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AmigaFanatic! Personal Info:
  • Name: Henrik Smiding
  • Age: 23
  • Live in: Skåne, Sweden
  • Status: Zombiestudent
  • Girlfriend: Yes!
  • Dreamgirl: Renata
  • Hobbies: Amiga, Movies, StarTrek, R/C Helicopter
Things happening around me:
As of 20/01/97 I'm studying computerscience at Lund university.
I'm also working on a Amiga(TM) adventuregame with a friend (see the IST page).

Other pages:
My specs:
A1200, MC68040 80Mhz, 18.5 Mb Memory, 420Mb Overdrive HD, 3.2Gb internal IDE, USRobotics 33.600 Sportster Vi.

Today's date is: 97/12/12 , the time here in sweden is: 19:49, and your name is not Egon Vinkelsvarv.


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