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Commercial Software Demos
Directory : /demos
animouse.zip          Size:     285,642         Date: 10-15-96

Animouse ver 1.0 DEMO, bring your mouse pointer to life
ba2pr30d.zip          Size:     872,561         Date: 04-23-95

Back Again/2 Professional Edition (backup software)
bc1eng1.zip           Size:   1,324,282         Date: 03-09-96

BlueCad 1.0 for OS/2 (disk 1 of 3)
bc1eng2.zip           Size:   1,338,809         Date: 03-08-96

BlueCad 1.0 for OS/2 (disk 2 of 3)
bc1eng3.zip           Size:   1,242,010         Date: 03-15-96

BlueCad 1.0 for OS/2 (disk 3 of 3)
blue102.zip           Size:     675,008         Date: 06-26-95

Post Road Mailer for OV/VM demo
bmdem11a.zip          Size:     540,760         Date: 03-27-95

BackMaster v1.1a tape backup software demo
bmdemov3.zip          Size:   1,006,293         Date: 09-12-95

Batch Manager V3.0 Demo: OS/2 32-bit application for scheduling, executing, monitoring, and controlling jobs (OS/2 or DOS Command Files and Executable Programs). Drag and Drop job submission. PM display of job statistics. Variable job priority, and more.
cc15demo.zip          Size:     553,785         Date: 07-23-96

Ctrl-Alt-Del Commander demo
ccard10e.zip          Size:     265,389         Date: 10-27-96

Christmas Card demo -editable message using plasma effect (386+), DJGPP source
checkit.zip           Size:      91,374         Date: 01-21-95

Checkit for IBM LAN Server v2.0-4.0 demo
chkplus.zip           Size:   1,088,833         Date: 02-03-95

Check+ Financial Software v1.14 demo
cfmdemo.zip           Size:   1,485,210         Date: 10-22-96

CFM Twain for OS/2 (working demo, limited to 72 DPI scanning)
cl_full.zip           Size:   1,429,189         Date: 12-04-94

Clearlook - The Cellular Word Processor (tm) - Demo 1.1
cl16beta.zip          Size:     966,341         Date: 12-31-95

ClearLook v1.6 This Beta of ClearLook, the native OS/2 and 32-bit WordProcessor, includes a basic database and communications program. Can be installed either over the older demo, or a fully registered version.
ctdemo.zip            Size:   2,693,839         Date: 04-07-95

CThrough++ v1.2a, Smalltalk-like software development
dm2.zip               Size:     915,808         Date: 11-15-94

Directory Manager/2 Version 02,R2,M10 Demo
ds_30dem.zip          Size:     963,071         Date: 08-01-95

Demo version of the IBM DualStor Backup Program for OS/2 Version 3.0.
dualos2.zip           Size:     963,898         Date: 02-28-95

IBM Dualstor v2.0 tape backup demo
game02a.zip           Size:     149,117         Date: 01-18-95

Joystick Device driver v0.2a
gulite20.zip          Size:     883,118         Date: 01-10-97

The Graham Utilities LIGHT for OS/2, V2.00
hoops090.zip          Size:     534,531         Date: 02-27-95

Hoops, manage basketball tournament office pools
hy_demo4.zip          Size:     981,917         Date: 02-06-95

Hydra Bulletin Board System v1.01b demo
icudemo.zip           Size:   1,031,706         Date: 05-09-95

LAN Intensive Care Utilities v1.3a demo version
impos2.zip            Size:     879,974         Date: 05-03-95

Impos/2 v1.2 image processing program demo
invest.zip            Size:   1,067,283         Date: 01-29-97

Frobozz Investor version 1.50
ircdemo.zip           Size:     143,851         Date: 05-08-95

GammaTech Internet Relay Chat client demo
lemdemof.zip          Size:     985,451         Date: 01-05-96

This is the final version of the 8-level demo of Lemmings for OS/2. It requires OS/2 Warp, with the MMOS2 multimedia extensions, and a video card which is supported by DIVE.
lxopt121.zip          Size:     472,559         Date: 09-26-96

Working Set Tuner for 32 bit OS/2 Code
mesa204.zip           Size:   2,597,797         Date: 10-25-95

MESA FOR OS/2 - The spreadsheet that's more than the sum of its parts.
natrial.zip           Size:     393,017         Date: 05-27-95

Numerical Assistant PRO trial version
n251demo.zip          Size:   1,491,695         Date: 01-20-98

Nota Musica 2.51 (music notation)
ncrunch2.zip          Size:   1,277,798         Date: 10-26-96

NeuralCrunch/2 v2.08.02 is a multithreaded,32bit neural network development utility with complete documentation
obos2_3.zip           Size:     899,789         Date: 12-15-94

OmniBoard OS/2 BBS v1.01b DEMO
p2demo21.zip          Size:   1,620,432         Date: 04-28-95

Preditor/2 programmers editor demo
plusdemo.zip          Size:     237,134         Date: 05-27-96

WATCHIT Plus, Warp Server utilities
pmpdem30.zip          Size:     272,239         Date: 03-16-95

PMPatrol v3.0, resource monitor demo
post105a.zip          Size:   1,069,721         Date: 12-21-95

Post Road Mailer - Beta Release
prnr101f.zip          Size:   1,064,125         Date: 03-02-96

Post Road News Reader - Beta Release 1.01F
reviewd2.zip          Size:     186,858         Date: 04-19-95

ReView, a document imaging utility demo
scase.zip             Size:   1,635,010         Date: 05-08-95

S-CASE v2.04 object-oriented analysis/design tool demo
seedump.zip           Size:     581,713         Date: 01-30-96

SeeDump version 1.0 is a post-mortem debugger of OS/2 V2.1+ (Demo)
so31us01.zip          Size:   1,129,880         Date: 08-01-96

Star Office 3.1 Demo package, disk 1
so31us02.zip          Size:   1,347,847         Date: 08-01-96

Star Office 3.1 Demo package, disk 2
so31us03.zip          Size:   1,347,780         Date: 08-01-96

Star Office 3.1 Demo package, disk 3
so31us04.zip          Size:   1,348,466         Date: 08-01-96

Star Office 3.1 Demo package, disk 4
so31us05.zip          Size:   1,342,941         Date: 08-01-96

Star Office 3.1 Demo package, disk 5
so31us06.zip          Size:   1,338,731         Date: 08-01-96

Star Office 3.1 Demo package, disk 6
so31us07.zip          Size:   1,346,911         Date: 08-01-96

Star Office 3.1 Demo package, disk 7
so31us08.zip          Size:   1,339,441         Date: 08-01-96

Star Office 3.1 Demo package, disk 8
so31us09.zip          Size:   1,327,098         Date: 08-01-96

Star Office 3.1 Demo package, disk 9
so31us10.zip          Size:     522,250         Date: 08-01-96

Star Office 3.1 Demo package, disk 10
speedos2.zip          Size:   1,250,191         Date: 06-07-95

Speed Pascal/2 demo
ssvpar.zip            Size:     975,334         Date: 12-16-94

Visual Parse++: PM parse/lexer building utility
supdemo.zip           Size:   1,473,190         Date: 04-13-95

HODstar Supporter, call/problem tracking application demo
tabdemos.zip          Size:     472,346         Date: 01-25-96

Table Visualization Class Library (TAB) demo.
tiedemo.zip           Size:     486,695         Date: 01-12-96

OS/2 Initialization (*.ini) File Editor
trydcf4d.zip          Size:     946,265         Date: 05-01-95

DCF/2 v1.4d, disk compression test drive
unimaint.zip          Size:   1,052,962         Date: 01-21-96

Maintenance Suite For OS/2- Demo
vp11demo.zip          Size:   1,760,815         Date: 10-10-96

Virtual Pascal/2, version 1.1, fully functional Demo
vpreval.zip           Size:   1,179,894         Date: 02-22-96

Working evaluation version of VisPro/REXX 3.0 visual REXX
vtddemoe.zip          Size:     177,306         Date: 02-23-96

VoiceType Analyzer english, tool to check the integrity of an IBM VoiceType Dictation installation. Gives info about OS, memory, swap, HDD, VoiceType-Users, -Languages, Vocabularies; Can search for words within a vocabulary and check even for whole ASCI Files how many words there are in the VoiceType-Vocabulary you're using. This demo checks Files up to 5kB, output to screen is limited to 250 chars. English version.
wlgn210.zip           Size:     839,134         Date: 01-31-97

LS 3.0+ password error monitoring system
xact40gr.zip          Size:   1,590,400         Date: 10-17-95

XACT 4.0 Demo (German Version): tool for data acquisition, manipulation, and graphical display

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