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1861BOOK.ZIP0Great source of Survival techniques from 1861
911V12.ZIP0Good First Aid database, ailment/symptom/treatment
9THCIRC.ZIP09th Circut Court Rulings
AFLCDEMO.ZIP0Pedigogical Artificial Intelligence Tool
ARCHIE.ZIP0HAZMAT emergency plans
ANARTOD1.ZIP0Anarchy Today Volume I
ANARTOD2.ZIP0Anarchy Today Volume II
BADSTUFX.ZIP0more HAZMAT info - req. dBase III
BAND.ZIP0High freq. band guide
BASICFLD.ZIP0Florida Drivers License Number Generator
BKDESTR1.ZIP0Book of Munitions. Volume I
BKDESTR2.ZIP0Book of Munitions. Volume II
BODY1.ZIP0Dragons Touch Book I
BODY2.ZIP0Dragon Touch Book II
BOMBIDEA.ZIP0Home made explosives for taking out those stubborn stumps.
BOMBS.ARJ0Large Compilation of Munitions consecration
CELLMATE.ZIP0Cellmate Informants
CELNAV.ZIP0Celestial Navigation Info
CHEMCOR1.ARJ0Chemist's Corner #1
CHEMCOR2.ARJ0Chemist's Corner #2
CIVWAR.ZIP0Civilian Warfare and Survival
CONFESS.ZIP0Why Suspects Confess
COUNTIES.ZIP0A listing of all the counties in all the states
CRIMANAL.ZIP0POST's Crime Analysis program
CRIMEPRO.ZIP0Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
DEMOLI1.ARJ0Demolitions Article I
DEMOLI2.ARJ0Demolitions Article II
DISPATCH.ZIP0Fire department dispatch program
DPTSHLDS.ZIP0Department shield drawing program
DRIV_LIC.ZIP0Inmate Organization software
DRUGTRAK.ZIP0Law enforcment database
EMCOURT.ZIP0Emergency Court of Appeals Rules
ENEWSV1.ZIP0Emergency News Files for the Emergency Planner
EVAPRI.ZIP0Evasive Techniques
EVIDEN13.ZIP0Evidence Inventory database
EVIDENCE.ZIP0Federal Rules of Evidence
EXPLO-1.ZIP0Improvised Explosives. Volume I
EXPLO-2.ZIP0Improvised Explosives. Volume II
FEMA-FTD.ZIP0FEMA National Telephone Directory
FEDBBS1.ZIP0This is a list of 66+ Federal BBS that are public
FEDBBS3.ZIP0Federal public-access BBSs
FINE.ZIP0Court fine and restitution amortization schedule
FIREARM.ZIP0Firearm score database
FIRECOMM.ZIP0Fire department programs
FIRSTAID.ARJ0Informative text on administering FIRST AID.
FLEETMAN.ZIP0Vehicle Fleet Management program
FRAP.ZIP0The Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
FRCP.ZIP0Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
GANGFILE.ZIP0Org tool for personal contacts
GASES.ZIP0Irritant Gases
GRANDJUR.ZIP0The Federal Grand Jury
GUNSHOT.ZIP0Gunshot Primer Residue
HIGHTECH.ZIP0A Low Cost Approach to High Technology
HOSTAGE.ZIP0Hostage/Barricade Incidents
HOSTAKER.ZIP0Confronting the Terrorist Hostage Taker
IFCHEM.ZIP0Text on Chemicals and Their Sources. Well written. ^M
IM1.ZIP0Black Book: Improvised Detonators and fuses ^M
JEDA_1.ZIP0Judicial Expert Decisional Aide
JUDSEAL.ZIP0The Judicial Sealing Requirement in Elec. Surveillance
LAWBBS.ZIP0Directory of Law related bulletin boards
LAWCOMM.ZIP0Criminal investigation database
LEXLEX.ZIP0Wordlist of legal and medical terms (for WordPerfect)
LOCKPIK.ZIP0Info on how to make picks and use them (w/gif's)
LOG_SCRN.ZIP0Inmate booking record system
LVSTOPS.ZIP0Large Vehicle Stops
MSIMPLEX.ZIP0Simplex Locks: An Illusion of Security
MVT.ZIP0Motor Vehicle Theft Investigations
NCIC.ZIP0Focus on the NCIC
NCIC2.ZIP0NCIC Training: Hit or Miss?
ODOMROLL.ZIP0Odometer Rollback Schemes
PARK_TIC.ZIP0A parking ticket database program
PCAM_3B.ZIP0Patrol car allotment model
PCEXPERT.ZIP0Residential Burglary Expert System
PENREG31.ZIP0Database management system for Pen register and DN
PNTVIEW.ZIP0Point of View: A Manager's Guide to Computer Projects
POLBOR.ZIP0Police have no duty to protect individuals
POLICEBB.ZIP0Police Related BBS List
POLICNET.ZIP0Info about PoliceNet!
POL_PRAC.ZIP0Police Practices: Baited Vehicle Detail
POST.ZIP0Address list of law enforcment services
PRELIMIN.ZIP0The Preliminary Investigation Process
PRIVPRIS.ZIP0Privatization of Prisons: Fad or Future?
PRP1_1.ZIP0Police report printer
PRS1.ZIP0Police records system v1.1
PR_LOGS.ZIP0Inmate cash transaction log
PR_RECPT.ZIP0Prints a cash transaction receipt for inmates
PUBPRIVS.ZIP0Public Law Enforcement/Private Security
RADMSTR1.ZIP0Radio Maintence database
SEARCHES.ZIP0Emergency searches of effects
SNIPER.ZIP0Police Sniper Training
SPEEDIBM.ZIP0Determine speed of car from skids
SUCINTE.ZIP0Successful Interviewing
TEACAD.ZIP0Computer aided dispatch system
TRASHINS.ZIP0Trash Inspections and the 4th amendment
VIC_WIT.ZIP0Victim-Witness Assistance
VISIO.ZIP0Visiophones: French High Tech Security
WEAPONS.ZIP0Vehicular Long Barrel Weapons Mount
762X39.ZIP0Reloading and test data on the 7.62x39 NATO ammo
AIR_COND.ZIP0Trouble shooting for Air Conditioning
ALLOY2.ZIP0A Great Program For Bullet Casters (VG)
BULLET1.ZIP0Bullet sighting program
BULLET_1.ZIP0Bullet velocity calculator - Reloaders
CEMENT.ZIP0Calculates amount of concrete needed
CEMENT1.ZIP0Calculates cost & yards based on length, width & depth.
EXBALL.ZIP0Demo balistic program for shooters
FACMAINT.ZIP0Factory Machine Maintenance system
DRILLS.ZIP0Drill sizes and their decimal equivalent w/tap sizes
GEAR.ZIP0Program to determine bicycle gear ratios
MACHSHOP.ZIP0Machine shop programs in Basic
MEASURE.ZIP0Measurement conversions-very handy.
PCMECH20.ZIP0PC Mechanic v2.0 Maintenance management
TBURN03A.ZIP0Combustion and Fired Heater Analysis
TELISOL.ZIP0Telisolar v1.2 Solar energy savings evaluator
WELD.ZIP0Welding tutor..type "BEGIN" to start
AC8947_1.ZIP0ASTROCLK Astro clock & celestial tracking
AC8947_2.ZIP0ASTROCLK Data files. 2 of 3
AC8947_3.ZIP0ASTROCLK Source code. 3 of 3
ATOMS.ZIP0Periodic table w/ spectral & nuclear data
UNIQUE09.ZIP0weather forcasting program
USCITIES.ZIP0Longitude & latitude of 200 U.S. cities
USMAPDAT.ZIP0Latitude/Longitude in USA by state w/source
WX60.ZIP0Weather forcasting program
W_MTABLE.ZIP0PopUp Weights & Measures Table.
MWARFAR10Unconventional Tactics & Material VOl 1
WARFAR20Unconventional Tactics & Material Vol 2
SIMPLEX1.ZIP0Prints out all possible combos for Simplex locks
SIMPLEX2.ZIP0A list of all Simplex combos
THERMITE.ZIP0Thermite Incidiaries by PrimoPyro
PROP1.ZIP0Composite Rocket Fuels by PrimoPyro
SMKGEN.ZIP0Improvised Smoke Generators
UNDGCOMM.ZIP0Tactical Radio Communications Equipment, By Tom Icom

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