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Use the command line parameter -edit to get into the game in Edit ("God") mode. Hit SHIFT+Z and then TAB to start the game.

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To see Sam & Max on the map, type SAMNMAX.
To get 10,000,000 pennies type $@! but only three times per game.


If you've been clanking around in some low-budget herc in Sierra's Metaltech: Battledrome, looking for some way to get a juicy upgrade to that top-of-the line model, then this cheat is for you! When you type in your name at the main screen, simply add an asterisk (*) as the first letter of your name. You'll find that you have all the money you need to buy the best equipment for your battles in the arena.

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Betrayal at Krondor

Here are the chapter passwords, potions, and everything else you'll need to beat the game: On the overhead map, hold down the ALT-Right SHIFT and ~ (the tilde) for about three seconds, and a chest will appear. Each chest contains the items needed to finish that chapter, and an option to heal all characters. Just use the cheat trick, in conjunction with these level codes, and you can beat every chapter:

To strengthen yourself a bit, here's another trick. On your way to Elvandar in Chapter 6, there's a well which, when you add Fadamor's Formula to it, can increase your characters' strengths by three points -- permanently. To find it, follow the main road to Elvandar. Just before the road dead-ends, you should find the well (use spyglass of Ishap). The trick is that when you use the well with the formula, it takes all of the formula you have with you so that you can only do the strengthen trick once. But if you leave all but one dose in the bag in front of the well, use the well, then take another dose from the bag, you can use the well again. Every time you repeat this process, both Owyn's and Gorath's strength increases by three.

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To activate the cheat menu in Civenet, type: CTRL A O D B A M F in order -- don't hold down the control button while doing so. The menu enables these cheats:
Thanks to David Brookes for sending these in.

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Corridor 7

To receive all nine weapons, full life and proximity mines, press and hold the letters W, A, and X all at the same time. Note: Your score is set back to zero every time you use this code. You can also gain access to individual cheats by typing C7 LEVEL1 DIAGNOSTIC at the DOS prompt when you begin the game. Then, during play, try these key combinations:

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Crusader No Remorse

To enable the cheats type JASSICA16 and you will hear a voice saying "Crusader: No Remorse" Then by pressing ALT-F10 you'll become invulnerable, while pressing F10 you'll gain all the items and weapons.

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Dark Forces

Just type the following codes during any mission... Level Codes: For those of you stuck in the early levels of the game, the following cheats will transport you to any level you want. Just type in the cheat during the game, and you're on your way.

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In order to get the most out of these cheats, you'll probably want to reconfigure your keyboard settings so you don't set off any bombs when you're typing (that deadly 'b' key) or move yourself into danger.

Descent: Shareware

Descent: Registered

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Descent 2: Demo

Descent 2: Registered

To access the highest video resolutioncs (1024x768 and 1280x1024), use the command line: descent2 -superhires

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Doom and Doom II

To use any of these codes, simply type it during the game. If you make a mistake, just retype the code.

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Duke Nukem 3D

Shareware version.

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Earthworm Jim

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Fury 3

TRYMEON -- god mode

GIVITIUP-- all weapons

URDUSTD -- turbo

JUMPNIT -- warp to next level

WORMITx -- warp to level x

SSMOKIN -- turbo mode

TUFENUF -- gives you shields

PACKIN1 -- servo ammo.

PACKIN2 -- isokinetic ammo.

PACKIN3 -- rapidfire laser ammo.

PACKIN4 -- DOM ammo.

PACKIN5 -- viper ammo.

PACKIN6 -- baryon ammo.

PACKIN7 -- superbombs.

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Heroes of Might and Magic

Only one known code for this one, New World Computing's mighty strategy game, based in the world of their popular roleplaying games.
101495 will reveal the whole map.

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Use these mystic formulae to punish the monsters:
These are for the full retail version of the game. Cheats won't work at hardest difficulty level or in multiplayer.
These cheats are for the demo version:

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The Hive

There's only one known cheat for this one. Use the name TORYO at the startup screen, and you'll have access to all twenty missions immediately.

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Jazz Jackrabbit

In order to enable these cheats, you'll need to pause the game by pressing the "P" key, then hit the Backspace key before you type in the code for the cheat you want to enable. Also, in some versions of Jazz Jackrabbit, you have to add the letters "DD" before each cheat.

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Magic Carpet

To enable the cheats for Magic Carpet I First, you need to bring your carpet to a complete stop (or simply type the cheat at the beginning of a level), and type "I". You'll be presented with a prompt under the status bar for you to type in a message. To activate the cheats type "ratty". Now all you need to do is use the following key combinations to make you the most powerful wizard around.

Alt+F1 gives you all the spells.
Alt+F2 gives you more mana.
Alt+F6 complete healing.
Alt+F7 kills all creatures on the level.
Shift+C completes the level.
To jump from one level to another, type CARPET at the prompt followed by the level number (1-50), and you're off!
For Magic Carpet 2, type "windy" at the prompt to enable the cheats. The Alt+Function keys work the same as in the original.

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Mechwarrior 2

To enable the cheats, hold down the Ctl+Alt+Shift keys and type in the code you want to use.

Ghost Bear Cheats

CTL+ALT+SHIFT and type:
KENT - invulerability
CLARK - x-ray vision
PUTZ - mission over
DORCS - shows the guys
PALEX - kill targeted mech
BURR - heat tracking off
KABOOM - kills all mechs
DRONE - FREE eye mode
JUMBO - jets on any Mech
CRILLION - unlimited jet juice
MERLOCK - Time expansion toggle
SPEEDYGONZALES - Time compression
VOYEUR - Mini Camera
TIK - collision spheres

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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
There are codes that make you stronger and codes that let you walk through walls, but it's pretty rare that a code will bring a smile to your face. This one for NovaStorm certainly falls into that category. During the first level of NovaStorm (full version) if you type the word "tomatoes" you'll be treated to a few new levels, enemies, bosses, sounds--and some very unusual music.

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Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

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Quake shareware

You need to type these cheats in the console. Activate the console by hitting the tilde ~ key. You can also type vid_mode # where # is a number 0 to 9 to change screen resolutions.

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Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire

Here's a trick for the classic game, Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire by Sierra On-Line. This trick enables you to get all the money you desire. You'll lose all the money near the end of the game, but spend all you want until them. All you do is visit the Dervish at the desert oasis. Get some of his beard off the tree. Return to Shapier and go to the Magic Shop. Sell the Beard to the shop keeper for money. You can repeat this as many times as you want, without getting more beard.

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Radix: Beyond the Void

Many of the cheats work only with version 1.1. This is a Descent style game, in case you were wondering.

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Rebel Assault

After the animated LucasArts logo, move your joystick UP and press FIRE, move the joystick DOWN and press FIRE, then move the joystick LEFT and press FIRE, then move the joystick RIGHT and press FIRE. You'll hear a telephone ringing and a voice answering "LucasArts," which lets you know that the cheat mode is active. Here's where the fun begins, because you'll be able to jump to any chapter in the game without having to write down all those silly codes!
To go anywhere in the game, type the number of the chapter you want to play. The chapters are number 1-9 for chapters 1-9, and A-F for chapters 10-15. Also by pressing the "+" key on the numeric keypad, you'll reset your damage to zero, and pressing "ESC" will let you move to the next cutscreen. Hope these cheats help Rebels everywhere!

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Rise of the Triad

ROTT is our winner for game with the most cheat codes (not counting level codes). To use these codes, just type them in during a game (remember to type the first code, "Dipstick," to enable the cheats).

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Star Rangers

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Super Stardust

The following codes should be entered as passwords on the title screen.

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Rename your team one of the following names (depending on which cheat your want to enable) and you'll be all set.

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Terminal Velocity

To access the cheats simply type in the code during gameplay.

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Terminator: Future Shock

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Total Mayhem

To activate, CTL+SHIFT+CHEAT from the base screen. Return to the list.


To enable these cheat codes, hit enter, type one of the codes, and then hit enter again. First use the Corwin Master Code to enable the others. CORWIN OF AMBER enables the use of the codes below:

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Warcraft 2

To enable the cheats hit enter while in the game, then type one of the codes, and hit "enter" again. In multiplayer games, the cheats effect both sides.

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Use these codes as your player name.

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Wing Commander I, II, III & IV

When you type in the startup command for either game (WC or WC2) add a space then type "Origin -k" Make sure you use a capital `O' or the cheat won't work. You'll be able to fly against wave after wave of Kilrathi without taking damage, and destroy any targeted ship (including the big capital ships!) at will by pressing CTRL and DEL at the same time.

Wing Commander III is similar. You use the command line wc3 -mitchell and then while in combat CTL-W will kill a locked on enemy, and CTL-ALT-W will destroy all enemies in the radar map.

For Wing IV, use the command line wc4 -chicken. These controls should work: CTRL+W to destroy targeted enemy, CTRL+ALT+W to destroy all enemies on radar, and ALT+O to become invulnerable.

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First type backspace. Then type:
scooter -- for all weapons
mommy -- for all magic
wango -- for all keys

Witchaven II

First type backspace. Then type: marketing -- God Mode. weapons -- all weapons. health -- restores health. armor -- restores armor. strength -- gets you the STR powerup. potions -- gives all potions. spells -- get all spells. keys -- gets all keys. invis -- invisibility. level## for level warping. i.e. level01, level14 etc.

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Wolfenstein 3D

You need to start the game with a command line parameter:
for version 1.0 type wolf3d -next
for version 1.1 type wolf3d -goobers

Once in the game, you need to activate the cheats:
for version 1.0 press CTRL+ALT+ENTER
for version 1.1 press LSHIFT+ALT+BSPACE

Now you can use these cheat codes:
TAB+G -- God Mode
TAB+I -- Add Item
TAB+H -- Self-Mutilation
TAB+N -- No Clipping Mode
TAB+P -- Pauses Game
TAB+Q -- Exits
TAB+W -- Turbo mode
TAB+X -- Adds Extra Stuff
TAB+E -- Finishes Level
M+L+I -- Weapons, ammo and invulnerable

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Type BAABAA at the weapons options screen and have access to new, devastating super-weapons.

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