If you are INSTALLED and working, you DO NOT NEED this driver.
avance.zip            Size:   1,231,297         Date: 04-11-95

Avance Logic ALG 2228/2301/2229/2302 display drivers
awe64os2.zip          Size:   1,065,450         Date: 09-21-97

Sound Blaster AWE32 and Sound Blaster 16 PnP Drivers
bios20.zip            Size:     235,557         Date: 05-22-96

Matrox Millenium BIOS update 2.0
bjbeta.zip            Size:     152,787         Date: 01-05-95

Canon BubbleJet printer drivers (beta)
btscsi.zip            Size:      18,781         Date: 04-21-96

Buslogic Multimaster SCSI driver v1.48
canonos2.zip          Size:     185,512         Date: 07-21-97

Canon BJ Printers OS/2 Printer drivers
ccdos2.zip            Size:      20,252         Date: 06-02-95

Creative Labs CD-ROM driver v2.01
cd55os1.zip           Size:      10,409         Date: 12-26-94

Teac 55A CD-ROM device drivers
cdrh94a.zip           Size:      15,211         Date: 01-12-95

Intelligraphics Sanyo CDR-H94A CD-ROM device driver
chump1.zip            Size:      84,823         Date: 08-11-95

Cyrillization (the ability to use and view Cyrillic fonts) package for PM, OS/2 FS and DOS windows. Hot key switch between key layouts for easy text entry in various code pages.
cirrus.zip            Size:   1,475,150         Date: 05-23-95

Cirrus Logic 5430/5434/5426/5428 display drivers
cmd640x.zip           Size:      36,217         Date: 12-29-94

CMD 32-bit local bus IDE device driver
conner.zip            Size:      16,638         Date: 05-04-95

Conner tape device driver for Backmaster
crl200.zip            Size:      17,859         Date: 01-20-95

Creative Labs CD-ROM driver for Sound Blaster series
ct65545.zip           Size:     887,749         Date: 03-27-95

Chips & Technologies 65545 display drivers
dolat001.zip          Size:      12,912         Date: 01-24-95

Dolphin 8000AT CD-ROM device driver
dtcide.zip            Size:      65,544         Date: 04-28-95

Data Technology DTC-2XXX VESA/PCI IDE drivers
dvos2w11.zip          Size:     674,985         Date: 10-07-96

Tseng Laboratories ET6000 PM Display Driver
e2flt12b.zip          Size:      90,254         Date: 08-17-95

Ext2flt (v1.2b): See linux partitions in OS/2. Makes linux partitions visible to OS/2 so that ext2-os2.ifs (not included in archive) can mount them. It can also make hidden primary partitions visible to OS/2 and change the order in which OS/2 assigns drive letters to partitions. This is work in progress and may still have bugs. Source included.
eide2300.zip          Size:      22,246         Date: 08-23-95

EIDE2300 OS/2 ST-506/IDE/ATAPI OS/2 Warp Driver V1.0
eidev13.zip           Size:     141,521         Date: 04-21-95

DTC 22XX and 21XX EIDE drivers
eng30316.zip          Size:   1,540,830         Date: 06-24-97

OS/2 Video Device Driver for the S3 Vision864/964/868/968/Trio32/64/64V+/64V2 Driver Version 3.03.16
epsn1020.zip          Size:   4,658,853         Date: 01-18-98

Printer drivers from Epson Germany, includes Stylus COLOR support (Version 1.020 Frozen Beta)
flashpt.exe           Size:      47,443         Date: 02-14-97

Buslogic SCSI Adapter drivers
game02b.zip           Size:     149,793         Date: 03-04-95

Advanced OS/2 joystick device driver v0.1a
grav031a.zip          Size:      88,590         Date: 12-23-94

Multimedia audio drivers for the Gravis GUS cards
hp4020i2.zip          Size:      18,930         Date: 05-01-96

Here is a replacement os2cdrom.dmd that enables multisession operation on the Hewlett-Packard 4020i CD-Writer.
i128.zip              Size:     284,448         Date: 03-06-95

#9 Imagine-128 display drivers v1.08
ihpfs124.zip          Size:      55,926         Date: 06-01-97

HPFS driver for DOS. Version 1.24
mad16200.zip          Size:     302,752         Date: 09-08-95

OPTi MAD16 Audio Device Driver for OS/2 Version 2.00 Release (08/31/95)
matrox.zip            Size:     901,958         Date: 02-16-95

Matrox MGA v2.00 (build 10) display drivers
mouspd.zip            Size:      12,061         Date: 02-19-96

Mouse Pointer Acceleration program
mozart07.zip          Size:      18,286         Date: 02-11-95

Mozart Sound card device driver for MMPM/2
mvprod.zip            Size:      29,962         Date: 02-08-95

Fix blast of static during boot for PAS16 soundcard
ncrscsi.zip           Size:      32,671         Date: 02-03-95

NCR 53C810 PCI SCSI device driver v3.03
ne2000wc.zip          Size:      11,352         Date: 06-20-95

Warp Connect NE2000-compatible network adapter driver
old_9440.zip          Size:     893,543         Date: 12-08-94

Trident AGI series Display drivers - Beta Dec 1994
omni461.zip           Size:     218,781         Date: 05-28-96

Omni Printer Driver (version 30.461)
os2_9440.zip          Size:   1,173,195         Date: 01-13-95

Trident AGI series Display drivers - 1/18/95
os2et6.zip            Size:     610,099         Date: 08-25-97

Tseng Labs OS/2 WARP ET6000 Display Driver
os2oad.zip            Size:     780,389         Date: 04-20-95

Iomega OS/2 OAD Drivers version 2.33 (supports the Bernoulli box)
os2s25.zip            Size:   1,395,474         Date: 01-27-97

Display driver for Diamond Video 2500 card
osmip202.zip          Size:   1,275,704         Date: 12-05-94

V7-Mirage/V7-Mercury VL/ISA/PCI display drivers
pdc20230.zip          Size:      16,476         Date: 09-23-95

Promise PDC20230 chipset VESA local bus IDE controller cards driver
prom_14.zip           Size:      22,019         Date: 12-15-94

Promise DC4030VL-2 SCSI drivers
promdc4x.zip          Size:      23,377         Date: 10-10-95

Promise DC4030VL/VL-1/VL-2; DC420; DC200 Warp 3.0 caching IDE controller drivers for OS/2 v3.0 Warp.
qcamdd01.zip          Size:      33,458         Date: 07-07-96

Connectix QuickCam digital camera driver
qd6580.zip            Size:      68,635         Date: 05-12-95

QD 6580 VLB-IDE driver v3.6
ql510os2.zip          Size:      13,929         Date: 01-09-95

QLogic Fast!PCI Basic Driver
revcd420.zip          Size:      11,649         Date: 12-04-94

Reveal GCD-R420/GoldStar CD-ROM device driver
revl_sc5.zip          Size:     305,067         Date: 03-24-95

Reveal SC400/SC500 sound card drivers
s3252.zip             Size:   2,171,705         Date: 04-27-95

S3 801/805/764/868/968 display drivers v2.52
s3257d1.zip           Size:     784,997         Date: 04-08-96

S3 OS/2 32 Bit Drivers Version 2.57-01 (Disk 1 of 2) - Supports the 801/805/805i/928SD, 928 with BT DAC, 864/866/868, 732/764/765, and 964/968 products.
s3257d2.zip           Size:   1,330,733         Date: 04-08-96

S3 OS/2 32 Bit Drivers Version 2.57-01 (Disk 2 of 2) - Supports the 801/805/805i/928SD, 928 with BT DAC, 864/866/868, 732/764/765, and 964/968 products.
s328210.exe           Size:   1,411,901         Date: 05-28-96

S3 864/868/964/Trio64/Trio64+ display drivers
s3_864.zip            Size:   2,619,598         Date: 05-30-95

S3 86C864 chip set display drivers
s3os232.zip           Size:   1,414,805         Date: 11-13-95

S3OS232.ZIP contains a beta version of video drivers by S3 Inc. for use with OS/2 and OS/2 Warp. These are the only bug-free drivers I have found for use with the Diamond Stealth24 ISA card.
s3os2drv.zip          Size:   1,721,447         Date: 02-10-97

S3 Drivers 3.03.03
s64dram.zip           Size:   2,037,365         Date: 04-02-95

Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM (VLB) display drivers
sb16_102.zip          Size:       3,534         Date: 07-11-96

Driver for CDROM port on Soundblaster PnP v1.02
sbdrv.zip             Size:     107,116         Date: 02-28-95

Sound Blaster series soundcard drivers (2/24/95)
sbos2pnp.exe          Size:     999,258         Date: 12-05-95

Sound Blaster AWE32 and Sound Blaster 16 PnP Drivers [HM12011995]
sb_os2.exe            Size:   1,004,719         Date: 03-29-96

Sound Blaster AWE32 and Sound Blaster 16 PnP Drivers [HM01231996]
sio160.zip            Size:     209,371         Date: 10-27-96

Ray Gwinn's comm drivers for OS/2, V1.60. SIO.SYS and VSIO.SYS are replacements of the OS2 communications drivers COM.SYS and VCOM.SYS which come with OS/2. VX00.SYS provides FOSSIL and virtual 16550 support for DOS programs SIO can be configured to support any number of ports. Vmodem now has both inbound and outbound Telnet.
snd16os2.zip          Size:     195,149         Date: 05-21-95

Sound Galaxy Washington (Sound16A & Sound144) driver
soundgal.zip          Size:     187,053         Date: 06-01-95

Aztech Sound Galaxy 16 soundcard device driver
st64vram.zip          Size:   2,772,046         Date: 05-11-95

Diamond Stealth Video/VRAM 64 video Driver
stlth64v.zip          Size:   2,202,039         Date: 03-24-95

Diamond Stealth 64 VRAM v1.9 display drivers
syhpfs.zip            Size:      28,536         Date: 10-16-96

Generic device driver for SCSI removable drives supporting FAT and HPFS filesystems
syquest.zip           Size:      62,601         Date: 12-02-94

OS/2 2.1 and OS/2 3 SyQuest Removability Software
tri9680.exe           Size:   1,048,832         Date: 10-08-96

Trident OS/2 Display Drivers, February 1995
trid9400.zip          Size:     503,031         Date: 06-12-95

Trident 9400 display drivers
trit206.zip           Size:     119,868         Date: 06-27-96

Intel Triton Busmaster IDE Drivers v2.06
ultra08a.zip          Size:     175,212         Date: 08-24-95

ultra08a.zip - version 0.8a of "The Manley GUS Drivers": Robert J. Manley's Gravis Ultrasound MMPM drivers for OS/2. Includes UltiMOD v1.2 - OS/2 Modplayer for the Gravis Ultrasound. Supports 4, 6 and 8 channel MODs, MTM, S3M and XM.
voyager.zip           Size:     816,032         Date: 02-03-95

Boca Research Voyager SVCXL1-2 display drivers
w32sml1.zip           Size:     163,057         Date: 12-15-94

Tseng W32 Small Font driver for Warp
weitek.zip            Size:   1,206,440         Date: 10-04-95

Weitek P9000/9100 drivers. Requires loaddskf.exe to create a disk image to install the drivers.
zipdrive.zip          Size:     781,841         Date: 04-20-95

Iomega Parallel/SCSI Zip drive device driver
zpdrv234.zip          Size:     895,767         Date: 12-25-95

zipscsi.zip           Size:     276,272         Date: 05-09-95

Iomega SCSI Zip drive device driver

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