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allnet40.zip64200Allnet Hacker v4.0
ansc.zip145467Advanced Netware Security Hacker
att_ccg.zip7542AT&T Calling Card Number Generator
avmaker.zip50275PKzip AV Keymaker
assolink.txt11949Maine Business AssoLINK System - A Discovery
atm-92.txt20096ATM Hacking For The 90's
beginphk.txt3577Phreaking For Beginners
bdial63.zip105134Blue-Dial V6.2. Now with SB/SB-DMA/LPT
boxtone1.zip21386BoxTone 1.00 (eta) SoundBlaster/AdLib DTMF
burglar.zip2461Burglar recovers the supervisor accound on NW386
cardchek.zip2461Verifies the authtenticity of a credit card
cbisoft.zip9065CBI Direct accesss software
cbust305.zip27494Code Buster v3.05
ccd100.zip10565Calling Card Dialer v1.00
cell9411.txt21227Stargate's Cell Hackers Journal v94.11
cisis.zip44075A utility to aid in hacking TRW
cmaster2.zip45918-= CreditMaster v2.0 =-
cnainq20.zip12648CNA Inquiry 2.0
crackupc.txt6794Cracking the Universal Product Code (UPC)
cybhck2.zip58598CyberHack v2
cbihack.zip149504CBI Direct Access Terminal Software
cbiman.txt44915The Complete CBI Manual By Video Vindicator
depl.zip65642Delam's Elite Password Leecher
elevphk.txt1329Elevator Phreak/Hacking
fake112.zip8770FakE! The fake identity creator v1.12
getit.zip11152A program to steal Novell passwords
hc130.zip197183Hellfire Cracker V1.3
hd001.zip7044Hacking Directories #1
hd002.zip6091Hacking Directories #2
hd003.zip7215Hacking Directories #3
hd004.zip5490Hacking Directories #4
hellhack.lha98569Amiga Hacker Utility, Finds VMBS/Carriers/Tones
ice101.zip2881ICE v1.01 protects COM files
jbox_40f.zip413814Jolly Box V4.0, Ultimate Phreaker Tone Generator Project
kc800.zip42288Killer Kracker V8.0
keycopy.zip3390Keycopy v1.01 - record keystrokes
kock.zip16085Netware hacker
lookup.txt1879How to Look-Up Information on Anyone!
lexis.zip435486Lexis/Nexis Research Software With Scripts
masterh.zip17939Master Hack v1.0
mhuntr2.zip47962Modem Hunter v2.0
modernz.zip498475Rather Informative Collection Of Text Files For The H/P'er
netcrack.zip7864Novell Hacker
novelsup.zip11340Novell Tools
npafnd10.zip10629NPA Finder v1.01
npalist.txt8033World wide NPA listings by Information Society
nuaa105.zip68148NUA Attacker v1.05 - for X.25 nets
nutils20.zip110864The Nowhere Utilities V2.0
omega110.zip58255Omega Team Blue Box v1.10b
pbx_scan.zip55347PBX Scanner v5.0
pcp301.zip25394Phry Code Pro v3.01
ptech.txt12042The Technical Book of Phreaking
ptools11.zip27551Phreak Tools v1.1
qch11.zip98488QCH v1.1
ramcomm.zip98488RAM Communications Paging System: Commands And Operations
readshad.txt2344C Program That Let's You Read Shadowed Etc/Passwd BSD File
refser1.txt89178Reference Series Volume I by Video Vindicator
refser2.txt108950Reference Series Volume II by Video Vindicator
refser3.txt88928Reference Series Voluem III by Video Vindicator
scrtpick.zip110990Secret Of Lock Picking, With GIF Diagrams.
simphack.zip45607Simplex Code Generator. Narrows Down The Combinations.
spyexe.zip49235Spy watches people over a NetBIOS connection
t4.zip54331No description available
tronv106.zip22094DisLite,UnLzexe,UnDiet,UnTiny + Protect! EXE/COM
vrack051.zip42259VrACK v1.0b - Voice Mailbox Hacker
yphack.zip14018Remotely snarf yppasswd files
ypx.zip112447No description available
zipcrk10.zip19228Brute force attack on PKZIP 2.0 encryption. -source inc.
zipcrkpw.zip20592Brute force hacker for PKZip files - from Russia
vcl.zip166416No description available
worm.c2373No description available
orange.txt328324The Orange Book," Dept. of Defense Trusted Computer Sys. Evaluation Criteria. From U.S. Dept. of Treasury's Bureau of Public Debt (AIS)
pager.txt23219Info how how beepers are "tapped"
nvl9309a.zip204712Neverloc! Cracks MANY MANY MANY GAMES and UTILITIES!
nuaa11.zip69219Network User Address scanner for Sprintnet X.25
pcp.zip29318No description available
ta&m.lzh8245Account of Texas A&M computer breakins
hckbbs02.zip4407Viruslike program which creates a back door in your favorite board.
rawcopy.zip143200Removes p.w. protection and origional disk requests from MANY games...
hackbook.lha150979The Hackers HandBook Band in Great Britain In 1985
ppbx.zip37421personal pbx for users with 3-way calling
killop.zip12924Dink's channel takeover script w/ source
keytrap1.zip9149Keyboard Key Logger TSR
fzc101.zip46375Fast ZIP 2.0 Cracker 1.0.1
cmaster.zip39179Credit Master - by MPI Developmental Laboratories
mailbomb.txt1251EMail Bomb Script
bgr-1900.zip22685BGR 1-1900 Trojan Horse
csp_aol1.sit1237000CSP AOL Hacking Toolbox, for Mac's only (disk 1)
csp_aol2.sit1274107CSP AOL Hacking Toolbox, for Mac's only (disk 2)
cardit3.sit94584Cart It 3.0b3, for Mac's
ami.zip555No description available
amidecod.zip2137AMIDECOD AMI BIOS Password Cracker
anv20.zip11741ANV (R) CRACKer 2.0 ZIP Password Recoverer
aw.zip1881No description available
brkarj10.zip13501BRKARJ V1.0 ARJ Password Recoverer
decrypt.zip28530DECRYPT V1.0 Word Perfect Password Recoverer
fzc104.zip46676FZC V1.04 ZIP Password Recoverer
glide.zip14464GLIDE PWL Password Recoverer
password.exe2380BIOS Password Finder
pkcrack.zip25596PKCRACK ZIP Password Recoverer
scrnlock.zip2749Windows 3.x Screen Saver Password Recoverer
unzip11.zip5100UNZIP V1.1 ZIP Password Finder
wincrack.zip24591WINCRACK WinCrypt Cracker
word12.zip28063Microsoft Word Unprotect V1.2
wpcracka.zip42141WPCRACK & WPUNCRYP V1.0 For Word Perfect 5.x
zexpl2.zip19610ZEXPL ][ Zip Cracker
hexed_21.zip68645HEXED V1.21 Excellent HEX Editor
pcwatch.zip18153PCWATCH V1.0 Debugger
pv_12.zip139688PROVIEW V1.2 Integrated System Analyzer and Viewer
snoopd11.zip4321SNOOPDOS V1.1 DOS Call Recorder
asmgen.zip4321IBM Assembly Code Generator
bubble.zip4321Bubble Chamber Disassembler
disaster.zip4321DISASTER V1.1 Disassembler
id12.zip4321Intelligent Disassembler V1.2
nhg.zip59393nuke randomic life generator v0.66 beta test
pb19c.zip30738playback - version 1.9c (play a sequence of keys)
vex_war.zip27543a-dial by vexation (no version)
yam-ivp.zip28672instant virus production kit v1.0 (yam)
p-hack10.zip47611Pirate Hack v1.0
breakzip.zip37132breakzip v1.0 pkzip password cracker
fakecd10.zip8007fake cd v1.0. fools ware into thinking your running off cd
keycopy.zip3390keycopy v1.01 keystroke recorder (great for recording macros!)
pb19c.zip30738playback v1.9c another keystroke recorder ;^)
gwiz30.zip271115game wizard32 v3.0 hex/disk/memory editor
hex51a.zip66398hex 5.1 good basic dos based hex editor
hexcal.zip54440hexcalibur v1.02 for dos
hexedit.zip46028hex edit
hexpert.zip108859hexpert v2.1.20 for windoze 3.1
cprobe.zip13712credit probe, by bloodlu
djkc95.zip54909disk jockey modified killer cracker, v9.5
hw16v210.zip30453416-bit hex workshop v2.10, the professional hex editor
hw32v210.zip38500432-bit hex workshop v2.10, the professional hex editor
thc-rahk.zip52647remote access bbs hacking tools
xhu_p1.zip97986xenocide's hacking utilities, pack 1
ansc.zip145467Advance Netware Security Cracker v1.0 (for 3.11)
bindery.zip61962Novell Bindery Tools for NetWare 3.x
burglar.zip2461Novell .NLM that will create a supervisor account when run
chk0.zip7571Utility checks accounts for null passwords on Netware
nov-faq.txt119598Hacking Novell Netware FAQ vb3
novelbfh.zip81935NOVELL Brute Force Hacker v0.95
novelffs.zip10075NOVELL Fake File Server v 1.00
novhack.txt10075Having Phun with Novell, by Lord Foul
nwl.zip72852No description available
nwpcrack.zip16708NWPCRACK v.5 Beta BF Cracker BF pw cracker for novell systems
rcon.zip8197Rconsole modification for Netware
rconfaq.txt18506Rconsole Hacking (novell)
setpwd.zip9711Set Supervisor Password with this NLM
view.zip6774Checks to see other users online with supervisor privs
nsa-sec.txt53539NSA Security Guidelines for NSA Employees
sniffer.txt19288Sniffer FAQ v1.7
tcp-ip.txt34769TCP-IP Protocol FAQ v3.3
holelist.txt16267Security Hole list FAQ v7.0
dhcp-faq.txt44440Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) FAQ v1.0
dod5220.txt2767475200-28-STD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Crit.
admin.txt276747Admin's Guide to Cracking Systems
pchack.txt32975The PC Hacking FAQ
howtocrk.txt299115How to Crack Software Protection to make a backup
soceng.txt16688The Social Engineering FAQ, by Bernz
brute20.zip14819Brute v2.0 Brute force hacker for unix /etc/passwd
claym10.zip14382Claymore v1.0 - cracks /etc/passwd files in Windows
glide.zip14464Cracks .PWL files used for Win95 dialups
pcupc201.zip14464PC Unix Password Cracker v2.01
xit20.zip102341XIT v2.0 - Yet another Unix password cracker
scrncrck.zip2744ScreenSaver password Cracker
fastzip.zip45695Fast pkzip password cracker v1.4

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