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Windows role playing games.

2375804 02-21-97 Exile II: Crystal Souls v2.0
1793883 02-02-96 Exile v1.1.1 Spiderweb Software presents a new, full-length, fantasy role-playing shareware game for the Windows: EXILE: Escape From The Pit v1.1.1"exile n. 1. Enforced removal from one's native country. 2. The stateor circumstance of being in Exile." Above ground, there is only one nation: The Empire. That's all it's called. What need is there for fancy names when there's only one game in town?
725793 11-15-95 Spirit Riders, vol.1 "The Quest for the Crystal" The first volume in a multi-part RPG. Players are sent on quest in an underground mine to retrive a crystal that can destroy the world. Surprise ending, intricate maze, and lots of battles. It'll keep you up all night playing it

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