800trunk.txt14369Paper On 800 Trunking Systems
faqcb1.txt28842Usenet Citizens Band Radio FAQsheet
motbible.txt106633Motorola Users and Programming Guide v1.1a
nite.txt5488Emergency Communications Systems Of The US Government
sca.txt15616Subsidized Carrier Authorization Signal info
scanintr.txt14793Introduction To Scanning
scanman3.zip335628Frequency Logging Program (Good)
scanners.txt29325Another Helpful Text For Budding Scanner Hobbiests
shrtwave.txt19969Introduction To Shortwave Radio Listening
spyradio.txt17171The LOS NUMEROS Update
srtwv20.zip108581PC Shortwave Monitor R2.0 (Logging Utility)
sw-ant.txt6407Shortwave Antenna Basics
sw-chart.txt3991Shortwave Broadcast Bands
swl.txt22939Shortwave Listenering Startup Guide
swlg291.zip71084Shortwave Listener's Guide (Time/Freq Of Broadcasts)
swlpxg.arj6504For Shortwave Listeners
swradio.zip14177Convert An AM Car Radio Into A SWL Receiver
wpscan.txt7005Wash. Post Article On Scanner Dudes
cellroam.txt16081Cellular Roaming information
radiomd1.zip175789Radio modifications Volume 1
radiomd2.zip249189Radio modifications Volume 2
radiomd3.zip216689Radio modufications Volume 3
ka-radar.txt2683Info about KA radar
aosc_fbi.txt32267Info on FBI communications systems
nigelspy.txt8382Advanced Signal Aquisition for Scanners
nigel-if.txt8251How to Track Your Prey With a Scanner
NTSINFO.ZIP35269National Traffic System Info (multifile)
SCAN30.ZIP225409Scanner freq. database v3.0
scanfaq.txt225409Scanning FAQ
scanfreq.txt225409Scanning/Finding Frequencies FAQ
swlfaq1.txt225409Shortwave Radio Listening FAQ v3.1.2, Part 1
swlfaq2.txt225409Shortwave Radio Listening FAQ v3.1.2, Part 2
tune-in.zip225409Program for tracking scanner frequencies
catvfreq.txt225409Cable TV Frequency allocation (baseband)