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10xxx.txt6614List Of Equal Access Carriers
800carri.txt44614800 Service Number Allocation And Company Directory
aio50.zip53730All In One 5.1 Dialer,Code Hacker, PBX Hacker
alliance.txt10717lliance Teleconferencing Systems
all_box.txt202368All Color-Coded Boxes Wrapped Up In One File
areacode.txt31222Extensive Area Code List (Includes:200/700/800/900)
arpa.txt86379Arpanet Information Brochure
att25.txt671Color Key For AT&T 25pair Cables
austpac.txt19681AUSTPAC X.25 Information
bbeep07.zip323375Blue Beep version 7.0
bdial53.zip87378Bluebox Dialer Multi-Tone Program For SoundBlaster
boxes.lzh93235Boxes Galore
callerid.txt7688Caller ID Information
callid.zip56955BBS Utility For Auto Caller ID
cidspec.txt7168Caller ID Protocol Specifications
clss7.txt15440No. 1/1A ESS Custom Local Area Signaling Services
comhel16.zip65663Com Port Help.
comx.zip28488Network 2 PC's Via Serial Port.
country.txt10430World Numbering/International Dialing
cpid-ani.txt9533CPID/ANI Developments
cus.arj2492No description available
cuspad.txt4864Custom PAD Profiles for GS/X.25-IP Connection Service
darkbox.txt11648Nice Re-Design Of The Gold-Box W/Added Features
dialtone.txt14905The End Of The Dial Tone Monopoly
eaatad.txt37878Equal Access And The American Dream
etherfaq.txt34238Ethernet FAQ - Good info on ethernet lingo
fhack20.zip80078Fuckin' Hacker: Code Hacker/Dialer
fonword.arj14137Turn Phone Numbers Into Words And Back
gateway.arj13874JDECWRL Gateway's Explained
grim3.zip56861he Grim Scanner 3.0
gunbelt.zip28319Gunbelt III. Code Hacker/Auto-Dialer/Terminal Program
hhack10.lh28319Amiga Multi-Featured Code Hacker Package
hsl120_r.zip288329High Speed Link File Transfer Protocol V1.20R
jbox_43.zip446969Jolly Box V4.3 W/Firmware Update. Multi-Tone Generator
latanums.txt8854List Of US Lata Numbers
latatabl.txt9303Table Of US / Canada Lata Numbers
massexcg.txt15231Massachusetts Exchange Listing
mecred.txt8627Cybernetik's Mercury Switch Mod For Rad' Shack Red Box
packsat.txt10919Packet Satellite Technology Reference Sources
part68.txt11715FCC Part 68. Concerning Ringbacks.
pfpt111.arj23405Professor Falken's Phreakers Tool's
phonewrk.txt30226Understanding Telephones
phreak_m.txt498787Phreaker's Manual. Huge. If You Don't Have A Copy. Grab It.
pm10-ecr.zip20877Phreakmaster Lite 1.0 Many Tones
psnintro.txt44782Complete Guide To Sprintnet And Similar X.25
qmodem41.zip330185Qmodem v4.1. The best terminal package for Dos.
randscan.zip18138Renegade Legion's RANDSCAN V3.69
riptrm153.exe18138Ripterm V15.3 For RipScript Graphics Support
sbwbox.zip10495White Box For The SoundBlaster
sb_rbox2.zip2496Red Box For The SoundBlaster With ASM
scan50.zip60397PBX Scanner/Hacker
snap.zip49611SNAP Page, For Metromedia Alphanumeric Pagers. (W/Boston Access)
telenet.txt9465Telenet PC-Pursuit Dial-Up Host
telepriv.txt16435Telephone Privacy In The 1990's
telstart.txt16435Telstar Telephone Control System
th040.zip65087Telix Hacker .40 Beta
tl-thug.zip217344Yet Another Exchange Scanner.. With Graphics Log Display
toneloc.zip72011Tone Locater: Find LD Carriers, PBS's, Loops, Or Any Other Tone
tvfreq.zip31075Gives Technical Data For All TV Channels (Cable Or U/VHF)
ultra3.zip32071Ultra Hacker 3.0 : A Wardialer
unixsec.txt164624Improving The Security Of Your Unix System
waf165.zip545664Just bbs software for anyone who wants it.
wardaile.lha18744The BEST Damn War Dialer for Amiga.
xbbs.zip69375Unix XBBS Software W/Source. (l0pht uses this)
zhack321.zip61585Z-Hacker. Another Wardialer
pgrbombr.zip37081Pager Bomber v 1.01A
lanskool.zip140160Novell Netware Monitoring & Debugging Tools
apex10.zip21138Apex v1.00 Phreaking tool
at_t.zip7322AT&T Calling Card Generator
cphreak.zip75756CyberPHREAK v1.0 for WindoZe
fear2_3.zip289221Fear's Phreaker Tools v2.3
phmas10.zip20877PhreakMaster v1.0
fontag14.zip441253Phone Tag v1.3 - Tone dialer for Windows
toneutil.zip89263Tone Locator Add-on Utilities

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