bandaid3.zip172850Utility To Manage Noise And Such On Different Bands.
bearings.zip29801Bearings, Map Stuff
code.zip148626Many Different Morse Code Utilities W/Source
satscan.txt101422SatScan Satellite Services Chart (Extensive)
slowsc.zip237091Receive Slow Scan TV W/ Sound Blaster
sm316.arj97933Super Morse - Morse Practice And More
tubes1.arj10755Tube Cataloger
2mquad.zip10755build a 2-meter quad antenna
dtmf.zip16001dtmf decoder for sound blaster
tapr91.txt65479tapr/amsat project information - 1991
15WAT_TR.ZIP6483Plans for a 15 watt transmitter (Postscript)
JPOLES.ZIP8206Text files about J-Pole antennas
SIXWATT.ZIP8206Plans for a 6 watt transmitter (Postscript)
ANTENNAX.ZIP8206Antenna analysis program
AUTOMARS.ZIP167471REFILER/APMARS Interface Software v4.1
CHEBY1.ZIP48186Filter design program (Low and High)
GC103.ZIP19434A map program for HAMs
GRAYLINE.ZIP58880Grayline plotting program for HAMs
LOGGR150.ZIP112951Logging program version 1.5
LOWBAND.ZIP281600Antenna design program
LWAC.ZIP37263Long wire antenna design program
MINIMUF4.ZIP39742HAM propagation program
MINIPROP.ZIP107383HAM propagation utility
SATDISH.ZIP11302Satellite dish settings and program
SATPRINT.ZIP36111Point angle printout for statellites
STORM603.ZIP36111Storm Tracker v6.0.3
STS26.ZIP57895Shuttle Tracker v2.6
TLMDC3.ZIP99926Satellite Tracking/Telemetry v3 Part 1
TLMPROG.ZIP43221Satellite Tracking/Telemetry v3 Part 2
TMUF.ZIP54249HF propagation prediction program
WT10.ZIP19782Displays time around the world
WX60.ZIP58302Weather Predictor v6.0