A few words about software piracy on the Amiga platform:

Only a few hours after the public versions of one of CTOOLS's email-ware programs for the Amiga were released, they were hacked and registred versions of them were spread all around the world by software pirates.

Software piracy is not only illegal, but it makes me wonder why I should release Amiga programs at all? Creating programs for my own needs is one thing but making them suitable for the general public takes a lot of efforts both from my side and my beta-testers's sides.

Why should we put in efforts into further development of programs to make them good enough for the general public, when the pirates spread pirated versions a few hours after we release the public ones?

Maybe I am greedy but I won't let this happen. The simplest way I can think of to protect my softwares is to not release anything that can be pirated. That is, no commercial or shareware applications for Amiga. That is no MagicNews, no MagicFTP and no Magicwords (Windows version doesn't fit in this category).

You can thank or rather blame the pirates for my decision :(

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