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atmo-rdt.txt16080RDT: Atmospheric Test Site Discovered
card-rl.txt7196Renegade Legion: Carding In The 90's: By The Knight
cbi-rl.txt23705Renegade Legion: CBI General Information Text: By Spiritwalker
cell-1.txt37964RDT: Celluar Telephony - Part I By: Brian Oblivion
cell-2.txt78519Cellular Telephony: Part II By: Brian Oblivion
cmbkeyrl.txt8864Renegade Legion: Masterkey File: By The Gypsy
cocot-rl.txt16918Renegade Legion: COCOT Payphones With Combo-Box Plans
coinop.txt10987RDT: Bell Is Cracking Down On Redbox Fraud
cops-rl.txt23583Renegade Legion: Computer Oracle And Password System. ALERT!
cybrshit.txt10590Count Zero's Account Of BCS Meeting With Cyberpunk AUth.
dlog-rdt.txt44883RDT: Complete Guide To The DIALOG Information Network
inf-rdt.txt51393RDT: Exploring Information-America
rdt_di01.txt16077RDT: Dumpster Insights (NET/NYNEX)
rldecode.zip19964Renegade Legion: DTMF Tone Decoder W/ Schematics
simplex.txt23614Information On Simplex Locks
trw.txt10999No description available
tympcprl.txt10316Renegade Legion: TymNet PCPursuit Outdials
vmbh-rl.txt3508Renegade Legion: VMB Hacking

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