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Directory : /archiver
13unzr.zip            Size:      75,536         Date: 03-16-96

The UnZip Shell version 1.3 PM Shell for .ZIP files. View files inside of ZIP's by Object Association. Create directories, start OS/2 sessions. Integrates well with the WPS.
af0_32b.zip           Size:     271,635         Date: 10-21-96

The Archive Folder, v0.32 32bit, PM archive manager
afe30.zip             Size:     526,232         Date: 12-17-95

AFE version 3.0 - ARCHIVE FRONT END: OS/2 2.1x, Warp PM archive utility program which provides a visual front end for the creation, updating, un-archiving, virus scanning, viewing, printing and deleting of ZIP, LZH, ZOO and ARJ files. Supports running of external archive executables.
arcm30.zip            Size:     160,296         Date: 03-21-96

Archive Manager 3.0 for OS/2
b64.zip               Size:      22,337         Date: 06-25-96

Intelligent Rexx base64 en/decoder
clear10e.zip          Size:      55,663         Date: 10-28-95

Clear 1.0 backup and clean up (OS/2 2.0 or later English Version): Creates file lists for backup and deleting with detailed include/exclude criterions. Works fine together with Info-Zip. Freeware.
clear10g.zip          Size:      59,882         Date: 10-28-95

Clear 1.0 backup and clean up (OS/2 2.0 or later German Version): Creates file lists for backup and deleting with detailed include/exclude criterions. Works fine together with Info-Zip. Freeware.
gtak251.zip           Size:     683,043         Date: 07-01-96

GTAK - SCSI TAPE BACKUP for OS/2 Version 2.43
gtar251.zip           Size:     569,124         Date: 07-01-96

GTAR - modified GNU TAR: features tape indexing for quick Fast Forward to individual files
ha0999b.zip           Size:     104,986         Date: 02-04-95

HA compression tool (req. emxrt.zip)
kzip099d.zip          Size:     345,290         Date: 08-19-97

A PM zipfile management utility
lxlt101.zip           Size:      40,177         Date: 05-04-96

LX Lite - Compressor for OS/2 executables
mpack15o.zip          Size:      80,151         Date: 02-15-95

Mpack/munpack v1.5, encode/decode MIME mail messages
os2md4.zip            Size:      29,968         Date: 03-26-95

Os2md, fast MIME mail message decoder
pkz102_2.exe          Size:     258,176         Date: 01-31-95

PKZIP 1.02 (P/D/SFX)
plcode1o.zip          Size:      48,490         Date: 12-16-96

A powerful uuen(de)coder.Decodes files containing empty lines and any kind of garbage
pmbase64.zip          Size:     148,150         Date: 05-13-96

Encode/Deode base-64 files
pmbu12.zip            Size:      42,862         Date: 10-10-97

Frontend for backup.exe
924914 05-13-96 PM uuencoder/uudecoder v2.1
pmuue144.zip          Size:      64,911         Date: 08-12-96

Unix-to-Unix encoder/decoder (UUENCODE/UUDECODE)
pmzip100.zip          Size:     634,844         Date: 04-03-97

PM Zipper is a ZIP-SHELL and CD-ROM-MANAGER for Info-Zip's Zip/Unzip
pmzpr14.zip           Size:     669,420         Date: 12-17-94

PMZipper v1.4, ZIP/ZOO/LZH/ARJ/UNPACK PM front-end
rar200p.exe           Size:     238,832         Date: 08-02-96

The RAR archiver v2.00 RELEASE
unarj241.zip          Size:      46,297         Date: 01-06-95

Unarj v2.41, .ARJ file extractor
unrar100.zip          Size:      35,104         Date: 01-06-95

unRAR v1.00e, extract/test/view RAR archives
unshar2.zip           Size:      59,899         Date: 02-13-97

Extract from shell(shar) archives, C++ src
untgz093.zip          Size:     146,631         Date: 05-28-96

(TAR/GZIP) Extractor v0.93
unz520x2.exe          Size:     242,879         Date: 08-05-96

Info-ZIP's portable UnZip, version 5.2
unzip532.exe          Size:     448,078         Date: 11-13-97

Info-ZIP UNZIP 5.32
uucode18.zip          Size:      55,482         Date: 07-16-96

Fast, free, 32-bit, HPFS & EAs-Ok uuen/decoder
uudevos2.zip          Size:     149,522         Date: 01-04-98

UUDEVIEW for OS/2: for uuencode/Base64, decode/encode, hadles multipart files
warpzip.zip           Size:     789,538         Date: 03-20-98

Zip and OS/2 Packed file unarchiver
wpsunzip.zip          Size:      12,888         Date: 09-04-95

Work Place Shell Unzip: Drag 'n Drop UnZipper for the WPS
zc301.zip             Size:     161,586         Date: 02-07-95

Zip Chunker 3.01, split large ZIP files
zcp301.zip            Size:     180,461         Date: 02-07-95

Zip Chunker Pro 3.01, split large ARC/ARJ/ZIP/LZH files
zip22x.zip            Size:     235,695         Date: 11-13-97

Info-ZIP ZIP 2.2 (export version)
zipct254.zip          Size:     829,581         Date: 03-02-98

Zip Control - Interface for zip/unzip
zipdel.zip            Size:       4,393         Date: 04-14-97

Deletes files unpacked from zip or tar files
zipme121.zip          Size:     117,873         Date: 02-17-95

Zipme v1.21, front-end for Info-ZIP UNZIP/ZIP
zipshell.zip          Size:      33,508         Date: 01-13-97

Workplace Shell objects for easy ZIP file handling
zoo210e.exe           Size:     119,554         Date: 01-31-95

ZOO 2.1 (HPFS/FAT compatible) - 16-bit Executables
zz125.zip             Size:     432,509         Date: 09-10-97

Create new ZIP files with a single click or drag and drop, view, add to, unzip, and customize

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