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Foundation HiRes May 1997 - Sadeness Software sign their first Amiga game title! We decided to start as we intend to go on, by publishing only the very highest quality games! Without a doubt, Foundation will set a new standard in Amiga Strategy games!

Foundation is a new real-time strategy wargame for the Amiga. The game will mix the styles of The Settlers, WarCraft II, Command & Conquer, Populous and Mega-lo-Mania together with many new original ideas. The project is now 79% complete and the game is starting to evolve into something really special.

Latest News: Star in Foundation!! Click here for more info.

Latest News: ECS support planning to be dropped! Due to technical difficulties suporting both AGA/Cybegrfx and ECS properly, we are considering dropping ECS support. If anyone would like to comment about this please email

Latest News: New, Foundation Workbench desktop background picture pack! There's 4 800x600 24bit workbench backdrops waiting for download! You can scale them or convert them to fewer colours if you like - but we've provided them in their original glory! You'll get a glimpse of the high-quality renders you'll see in Foundation, before each level - rendered from actual game data!! Hope you're impressed :-) To download, hold SHIFT and click HERE TO DOWNLOAD!

Foundation HiRes Foundation Game Specs

  • AGA and CyberGFX screen modes with 64, 128 or 256 colours. (ECS support probably dropped!)
  • The game will fully support Graphics cards, and probably Sound cards using AHI too!
  • A standard A1200 with 4Meg fast ram will run the game at full speed in lowres mode (256 colours).
  • The game will run with 1 Meg of Chipram and at least 1 Meg of any other type of memory (Fast Ram recomended).
  • CD-ROM is the first format planned to be released. Floppy versions under consideration.
  • Choice of screen modes including Lowres PAL, NTSC, Hires/Laced, DblPAL etc.
  • Any Screen size from from 320x200 up to 800x600 and beyond!
  • One player Vs. one, two or three computer opponents.
  • Two player split screen mode Vs. one or two computer opponents.
  • Many One player missions and tutorial games.
  • Special Two Player missions.
  • Serial links and TCP/IP support is planned.
  • Custom game setup with different sized maps, enemies, startup modes, missions.
  • A variety of languages should be supported - including English, German, Spanish, French and Italian etc.
  • Help-Bubbles may be available to make the game and interface very easy to use.
  • The CDROM version is planned to feature a custom made intro of over 700 frames!
  • Special Hi-Res graphics will be available for Graphics card users (and MAYBE AGA too)!
  • At least 50Meg of graphics.
  • At least 50Meg of speech samples and sound effects.

Foundation HiRes Other Gameplay Features

    Features added July 97 include...
  • Added a Hires (double size) set of graphics for GFX Card users which gives much more graphic detail. This mode may also be playable on fast 040/060 Amigas in AGA.
  • Moved a lot of graphics into fast ram (when available) and provided some custom cpu blitting routines that can render the textured background up to 5 times faster than before.
  • CyberGFX is now implemented but there is a lot of room for more speed. It will take time to develop extra functions that are not used in the AGA version. This work will be done in the coming months to provide a fast CyberGraphX hires mode.
  • Added most of the basic menu system including over 3Meg of amazing graphic screens.
  • Added the first batch of Mugshots. The game currently holds around 220 pictures that have been sent over the past 6 weeks. Thank you to all that have helped. There is plenty of space and time for more!
  • Completed most of the configuration system that allows the game and all the intro/menu screens to be viewed in any size screen. This also takes into account the CyberGFX modes and AGA mode.
  • Started work on some of the advanced character commands like torch building and follow person. This is leading the way to a whole batch of commands for the coming month.
  • Started on some of the special effects such as fire, smoke and many other spot effects such as flying blood, magical sparks and jumping fish!
  • Finaly added a strength bar for the buildings. Now the buildings can be damaged from fire and other attacks.
  • Added the Shipyard building. The ships can be used to sail over to the distant islands and in search of sea battles and pirates!
  • Much of this month has been spent on upgrading the graphics and adding those extra features for high-end Amigas. Almost all of the graphics have been redrawn which has taken a lot of time. Now it's starting to run smoothly in all modes and the gameplay can be advanced quickly.

Foundation Snow

    Recent Changes
  • Music added to menu, intro and level failed screens.
  • Added "distance volume" to all sound effects (150 sound effects so far)
  • Added Medium Res mode for 640x256 style views.
  • Created custom map creation using random seed and terrain options.
  • Added offensive buildings including Gun Tower and shooting Archers fort.
  • Added the attack command to send soldiers to follow and attack people.
  • Added fire element so buildings can be set on fire for numerous reasons.
  • Created special effects system to allow for floating smoke, fire and much more!
  • Enabled building strength system so buildings can be demolished.
  • Added repair system to repair buildings using resources or gold.
  • New born people now take the name of the father to allow for family trees.
  • Done lots of work on all the menu screens and added 20 Meg of bitmaps.
  • Reworked the character speech system ready for at least 500 speech samples.
  • Added compression to Samples and graphic data to cut down in game disk access.
  • Created a chunky object system to replace all planar graphics in rtg mode.
  • The game is finally working with AmigaOS functions only for CyberGFX mode.
  • Screen sizes of 800x600 are almost playable on CyberGFX, more speedups to come!
  • The AGA version still uses fast hardware banging system :)
  • Almost all the game control now goes through a packet system ready for the TCP mode.
  • Created a custom anim format ready for the intro anim.
  • Changed the in-game font ready for localized text with the full ascii range.
  • Started work on variable terrain types: summer, winter, mud level, lava levels etc.
  • There are now over 400 Mugshots in the game!
  • Added all the fancy chopping, picking and fishing animation stuff.
  • Added colour fade system to allow for screen flash effects.
  • Combat features are currently being added.
  • Added building upgrade system to make buildings work faster or bigger capacity.
  • Added online help bubbles for all buttons.
  • Started work on variable sized maps from a tiny 64x64 up to a huge 512x512.
  • Added quick orders feature: Click on land, click on Knight and a knight will come to that spot.
  • Added Balloon Port ready for air antics like transport and slow motion air raids!
  • Work on game launch/prefs GUI has started.
  • Almost completed full character animation sets.
  • Almost completed the full range of buildings.
  • The landscapes for the 40 missions are almost ready.
  • Worked on a system to allow for fully variable size of HD instalation and easy upgrade options.
  • Added Stone Masons hut and gave the ability of rock summoning to the Wizard.
  • More work done on Split screen mode and I'll try to add a remote Camera Window soon!

Foundation Fire, Fight Even more interesting Features!

  • Very unique/quick building methods using the Wizards to create buildings using magic.
  • Magic is created from cremated corpses which may require some in the name of progress killing.
  • Many different buildings to be invented and upgraded during play.
  • Almost every feature in the game can be researched/improved.
  • Advanced war strategies with full control over units.
  • Control of units works in a similar way to C&C or WarCraft using a select and command system.
  • Enemy buildings and people can be stolen and buildimgs can be looted/torched.
  • Diseases/Viruses/Spells can be created, cured, discovered, cast.
  • Not all Characters of each type are the same, they change with age, experience etc.
  • Find out who were the last four characters to die and the reasons.
  • Maiden and Peasants living in the same building will reproduce.
  • Full control over the amount of workers, resources and people in every building.
  • It's possible to select 30 or more knights and send them in to attack 1 building or person.
  • Inventions/ideas can be stolen from your enemy.
  • Set up trades with other players and buy/sell resources from stock market.
  • Choose from a complex food chain system or a simple (but expensive/slower) Food factory system.

Foundation HiRes Development

The above ideas will change while the game is developed but I can assure you that these features are only a small taster of what is to come. Please contact me if you have any ideas that I should consider for the game. I have already talked to many interesting people who have given me lots of kind support.

Foundation FAQ's

Got a question about Foundation? Well, the answer is probably HERE for the official Foundation FAQ's

Want to hear latest news about Foundation?

During the next few months, we will be letting all interested people know the status of Foundation, and sending out info packs etc. If you'd like to receive one of these FREE mailings, please click HERE!

Pre-Order Your Copy of Foundation NOW!

We are now taking early pre-orders for Foundation. To order your copy, send us your credit/debit card details, or payment by cheque or postal order is also fine. We will not debit your card or cash your cheque until day of release. By ordering from us, more money will go to the developer. Release date is November 97. click HERE for orderform!

Want to STAR inFoundation?!?

Yes, if you fancy the idea of Starring in Foundation, all we need is a scanned picture of you, and your name! So, for the chance to star in this massive new Amiga game, click HERE for all the details!

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