You need a Java Virtual Machine for your browser if you want to run Java applets, such as the search engine for this program. Click here to install the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition. Follow the below instructions for installation.

  1. The installer "unpacks" the files needed to continue. A dialog tracks this process, which takes less than a minute. After briefly displaying a logo splash screen, the install wizard begins:

    Installation wizard welcome

  2. First, the installer presents the license agreement. After reading the License, click the "Yes" button to accept its terms.

    Software License Agreement

  3. Next, you are asked to confirm or change the location in which the software will be installed.

    We recommend that you accept the default location, which is on your C drive at C:\Program Files\Java\JRE\j2re<version>. To accept the default location, click the "Next" button. If your environment requires that you install elsewhere, click the "Browse" button to choose an alternative installation location.

    Choose Destination Folder Dialog

  4. Next, you will see a window that asks you to confirm that you want the Sun JVM to run Java programs in your browser.

    The install program will detect whether you have a Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser and/or a Netscape 6 browser on your computer and will check the appropriate boxes for you. Click the "Apply" button, and the installation program will proceed.

    Select Browsers Dialog

  5. Now that you have given the installer all the information it needs to proceed, progress dialogs track the installation process, which should take less than three minutes.

    Installation Progress Dialog

  6. A few small dialogs confirm the last few steps of the installation process, concluding with the confirmation "Installation Completed OK."